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    "Not long after Jesus Christ died Those who claimed to follow him gave up practising his revolutionary principles." H.G. Wells

What does it really mean to know Christ and live for Him? To the casual Christian it means to know about Christ…to the radical, it means to know Him and relate to Him with intimacy and devotion. Christ is not seeking the weakwilled or fainthearted. He is seeking those who are willing to place Him and His purposes before anything and everything else in the world. Have you committed your life to Christ? Have you handed over the ownership of your life to Christ?

"John was not simply a prophet, he was an interactive spectator to events he then described in the past tense, though they were yet to occour. John witnessed the destruction of the world and the end of time from a front-row seat. He was prey to the terror, nausea, and exaltation of the witness. The imperative to describe what he saw was in conflict with his all-too-human desire to flee the theater and purge himself of the eschatological vision." Andrei Codrescu

The need for evangelism Jesus had compassion on the people because they were 'helpless, like sheep without a shepard.' As followers of Jesus, and his workers, we are to understand the need for evangelism and to obey His command to go out into his harvest field. As Christians we have a message of hope for a world without hope. "This is the time to make our job to serve Jesus. This is the most important thing to do." Bryon Hugo Lopez

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