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Hi there! Go read the extreeeeemely hentai Twas a Brothel/Tavern fic... that is... if you're not CHICKEN bwak bak ba GAK!

  • Twas a Brothel/Tavern Oooh, the lemonyness of it all.

  • Darien and Diamond Yes, Finally, a fic by Meze! And quite an amusing one!!

  • Paradise A fic about Hiei and Kurama. My favorite :o)

  • Mukamu A fic about my luvey James and his wonderful Pokemon adventure... MUKAMU!!

  • A Quest For Pig Day Another Hiei-Kurama fic! I wrote this one with my friend, Grace. It's fun *laughs evilly*

  • Good Ole Uncle Bob! A Jonny Quest fic, from when I was really obsessed with that show *wink*

  • The party of Yaoi Day! As told in French!

  • My date with Hiei! Also in French, heh a heh.