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Palestinian Adviser Warns the Israeli Plan to Annex Parts of West Bank May Prompt 'Third Intifada'
Lebanon's Ammonium Nitrate and Damage it Caused to Beirut May Have Been Intended for Israel
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Antichrist 666 2020-2025 Battle of Gog and Magog Russia Invasion Israel Bible Prophecy Ezekiel 38 39 Vladimir Putin Iran Mabus War Rumors of War World War III 3 Trump Antichrist Third Temple Mount Zion Dome of the Rock Islam Palestinian Turkey Erdogan Libya
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Antichrist 666 2020-2025 Battle of Gog and Magog Russia Invasion Israel Bible Prophecy Ezekiel 38 39 Vladimir Putin Iran Mabus War Rumors of War World War III 3 Trump Antichrist Third Temple Mount Zion Dome of the Rock Islam Palestinian Turkey Erdogan Libya

The Scriptures Proving the Ancient God of Israel Stands with Modern Israel

Moreover the word of the Lord came to Jeremiah, saying: Have you not considered what this people have spoken, saying, “The two families which the Lord has chosen, He has cast them off”? Thus they have despised My people, that they should be no more a nation before them. Thus says the Lord: If My covenant for day and night does not stand, and if I have not appointed the ordinances of heaven and earth, then I would have cast away the seed of Jacob and David My servant, so that I would not take any of his seed to be rulers over the seed of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. Yet I will restore their fortunes and have mercy on them.

Jeremiah 33:23-26; The Holy Bible

[Israel During the Battle of Gog and Magog] Then will the Lord be jealous for His land, and pity His people. Yea, the Lord will answer and say unto His people, Behold, I will send you corn, and wine, and oil, and ye shall be satisfied therewith and I will no more make you a reproach among the heathen. But I will cast out from you that Army from the North [Russia], and will drive him into a land barren and desolate, with his face toward the east sea, and his hinder part toward the utmost sea, and his stink shall come up, and his ill savor shall come up, because he hath done evil things. Be glad then, ye children of Zion, and rejoice in the Lord your God.

[Israel During Great Tribulation] And it shall come to pass afterward, that I will pour out my Spirit upon all flesh; and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, your old men shall dream dreams, your young men shall see visions: And also upon the servants and upon the handmaids in those days will I pour out my Spirit. And I will shew wonders in the heavens and in the earth, blood, and fire, and pillars of smoke. The Sun shall be turned into darkness, and the Moon into blood, before the great and terrible day of the Lord come. And it shall come to pass, that whosoever shall call on the name of the Lord shall be delivered: for in mount Zion and in Jerusalem shall be deliverance, as the Lord hath said, and of the [Jewish] remnant whom the Lord shall call.

Joel 2:18-20, 23, 28-32; The Holy Bible

[God Looking Forward to Armageddon] I will gather all nations and bring them down to the Valley of Jehoshaphat (Megiddo). There I will enter into judgment against them concerning my inheritance of my people Israel. For they scattered my people among the nations and divided up my Land. [Other Scriptures prove that Jerusalem shall be "trodden upon by the Gentiles until the times of the Gentiles are fulfilled," also fit here proving there will come a battle over Jerusalem itself, by the Antichrist and his military. They will conquer Jerusalem, divide its land, and the Great Tribulation begins. Daniel 11:39 tells us "Thus shall he do in the most strong holds with a strange god, whom he shall acknowledge and increase with glory: and he shall cause them to rule over many, and shall divide the land for gain."

Joel 3:2; The Holy Bible

[Israel During Armageddon and Return of Christ] Behold, I will make Jerusalem a cup of trembling unto all the people round about, when they [the Gentiles] shall war both against Judah and against Jerusalem [at Armageddon]. And in that day will I make Jerusalem a burdensome stone for all people. All that burden themselves with it shall be cut in pieces, though all the people of the earth be gathered together against it. In that day shall the Lord defend the inhabitants of Jerusalem; and even the most feeble among them will be like King David; and the House of David itself shall be as God, even as the Angel of the Lord before them. And it shall come to pass in that day, that I will seek to destroy all the nations that come against Jerusalem. And I will pour upon the House of David, and upon the inhabitants of Jerusalem, the spirit of grace and of supplications: and they shall look upon me whom they have pierced, and they shall mourn for Him, as one mourns for his only begotten son, and shall be in bitterness for Him, as one that is in bitterness for his firstborn. In that day shall there be a great mourning in Jerusalem, as the mourning of Hadadrimmon in the valley of Megiddo [Armageddon].

[Israel During the Return of Christ] Behold, the Day of the Lord cometh, and thy spoil shall be divided in the midst of thee. For I will gather all nations against Jerusalem to battle and the city shall be taken, and the houses rifled, and the women ravished; and half of the city shall go forth into captivity, and the residue of the people shall not be cut off from the city. Then shall the Lord go forth, and fight against those nations, as when He fought in the [previous] Day of Battle [likely referencing the Battle of Gog and Magog]. And His feet shall stand in that day upon the mount of Olives, which is before Jerusalem on the east, and the Mount of Olives shall cleave in the midst thereof. And the Lord shall be King over all the earth. In that day shall there be one Lord, and his name One... and in that day there shall be no more the Canaanite in the House of the Lord of hosts.

Zechariah 12:2-3, 8-10 14:2-4, 9, 21; The Holy Bible

Antichrist 666 2020-2025 Battle of Gog and Magog Alliance Bible Prophecy Ezekiel 38 39 Vladimir Putin Palestine Palestinian Aid Block Iran's Ayatollah Mullahs Turkey Erdogan Mabus Turkey Kurds Kurdish Fighters New War Rumors of War ISIS Prisoners Released by Turkish Forces Kurdish State American US Troops Withdrawal From Syria Israel Defense Forces Undercover Spies Mossad Netanyahu Facebook Ban Likud Party Israeli Air Force Jets Missiles Damascus Assad Gas Terror Attack US President Donald Trump Russiagate Kushner Deep State Peace Russian Election Protest Crimea Invasion Russia Ukraine Iran Libya Sudan Gaza Issue Palestinian Uprising Intifada Spring Attack Invasion Grid Down Rapture Gold Reserves Alternative Financial System Dollar BRICs Avant Garde Hypersonic Missile Nuclear Arms Race Power Plants Radiation World War III 3 Israel Attacks Iranian Quds Force Drone Shite Militia Elite Republican Guard Terrorist Organization Pompeo Third Temple Trump Mount Zion Dome of the Rock Al-Aqsa Mosque Iranian Islam Hamas Islamic Jihad Terrorism Europe NATO Turkey Removed Ousted Nostradamus Tarshish Sheba Dedan Saudi Arabia Royal Family Queen Elizabeth Related to Islamic Prophet Mohamed Royal Bank of Scotland Rothschild Banking Cartel Freemason President Trump Collusion American Britain Peace Covenant Ten Lost Tribes of Israel Masonic US Government Shutdown Israeli Settlements West Bank Military Pullout of Syria War Trump Putin Africa Sudan Ethiopia Libya Alliance Rumors of War Blood Moons Solar Storm Sunspot Activity 2020 Election 2021 2022 Asteroid Comet Strike Military Trump Iran Shooting Down Drone Iranian Bombing Oil Tanker Capture US UK Patrol Straight of Hormuz Ignite War Israel Missile Test Iran's Centrifuges Uranium Radioactive Timeline 2019 Death of ISIS Leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi Not Confirmed Body Thrown into Sea Video File Footage Pentagon Report New World Order Endless Middle East Wars 2030
Antichrist 666 2020-2025 Battle of Gog and Magog Alliance Bible Prophecy Ezekiel 38 39 Vladimir Putin Palestine Palestinian Aid Block Iran's Ayatollah Mullahs Turkey Erdogan Mabus Turkey Kurds Kurdish Fighters New War Rumors of War ISIS Prisoners Released by Turkish Forces Kurdish State American US Troops Withdrawal From Syria Israel Defense Forces Undercover Spies Mossad Netanyahu Facebook Ban Likud Party Israeli Air Force Jets Missiles Damascus Assad Gas Terror Attack US President Donald Trump Russiagate Kushner Deep State Peace Russian Election Protest Crimea Invasion Russia Ukraine Iran Libya Sudan Gaza Issue Palestinian Uprising Intifada Spring Attack Invasion Grid Down Rapture Gold Reserves Alternative Financial System Dollar BRICs Avant Garde Hypersonic Missile Nuclear Arms Race Power Plants Radiation World War III 3 Israel Attacks Iranian Quds Force Drone Shite Militia Elite Republican Guard Terrorist Organization Pompeo Third Temple Trump Mount Zion Dome of the Rock Al-Aqsa Mosque Iranian Islam Hamas Islamic Jihad Terrorism Europe NATO Turkey Removed Ousted Nostradamus Tarshish Sheba Dedan Saudi Arabia Royal Family Queen Elizabeth Related to Islamic Prophet Mohamed Royal Bank of Scotland Rothschild Banking Cartel Freemason President Trump Collusion American Britain Peace Covenant Ten Lost Tribes of Israel Masonic US Government Shutdown Israeli Settlements West Bank Military Pullout of Syria War Trump Putin Africa Sudan Ethiopia Libya Alliance Rumors of War Blood Moons Solar Storm Sunspot Activity 2020 Election 2021 2022 Asteroid Comet Strike Military Trump Iran Shooting Down Drone Iranian Bombing Oil Tanker Capture US UK Patrol Straight of Hormuz Ignite War Israel Missile Test Iran's Centrifuges Uranium Radioactive Timeline 2019 Death of ISIS Leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi Not Confirmed Body Thrown into Sea Video File Footage Pentagon Report New World Order Endless Middle East Wars 2030

Thus saith the Lord God; When I shall have gathered the House of Israel from the people among whom they were scattered, and shall be sanctified in them in the sight of the heathen (Arabs), then shall they dwell in their Land that I have given to my servant Jacob. And they shall dwell safely therein, and shall build houses [and settlements], and plant vineyards. Yes, they shall dwell with confidence, when I have executed judgments upon all those [Arab nations] that despise them round about them; and they shall know that I AM the Lord their God.

Ezekiel Chapter 28:25-26; The Holy Bible

Son of man, set thy face against Gog [PUTIN], the land of Magog [RUSSIA] the chief Prince of Rosh, Meshech, and Tubal (Moscow and Tubolsk) and prophesy against him, saying: Thus saith the Lord God, Behold, I AM against thee O Gog [PUTIN], the chief prince of Meshech and Tubal. And I will turn thee back, and put hooks into thy jaws, and I will bring you forth, you and all your army and all those with you, such as Persia [IRAN], ETHIOPIA [1], and LIBYA with you; Gomer [KAZAZAKHSTAN] and all its bands [Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, and Tajikistan]; along with the house of Togarmah [TURKEY] of the north quarters, and all his bands, and the many people with thee. Prepare yourself, Gog [PUTIN] and all your great company that will be assembled unto thee, even as you are a guard unto them.

[1] Note: The original word "Cush" that was translated as Ethiopia by the King James translators, actually appears as the "area south of Egypt" in the original Ezekiel text. This may leave possibility that instead of Ethiopia, it could be Sudan that actually rises with Russia and Iran to attack Israel in the coming Battle of Gog and Magog. However, as the link above details, Russia is making several inroads into Ethiopia and one could easily envision a moment where Israel attacks any nuclear facility in their sphere of military influence. Israel did destroy nuclear facilities before, in both Syria and Iraq. Time will tell whether Ethiopia or Sudan aligns with Russia for the expected battle, but amazingly, the recent event of October 2019 proves Russia and Ethiopia are aligned in important ways already. This only proves once again that God is the author of Scripture, and not man.

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In the Last Days, Gog shall come against My People of Israel. You shall ascend and come like a storm, as a cloud to cover the (Holy) land, you, and all your bands, and the many people with thee. Thus saith the Lord God, it shall also come to pass, that at the same time shall things come into thy mind, and thou shalt think an Evil thought, saying: 'I will go to the land of unwalled villages [2]. I will go to them [the Jews] which are at rest, that dwell safely, all of them dwelling without walls, having neither bars nor gates' to take a spoil, and to take a prey; to turn thine hand upon the people that are gathered out of the nations, which have gotten goods, that dwell safely in the midst of the (Holy) land. Sheba, and Dedan [today's DUBAI / SAUDI ARABIA, UAE, etc.] and the merchants of Tarshish [Saudi Arabia] with all the Young Lions [America/Britain/West] shall ask: Have you [Russia] come to take a spoil? Have you gathered your great company to take a prey, carrying away gold, silver, and precious goods?

[2] Because of the Scripture's own wording regarding "unwalled villages," some have assumed that this cannot therefore be referencing the modern State of Israel. However, God is referring to modern Israel not needing the kind of walls it needed in ancient times that surrounded the nation itself, as well as surrounding every village. Thus God is making an ironic comparison to today's "land of unwalled villages," that Israel has become, to that of Ezekiel's time when a much more isolated and heavily fortified Israel existed. In other words, the ancients would have marveled at the way "villages" such as modern Tel-Aviv, Haifa, or Nazareth, can exist in relative peace without need of walls, thus being "unwalled villages needing neither bars nor gates."

Thus saith the Lord God, Aren't you he of whom I have spoken about in old times by my servants the prophets of Israel, which prophesied in those days that after many years, I would bring you against them? And so it shall come to pass that at the same time when Gog shall come against the land of Israel, saith the Lord God, that my fury shall come up in my face. For in my jealousy and in the fire of my wrath have I spoken, Surely in that day there shall be a great shaking in the land of Israel. And I will plead against Gog [PUTIN] with pestilence and with blood and I will rain upon him, and upon his bands, and upon the many people that are with him, an overflowing rain and great hailstones, fire, and brimstone. And I will send a fire on Magog, and among them that dwell carelessly in the isles. For the heathen shall also know that I AM the Lord, the Holy One in Israel.

And I will turn thee back, and leave [alive] only the sixth part of thee. Thou shalt fall upon the mountains of Israel, thou, and all thy bands, and the people that is with thee: I will give thee unto the ravenous birds of every sort, and to the beasts of the field to be devoured. Thou shalt fall upon the open field: for I have spoken it, saith the Lord God. And I will send a fire on Magog, and among them that dwell carelessly in the isles: and they shall know that I AM the Lord. So will I make my Holy name known in the midst of my people Israel, and I will not let them pollute my Holy name any more: and the heathen shall know that I AM the Lord, the Holy One in Israel. Behold, it is come, and it will be done, saith the Lord God. This is the day whereof I have spoken.

They that dwell in the cities of Israel shall go forth, and shall set on fire and burn the weapons, both the shields and the bucklers, the bows and the arrows, and the handstaves, and the spears, and they shall burn them with fire seven years, so that they shall take no wood out of the field, neither cut down any out of the forests, for they shall burn the weapons with fire: and they shall spoil those that spoiled them, and rob those that robbed them, saith the Lord God. And it shall come to pass in that day, that I will give unto Gog a place there of graves in Israel, the valley of the passengers on the east of the sea: and it shall stop the noses of the passengers: and there shall they bury Gog and all his multitude: and they shall call it The valley of Ha-Mongog. Seven months shall the house of Israel be burying of them, that they may cleanse the land.

And all the [Islamic Arab] heathen shall see my judgment that I have executed, and my hand that I have laid upon them. So the house of Israel shall know that I AM the Lord their God from that day and forward. And the heathen shall know that the House of Israel [the Jews] went into captivity for their iniquity: because they trespassed against me [I AM that I AM], therefore hid I my face from them, and gave them into the hand of their enemies. So fell they all by the sword according to their uncleanness and according to their transgressions have I done unto them, and hid my face from them. Therefore thus saith the Lord God, Now will I bring again the captivity of Jacob, and have mercy upon the whole House of Israel, and will be jealous for my Holy Name after that they [the Jews] have borne their shame, and all their trespasses whereby they have trespassed against me, when they dwell safely in their land, and none made them afraid. When I have brought them again from the people, and gathered them out of their enemies' lands [Post-War Germany and Russia], and am sanctified in them in the sight of many nations, then shall they know that I AM the Lord their God, which caused them to be led into captivity among the heathen. But [now] I have gathered them unto their own land, and have left none there, neither will I hide my face any more from them, for I've poured out my Holy Spirit upon the House of Israel.

Ezekiel Chapter 38-39; The Holy Bible

Trump is Not the Antichrist, But Trump is Preparing The Way for the Antichrist

How the Conditions in 2020-2022 Bring About Fulfillment of Ezekiel 38-39

1-6-20: As I've written for years, 2020 has always been the key year when those insidious powers that actually control our nation, set America on a course toward its diminished presence as a superpower. It's therefore intriguing how Trump has chosen to assassinate Soleimani during the first days of an entirely new decade, increasing the dangers against Israel, and creating the conditions where any future Iranian attack against Western interests will be deemed by Iran as continuing vengeance operations and belated justice for the killing of their general. Trump's recklessness has been setting the world on a dangerous course ever since he single-handedly destroyed the Iranian nuclear agreement that once kept Iran's nuclear ambitions mostly in check. As a result, look for Israel to attack Iran's nuclear facilities at some point in the coming months, initiating the fulfillment of Ezekiel 38-39, when "Persia" (Iran) and "Rosh" (Russia) and their many Islamic allies, attempt a mass invasion into Israel in retaliation, meaning, something diminishing of America's presence in the region has already happened to the United States by that point. Russia and Iran will gather a coalition of Islamic forces, including Turkey and Libya, who will attempt to invade the Jewish state, kill the Jews, and rob Israel of its many resources, angering God so much that He spoke of it 3,000 years ago, and said this battle would occur in the last days. I imagine people around the planet, at that time, will believe that Putin is the prophesied Antichrist, and that he's come to destroy Israel, which makes it all the more interesting how Prince Charles is already trying to label Putin as another Hitler, to which Putin was quick to remind him of how it was the British Royals who funded Hitler's rise, with Prince Philip belonging to the Hitler youth group whilst in Germany, his sisters married senior SS officers, and his future wife, Princess Elizabeth (the current Queen) was caught on film giving the Nazi salute with her mother, the Queen Mum. Her uncle Edward VIII, was a known Nazi sympathizer who met several times with Adolf Hitler, and this is just the tip of the iceberg of how the British and Americans facilitated Hitler's rise to power and what they still do to ensure at least the Antichrist-side of the Bible's prophecies are entirely fulfilled. One recent example of this is seen when our own Masonic government forced a war with Iraq, based on a lie, but then has more recently maintained such a weak stance in Libya and Syria, of which all three of those events have now given rise to a stronger Russia and Iran. In other words, the US and UK want the Gog and Magog battle to ignite, because they know who arises after it to bring his false peace. That being the case, our [US] government and allies are clearly working very subtly over several decades, while at the same time, helping Israel with huge amounts of financial aid, to ensure its existence as to fulfill the time of the Beast, knowing for the Western Antichrist to be trusted by Israel in the future, as well as ultimately be accepted as Israel's Messiah, the West must be a "friend" to Israel now. Those who ignorantly believe Putin is the Antichrist, will also believe Armageddon is occurring as we approach the Collapse. Of the Collapse, Ezekiel 38:20 states: "The mountains will be overturned, the cliffs will crumble, and every wall will fall to the ground," making what will become the Global Collapse quite literal, but it won't be the Apocalypse of Revelation as many in the world will falsely believe at that time. That battle, also called Armageddon, must involve the actual Antichrist battling Christ at His return. The Antichrist's arrival comes in the years immediately following this Collapse, when he and his New World Order rises in the aftermath. For today, Putin is increasing his military might and own rise to greater power, proving how close we are to seeing the fulfillment of Ezekiel 38-39 in our lifetime. What you must understand is that after this coming Battle of Gog and Magog, when the Jews build their Temple and cry out for a Messiah to lead them, the Antichrist arises. Why? Because the Jews still reject Jesus Christ.

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We also see that in Ezekiel 38-39, God makes mention of a time when he spoke of this future battle yet to come with His prophets of old. Obadiah 10-11 makes much mention of the Edomites (those descended from Esau) who watched from afar on mountains, as the young nation of Israel, their brothers (through Jacob) were being attacked, and did nothing to assist Israel. It is this very act why God hated Esau and his descendants to this very day. The Edomites eventually became the Russian people. Looking at current events in 2020, Russia has rapidly filled the void that America has largely left behind in the Mideast, to position Putin as the top influencer in all things Mideast and now, Africa. With that, look for Putin to make further concessions to not only Ethiopia in the coming months, but Sudan and Libya, as well. As each day passes, Russian President Vladimir Putin walks ever closer into that destiny long since spoken of him. As fated for him, the Russian autocrat is single-handedly stacking the deck in Russia's favor with each move that leads his nation toward the fulfillment of Ezekiel 38-39. As he does, we see from Ezekiel that Putin's murderous actions will indeed affect the entire planet. The evil side effect of Putin guarding Syria to this extent means that Iran and Hezbollah will be able to stockpile weapons against the Jewish state. This will naturally set a dangerous precedent in a region where Putin is increasingly becoming Iran's bodyguard, as well as Turkey's. Coming events may push Israel over the edge to go and attack Iran directly, which will certainly cause Russia to defend its staunch ally in Iran. In fact, Ezekiel 38 predicted that Russia, Iran, Turkey, Libya, Sudan, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan, aligned against Israel would occur in the last days. Ezekiel 38-39 also predicted the shocked response to a Russian-led Islamic invasion into Israel by 'Sheba and Dedan' with the 'merchants of Tarshish,' (Western-allied Gulf states of Saudi Arabia/United Arab Emirates) and all the "Young Lions" (obviously referencing the West, led by the relatively "young" United States, a nation born out of the older British "Lion,") who will stand perplexed by Putin's actions, questioning him as to why he has joined such a radical Islamic coalition (of Iran, Libya, Turkey, Sudan, and Kazakhstan) to invade Israel. Thus, while prophecy watchers who've known about the Ezekiel 38 prophecy will not be shocked by Putin's action against Israel, it would seem the majority of the West would. If this Battle of Gog and Magog takes place within the tenure of President Trump, it would make perfect sense. Trump is clearly being deceived by Putin into thinking that he is not a despotic villain who secretly wants to destroy the United States and democracy itself. Putin's control over Syria, Turkey, and increasing sway with America's enemies in Iran, as well as his recent changing of Russia's constitution via the radical amendments he himself drafted allowing him to be the virtual king of Russia until at least 2036, proves Putin's agenda already. Trump, the leader of the West (Young Lions) would certainly be shocked, and would question Putin/Russia's intention with attacking Israel, also meaning, this prophetic battle could very well occur sometime between 2020 and 2024. As of August 13th, 2020, we are clearly witnessing the lead up to at least a partial fulfillment of Ezekiel 38-39 already, as the Trump administration has brokered a formal peace alliance between the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, and Israel. Of course, in their great hatred of Israel, this leaves the allied nations of Iran and Turkey wanting to rally around the issue of an "occupied Palestine" all the more. The question then becomes, how long could it be before Turkey and Iran convince Putin back in Moscow to feel the same? God answers us already. He tells us through Ezekiel, that Gog, the leader of Magog, will have a sudden and "evil thought" to attack "those who are at rest" in His "mountains of Israel." Given all I've ascertained, it is my belief that this event will occur within the current decade.

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What of Trump's so-called peace treaty between Israel the UAE, and Bahrain? How did that possibly occur? Simple. Money. And the reason why it's taking Saudi Arabia a bit longer to officially sign off on Trump's so-called "Abraham Accord" is precisely because the Saudi's are not easily persuaded by cash, as they're already rich, leaving the Saudi's holding out for something more from the West. The actual powers at work bringing this deal together are not Trump or Kushner, obviously, but those behind the scenes who are laying the groundwork for the Antichrist to later CONFIRM the "Abraham Accord." Therefore, the way Trump is perceived by Netanyahu as being Israel's greatest ally, should at the very least be held in much greater reserve knowing what Trump's ally in Putin is preparing against both the United States and the Jewish state. Trump is nothing more than a temporary Masonic puppet who has become the perfect Anglo-archetype for the coming Antichrist himself, leading Israel to only look to the West to solve all of its most pressing issues of the day, but more specifically, causing Israel to look to one who stands in place of a Masonic plan that will only lead to their own captivity at the hands of the future Masonic global leader, during the timeframe the Scriptures rightly called The Time of Jacob's Trouble. In other words, the "Abraham Accord" is absolutely needed by the Satanic elites, so that their future King can later *confirm* it for seven years, according to prophecy. Likewise, the Battle of Gog and Magog is also needed, which is why Russia is being emboldened to the degree it is, by Trump, and others beyond Trump. That battle is also prophesied, moreover it's prophesied to herald the time of the Antichrist in its wake, making it all the more important that the Satanic elites do everything they can to help bring it about, both a temporary "peace" followed up by war. It's all for the Beast. As such, the coming war between Russia and Israel could easily ignite over one of four major issues (or any combination thereof): 1) Iran 2) The Golan Heights/Syria 3) The Temple Mount 4) A final Palestinian intifada. What comes on the other side of this conflict and resulting world collapse, as predicted, is the Antichrist. And yet, God will show His greater power just before the Antichrist ascends when the smallest nation in the region (Israel) successfully defends itself against the largest nation (Russia), when He is forced to rise to Israel's defense to annihilate the invading armies of Iran, Turkey, Ethiopia (or Sudan), Libya, Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan. Some interpret the seeming Israeli destruction of these armies must be nuclear. It is not. It will be as the result of God Himself and His personal vengeance sending waves of destruction upon them from above, as written, to which (Gog) Putin will also meet his own end, as written in Ezekiel 39:11. And a new Israel shall rise, worshipping God in a manner not seen since the first century AD, when the Temple in Jerusalem still stood. Satan's ongoing work to introduce his Anglo-Israel lies of lineage and Bloodline, that supposedly connect Europe with Israel, racially, are there to usher in his Antichrist, as a Messiah to Israel. As the Scripture in Revelation point out, the Antichrist will therefore be seen as the only leader who has the strength, military control, financial backing, and iron-clad will, toward firmly establishing what was a waning Western civilization on the brink of annihilation, into that dreaded "fourth Kingdom" and 'revived Roman Empire' spoken of in Daniel, that "tramples upon all others before it." This is the dark future of a post-Brexit Europe that gives rise to its Orwellian, Anglo-police state that turns increasingly under the eventual control of one man.

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This fits a definitive pattern and becomes the very definition of President Trump's consistent collusion with Russia. He is a traitor, perhaps, unknowingly. Helping Trump's self-promoting propaganda and lies, sits FOX News who daily provides Trump his echo chamber to help prop up the notion that he is America's last answer to the inherent White nationalism of its past, to become in effect, the only one who could "make America great again," making FOX News, and its racist, Masonic-connected founder, Rupert Murdoch, a strong tool in London's mind control machine, much like CNN and MSNBC are for the Democrats, with both the Red and the Blue choices set before you one and the same mind control sent by our overlords in London. Interestingly, the same FOX network that pushed many anti-Putin stories just a few years ago, have slowed stories against the West-bashing Kremlin because Trump and Putin have been working together, which alone speaks volumes, for both Trump and FOX media. In that same vein, Trump's recent slip in a public admission of not helping Israel in any war against Iran unless certain aspects of the Israeli-Palestinian peace issue are resolved, certainly sounds like Putin's influence, especially since the ego that is Putin's has entangled himself into the Mideast peace debacle only to see no progress despite his best efforts. While some today may think Putin and Netanyahu are for the most part allies or friends, we must remember, Russia is daily being manipulated by its allies in Iran. Iran hates Israel, not to mention, God can foresee past the current headlines of the day, to see a future where Putin (Gog) will suddenly have his infamous "evil thought," as God said, "in the latter years," against the modern State of Israel. So the optics of any American President kowtowing to Russia, knowing Russia (the largest nation in the region) will one day soon march against Israel (the smallest nation in the region), is disturbing to say the least. Because, as God states, "this is the day whereof I have spoken before, by my servants, the prophets, in times of old," proving how important this upcoming battle is, because God explicitly makes mention of it, knowing that the aftermath of the coming battle more importantly lays the foundation for the Tribulation, and the coming of the Antichrist onto the scene. As such, Libya will be the next failed state in the Mideast that Russia is "concerned" over, and having Libya under Putin's direct influence would finally complete the Magog pact according to Ezekiel 38 and 39. The last time Russia was concerned over a potentially failed state in Syria, they decided to mobilize its military forces to defend the bloody Assad regime, and have only managed to increase it sway of influence far and wide across not only the Mideast, but also Africa, as well. That said, So look for Russia to gain its insidious influence over Libya next in their own civil war, likely by sending Russian troops into Libya on another "humanitarian mission," as it did beginning in 2011 with Syria, during the early days of the Syrian civil war.

***BREAKING*** 2020 Both Russia and its Ally Turkey are Now Attempting to Conquer Civil War-Torn Libya
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Understand, the Battle of Gog ('King' Putin) and Magog (Russia) against Israel prophesied in Ezekiel 38 is the one event that the Masonic powers know will provide them the final groundwork from which the Antichrist will arise in its aftermath. So all things seen over the past decades within American and Britain's internal affairs and foreign policies work ever toward the single goal of ensuring the Beast not only is crowned King of England, but also takes over Europe and is then seated within Jerusalem's future Third Temple. When weighing all of these things together to see how America itself is a lie to serve the appearance of Antichrist, it becomes easier to understand and accept that the American Dream itself, was always just that, a form of British hive-mind control that ensures its worker bees are kept in blind servitude toward fighting its wars and paying their taxes to keep funding this sinister work that pushes the evil "Zionist" agenda. Daniel 11:38, 43 tells us that Antichrist shall arise to have great power over this world's ownership of lands, wealth and finance, which perfectly explains why Great Britain and its imperialist British Empire has sought to take over wide swaths of the world's land and control of entire governments under their subjection from America to Australia, because they're doing so for their Masonic counterfeit god of light, Lucifer himself. As prophesied, America and the West will not be involved in halting Russia and Iran's attempt at destroying Israel, of which Russia and Iran's stated intention would be "Palestinian freedom," but more secretly, Russia desires to plunder the Holy Land for its rich natural resources including its oil. What we're witnessing today, with Iran pushing once again toward nuclear capability as well as the false flag operation with Trump seemingly defending the region, is there to give Israel a false sense of security and possibly to cause Israel to make a first strike against Iran, believing America will have its back. Complicating the issue further, what Israel would target in Iran will be its Russian-bought nuclear facilities there. This would certainly fulfill Ezekiel 38:13 when "the young lions" (Britain and America) along with its allies "Sheba, Dedan, and the merchants of Tarshish" (Saudi Arabia and Gulf Nations) will loudly ask why Russia is leading an Islamic invasion into Israel, and cannot seemingly (or won't) do anything about it. The former KGB-trained Putin has been manipulating Trump's increasing conspiracy-induced mind this entire time, which may answer why Trump makes all of those very strange administrative and executive decisions regarding Putin, like withholding the full sting of economic sanctions against Putin's regime and anyone else involved in Russian corruption or corruptible influence against the West. As such, with Trump's dual role placating to both the future enemies of Russia and Israel, in order for the Masonic plan to be carried out, look for a growing tie between America and Saudi Arabia at this time, as well as Putin's influence on Trump to become more prolific in the coming months and years.

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Moscow (CNN) — Syria inadvertently shot down a Russian military plane after an Israeli attack on Syrian positions, killing 15 people on board, Moscow said. Moscow blames Israel for putting its aircraft in the line of fire, Russian state news agency reported. "As a result of the irresponsible actions of the Israeli military, 15 Russian military servicemen were killed, which is absolutely not in keeping with the spirit of Russian-Israeli partnership," said Russian Major General Igor Konashenkov, spokesperson for the Russian military. The incident presents Moscow with a diplomatic conundrum, as the country has a strong relationship with both Israel and the Syrian regime. Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov said Tuesday Moscow was "extremely concerned" about the downing of the aircraft, but declined to comment on further steps the Russian government might take in response or on any potential impact on relations between Russia and Israel. Army General Sergei Shoigu, Shoigu described the actions of the Israeli air force as irresponsible and said to Liberman that the fault for the downed plane and the deaths of its crew "rests entirely with the Israeli side, [and] we reserve the right for further reciprocal steps."

CNN - September 18, 2018

Completely frustrated of it, with Iran, Syria, and Turkey likely pushing the issue, Putin will, at some point in the near future, step up his demands of Palestinian statehood after viewing Israel as the aggressor in defending their own sovereign borders. Turning to Netanyahu, all of this would mean that if the U.S. won't, Israel will, which is to say, if America won't attack Iran, Israel will eventually destroy Iran's nuclear facilities. So while Trump is taking a step back from Israel, and Russia's own cyberattacks against the U.S. are increasing, Putin is once again controlling the narrative regarding the eastern hemisphere. One startling aspect of the Ezekiel 38-39 has always troubled Israel-supporters such as myself, and a great many other Christians, is that while Israel is soon to be besieged with Russia and its Iranian allies, and their allies, who come to invade Israel and (attempt to) destroy its people, WHERE IS AMERICA? Today, as I write this, I am seeing Trump already becoming more apathetic and developing a careless approach toward Israel, saying the US won't be helping Israel in any future attack on Iran unless Israel first makes vast concessions toward the Palestinian peace/state issue. This is shocking, for many reasons. Might then the USA not lift a finger to help its supposed ally Israel against its growing foes in the region, or will some kind of disaster befall America in the coming months leaving it powerless to do anything in protecting Israel from Russia and Iran? UPDATE: ENTER CORONAVIRUS IN 2020 (See US Military Readiness Could Be Affected by COVID-19 as Coronavirus Infects Thousands Nationwide.) Trump is already telegraphing his decision in this regard, with his sudden American pullout of Syria, thus leaving Israel alone with its worst enemies round about. In fact, reports have come out of the US Military central command in Syria that they weren't even notified in advance of the pullout, while Putin himself seem to know of it long ago. It seemingly makes no sense from an American standpoint. It has been a long standing US policy, spanning several US Presidential administrations of aiding Israel in every way it can, which makes Trump unique in that while seemingly being Israel's friend, is leaving Israel to be assaulted by her many enemies just when she needed America most. Clearly all of those obvious collusion meetings between Trump and Putin, where Trump won't even allow anyone into the room, and destroys the interpreter's own notes afterward all but proves Putin is having his colluding effect on Trump. Putin wants to dominate the Middle East, but there is one small democratic nation that stands in his way of creating an "Islamic-centered caliphate" of his own, from Iran to Turkey. What Trump is doing is a clear slight against God Himself, and he will repay America in kind. What a prospect, if Trump decides to render no help to Israel, because Israel's leaders are only enforcing God's own will over His own land. And even if Israel makes concessions and peace with Palestinians, there are Scriptures that foretell an aftermath of "Peace and security" achieved, and still a sudden destruction comes against those who celebrated in its very short-lived, false peace. Through Ezekiel, God informs us that the Russian-Persian alliance invades to remove the Jewish presence from Israel, first and foremost, and then desires to "seize plunder and to capture great spoil." The Quran advocates plundering the Holy Land for the benefit of Islam and there are several instances of this war tactic throughout the history of Muhammad, Islam's Messiah, of whom Queen Elizabeth II, through her historians, now claims descent.

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This invasion of Israel and attack on the Jewish people will indeed be a Jihad, but it will also be the final Jihad that the religion of Islam will ever wage. Ezekiel 38:13 reads as follows: "Sheba and Dedan and the merchants of Tarshish with all its villages will say to you, 'Have you come to capture spoil? Have you assembled your company to seize plunder, to carry away silver and gold, to take away cattle and goods, to capture great spoil?'" The specific nations who question Gog (Russia's) actions are "Sheba and Dedan,' and the merchants of Tarshish." Sheba and Dedan are not hard to identify, they are the ancient names of Saudi Arabia and those Arab nations connected to her. Tarshish is most commonly agreed to be ancient Tartessus or the area of present day Spain in Western Europe, but has been interpreted as Britain itself, who also traded with Spain. In Ezekiel's day, Tarshish was in the farthest west regions of the known world. By referring to Tarshish and all her merchants, God is indicating that the U.S. and London, and all Western Europe will join in solidarity with Saudi Arabia in denouncing the Russian-Iranian invasion. From this prophecy, another thing becomes abundantly clear, and matches what I always believed would be found in Israel just before Russia attacks, and becomes the "spoil" by which Russia crosses over into the Golan Heights, from Syria, that spoil is oil. Now we know what shall drive Putin to arrive at his 'evil thought.' His own economy is not where he wants is, especially since the US and others are sanctioning Russia to punish it. But, let's pause and back up here, and discuss why it could only be Russia that God is referring to when he speaks of the land of Magog. Genesis 10 records that Noah had three sons: Shem, Ham, and Japheth. Unto Japheth was born: Magog, Meshech, Tubal, Gomer, Madai, Javan, and Tiras." So when the Bible refers to the people of Magog, it means, the descendants of Magog. The first century Jewish historian, Flavius Josephus, wrote that, "Magog founded those that from him were named Magogites, but who are by the Greeks called Scythians." (Antiquities of the Jews, 1.6.1). The Scythians dwelt primarily in the lands north of the Black Sea and the lands on the north, east, and west sides of the Caspian Sea, in what is now modern Russia and what are now the former Soviet Republics of Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Georgia, and Azerbaijan. The name Scythian itself covers a number of nomadic tribes that originally arose out of Persia [Iran], ironically enough, and migrated north into the fertile area of the Ukraine, with the Scythians further extending themselves from the mid-Volga to the northern Urals as far east as the Mongol border. In fact, Arab writers confirm that their own name for the Great Wall of China, in the Arabic language, was at one time called "The Wall of Al-Magog" because it was specifically built to keep out the "ruthless Scythian-Magog armies of the north." Further identifying Magog as modern Russia, is God's usage of the name Tubal, Magog's brother, was the original name-sake given to the Tubol River, which flows to the northeast from Kazakhstan into Russia, as well as the Russian city of Tobolsk, which exists along the Tubol River. Moreover, the place names of "Meshech and Tubal" further identifies Magog as Russia, as Meshech was the ancient name give to the modern city of Moscow ['where Meshech settled']. The name Gomer, Magog's brother, also proves interesting here, as God also mentions it as a separate nation that comes against Israel in the Last Days. "Gomer and all its bands" has been identified as the area whose peoples inhabit the former Soviet Republics of Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, and Tajikistan. Amazingly, this same area called "Gomer" in ancient Scripture, is known as "Gogaz" by the Islamic State, and their unique relation to Russia, even today, is due to the fact that going back thousands of years, they are literally related to each other through the ancient brothers of Magog and Gomer.

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More intriguing is that all of these nations that make up the Anti-Israel confederation that Magog (Russia) assembles together, have one thing in common - Islam (See also The Ancient Muslim-Islamic Community in Russia 25-Million Strong). Despite these facts, some assume Gomer to be Germany, which I won't rule out completely given the fact Germany is now almost completely dependent on Russia for their natural gas supply via a pipeline leading from Russia directly into Germany. As far as larger western involvement, think not that the UK government isn't helping create the conditions whereby this prophesied battle won't come to pass, when they're doing everything in their power to ensure it happens by 2020-2025. In fact, both the US and UK governments are already making sure Libya, a nation listed among the others joining forces with Russia and attacking Israel, is being made into a purposefully extremist and failed state, by secretly destabilizing all hopes of what would be a moderate government into one where it turns completely against the West and sides with Putin, to which, by default, Putin is already and actively drawing Libya closer to him. (See UK Ripping Off Libya, by Spending Kaddafi's Billions.) In effect, the West is actively creating then pushing these failed states toward Russia, to ensure the prophecies are fulfilled that lead to their Antichrist King taking later control. Despite the Russian Bear and Persian Lion currently rising, we know that the West will become the world leader after the Magog battle and certainly after the coming Global Collapse, during the reign of Antichrist. This is because while Christ's future war with Antichrist and the West will occur during Armageddon, God's destruction and huge set back of Russia and Iran will occur much sooner, immediately following the Battle of Gog and Magog. Ezekiel 39:6 states "I will send a fire upon Magog, and against all those who dwell carelessly among the nations." Interestingly, in almost every nation that eventually sides with Russia and Iran against Israel, are the same nations that Putin is working toward bringing those nations nuclear power facilities, including Sudan, of all places, a nation increasingly hostile to the west. Moreover, Russia's blatant use of military plans flying over NATO countries, including the United Kingdom, perfectly depict Putin's ill-intended feelings about the West, especially against the United States and Britain. Putin sending agents to the U.K. to poison a former Russian spy in itself showcases how Putin also feels he has the skewed 'moral authority' to execute someone who he has threatened publicly to "take out" before, citing Sergei Skripal to be a traitor and enemy of the Russian state. Such despotism on the part of Putin exists for all to see, even today. In yet another shocking fulfillment seen in the Ezekiel prophecy, detailing the reason why one of Israel's former great enemies of Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and Jordan are not listed among the nations that attack her in the Battle of Gog and Magog, and neither is Lebanon mentioned. Saudi Arabia is beginning to show signs of wanting to become more religiously moderate, in general, if only to further distance itself from Iran's unwavering Islamic hardline, while guiding the rest of the moderate Arab nations, like Egypt, like Jordan, and others to further ties with the West, but it is the Saudi effort to make allies with Israel that proves most prophetic in these latter times. [UPDATE] Lebanon's recent explosion that was likely intended to be used against Israel in some future war, has completely come back on the heads of Hezbollah and the Lebanese government themselves. The people are right now rioting in the streets and want the leadership to be hanged or otherwise rooted out. This is PRECISELY how God operates to protect His nation. It remains to be seen, however, if the Russian invasion will nonetheless pour thru Lebanon on their way toward invading Israel's north. All signs at this point lead me to believe Russia and its allies will more than likely come thru either Lebanon or Syria, or both.

For the Lord will yet choose Israel, and set them in their own land: and the strangers shall be joined with them, and they shall cleave to the house of Jacob. And the house of Israel shall possess them in the Land of the Lord for servants and handmaids.

Isaiah 14:1-2; The Holy Bible

But of the times and the seasons, brethren, ye have no need that I write unto you. For yourselves know perfectly well that the day of the Lord [in this case, the Rapture] so cometh as a thief in the night. For when they [in the world] shall say, "Peace and security!" then sudden destruction cometh upon them, and they ["those that dwell carelessly in the isles"] shall not escape. But you, brethren, are not in darkness, so that this day should overtake you as a thief. You are all sons of Light and sons of the day. We are not of the night nor of darkness. Therefore let us not sleep, as others do, but let us watch and be sober.

1 Thessalonians 5:1-6; The Holy Bible

Behold, I AM coming as a thief. Blessed is he who watches. Hold fast and repent. Watch therefore, for you know neither the day nor the hour in which the Son of Man is coming.

Revelation 16:15, 3:3; Matthew 25:13; The Holy Bible

In the latter years, thou [Russia] shalt come against the mountains of Israel ... brought forth out of the nations, and they shall dwell safely all of them. Thou shalt ascend and come like a storm, thou shalt be like a cloud to cover the land, thou, and all thy bands, and many people with thee. Thus saith the Lord GOD. It shall also come to pass that at the same time shall things come into thy mind, and thou [Putin] shalt think an evil thought.

Ezekiel 38:8-11; 14-16, 19-20, 23; 39:6-7; The Holy Bible

A "White Genocide"? Like Trump, Putin Also Shares Shockingly Anglo-Racist Views

In effect, the entire Mideast is at a tug of war, with Saudi Arabia at one end, and Iran pulling in the opposite direction at the other. As such, the Saudis now hate Iran, and view Iran's increasing terrorist influence across the Mideast, as hurting their bottom line, and they care far too much about nation building and Western-styled economics than to revert back to their own, older, efforts toward terrorism. Interestingly, as proven in their May 2017 election, electing a moderate instead of a known hard-liner, the people of Iran want the same as the Saudi's do, and want to become a much more democratic, moderate-leaning state in the region, even as they also want to make a friend out of America, but the ruling Ayatollah's and Mullah's want nothing of the sort. Adding to the war climate, Putin has recently announced that Israel will no longer be able to freely attack Syria in the way it has since the Syrian War began, and that to do so means any future attacks upon Syria means an attack upon Russia. Add to this, that Putin believes he can convince Israel to give up the Golan Heights and return it to Syria, and the stage is more than perfectly set for Ezekiel's prophecy to come to bear not a matter of decades, but months. This seeming turn of events has become a surprising if not startling component of Ezekiel 38:13 being partially fulfilled already. Not to mention, that despite Iran blaming everyone else for ISIS, increasing evidence is mounting proving it is none other than Iran as the proxy behind its continued formation. With this, Iran has created a carefully constructed ruse to subtly force Iraq under a larger Iranian banner, using any means necessary to achieve that goal. This includes funding ISIS to become an insurmountable problem too large for Iraq to handle on their own, providing the Shia-led government of Iran the perfect subtext to enter the current Shia-led government of Iraq, to help them defeat their mutual enemy, the Sunni-led ISIS. This same trick is being waged also in Syria, with Assad, a Shia Alawite. Iran does this in order so that they may have more of an increasing stake in pulling at both Iraq and now Syria's government, with their goal of one day, annexing Iraq and Syria to create a new Persian Empire. The West, however, including Saudi Arabia and Israel can clearly see Iran's intentions a mile away, just as Russia is increasingly being pulled in, toward becoming Syria and Iran's bodyguard. Netanyahu's recent win in the 2019 election itself has paved the way toward Israel increasingly begin seen as not considering peace with the Palestinians. In fact, Putin himself sees it that way, as well, if his RT propaganda machine and its recent articles demonizing Israel whilst placing the Palestinians on an increasingly higher pedestal are any indicator. Netanyahu's consistent building of new settlements in so-called "disputed territories" of the West Bank is his ongoing plan toward curtailing the many foreign pressures that want to force Israel into ultimately losing their nation to the Arabs altogether, which, let's face it, has been the Palestinian's collective hope and dream since 1948. But again, where God has placed His people, that initiated these last days, and those who react negatively to it need to take their list of grievances up with Him, because Israel is there to stay, and God has the perfect plan to bring Christ back to Israel as an all-conquering Messiah. This is precisely why Israel needs to exist as we approach the 6,000th year since God recreated the earth, with Christ's Millennium finalizing the 7,000 year Sabbat that was given this current Earth Age.

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Netanyahu, whose own name means "gift of God" is precisely the strong leader that Israel needs to fend off such increasing international pressures that cater to any two-state "Final Solution," despite whatever some liberal Jews residing within Israel, or liberals anywhere in the world, may think. Understand this one basic fact, it has always been Satan's intention, since Cain, to destroy the Jewish people, thru any means necessary. Why? Because it is God's ancient promise from Adam to Abraham that keeps God connected to Israel to this very day, but if Satan can finally break that bond, then he believes he can break this world's bond to its Creator, meaning he would become God over us all, which has been his intention since Eden. In a near perfect comparison with the Axis powers of World War II, Russia's Putin, Syria's Assad, and Xi Jinping of China, have effectively become, the new Hitler, Stalin, and Emperor Hirohito, each with their own state-run propaganda and brainwashing machines controlling their people, and each casting America as a global threat to their own megalomaniac vision of regional domination. What's worse, is that Millennials today actually believe everything coming out of their lying mouths. The average Godless Millennial liberal today is so wrapped up in "anti-Zionist" (Anti-Israel) propaganda, they cannot see how they're being entirely set up and played by the Satanic global elites into hating Israel, precisely as Satan himself does. Case in point, is Israel constantly being portrayed in the media as Nazi's running an apartheid state, when more than anyone else, Jews understand the land was given them by God Himself, and as such, they of all people understand also the importance placed upon keeping that land in their possession. According to the Lord, the Jews have borne their shame, during the Diaspora, and God is now (since 1948) in the process of actively restoring the Jewish presence to not only the land, but to their prominence as God's chosen people, a people set apart from the world, in order for God to work thru the House of David, that led to Christ, and throughout the rest of their generations. God knows that the false claims the Palestinians make toward bringing Israel trouble in the world, are just that, to bring Israel increasing strife, when at anytime, the much larger surrounding Arab nations could effectively absorb the peoples of so-called "palestine" back into their own lands from which their ancestry originates. In other words, the palestinians are NOT native to the Holy Land. Such a startling revelation would greatly upset the left wing Hollywood elite and all of their sheep, but it's true nonetheless. Ultimately, it is Satan that lays in constant wait to create the right conditions that leads to the attempted destruction of the Jewish people, again, so he will use whatever is most expedient in every generation to achieve that goal. People today infected with Satan's goals are quick to believe any such propaganda against God and Israel, which speaks volumes on its face. It is directly because of the flood of internet "conspiracy" propaganda created by the global Antichrist elite, that hatred against Israel has dramatically risen to now an all-time high not seen since Hitler walked this earth. Once the fake news conspiracy creators discovered that the Millennials could be easily manipulated into becoming Nazi sympathizers, the race to cause as much hatred against the Jewish people was on. And where you cannot see Satan, you can usually see his handiwork via his children orchestrating global events in the form of every Anglo-Aryan secret society that while placing Lucifer as God, have also worked tirelessly, for centuries, to cause as much isolation, malice, murder and hatred against the Jewish people as possible.

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Adding to this, Russia has just announced that it sides with its allies Iran and Syria, against Israel, believing that Israel's Golan Heights should be returned to Syria. You can just hear Assad whispering in Putin's ear, regarding this. In response, Israel is making it clear that the Golan Heights will forever remain Israeli territory, and is non-negotiable. Israel captured Syria's Golan Heights in 1967, which became a thorn in the side of not only Syria, but their allies in Russia and Iran. This most recent action, with Netanyahu officially making it clear that the Golan Heights will never be returned, in any deal, ever, is not sitting well with Syria, nor Putin. Certainly, this will be a factor in the coming months and years, and helps push Russia further in their future invasion of the Golan Heights, ultimately. That said, who can deny any longer that God's "hooks" in Russia's "jaws" is not the war in Syria itself? Russia's presence in Syria (on Israel's border) is complete with Russian jet fighters buzzing the Golan and now making threats against Israel, that's clearly to be taken as a warning by Putin, against Israel being able to easily attack Iran's nuclear facilities. But not only that, Russia is also trying to send an even stronger message to Israel, by its delivering an advanced, heavily modified, and custom (read: anti-Israeli Air Force) version of the S-300 anti-aircraft missiles system to Iran. Russia knows Israel wants to bomb Iran's nuclear facilities, and is providing the strongest counter-measure yet, against any of Israel's future security needs, against Iran's wanting to destroy Israel. Iran will place the S-300 anti-air system all around its Russian-funded nuclear facilities, to protect them as Iran decides whether or not to pursue building nuclear weapons. Causing an even further strain in the Russian-Israeli relationship, is that Russia continues to sell weapons Israel's sworn enemy in Syria, called Hezbollah. All of these matters were addressed earlier this month (April 2016) when a defiant Netanyahu made a visit to his Golan Heights, overseeing a paratrooper training mission, and making a speech while facing Syria, citing that it will not be intimidated, by Russia, Syria, Hezbollah, or Iran ('...and none made them afraid...'). Israel's Prime Minister went on to warn Russia directly not to cross any of its red lines, because Israel will not rule out Israeli armed forces attacking within Syria, despite Russian or Iranian troops on the ground there. A planned meeting between Putin and Netanyahu is scheduled, where Netanyahu will no doubt further make Israel's position clear to the Russian leader. In Russia, there is an old saying that roughly translates to ‘If you don’t understand the past, you won’t be able to understand the present, or shape the future.’ Putin lives by this saying. However, like Hitler before him, Putin is being taken in by all of the conspiracy theories of his day, which just like before the outbreak of World War II, was entirely nationalistic, xenophobic, and patently anti-Semitic, and it's in that rampant anti-Israel sentiment that is now everywhere plaguing the internet, that will work like a worm in Putin's brain, just as it did with Adolf Hitler. Interestingly, just as Hitler's path ended with his going up against God Himself, and the heavy curse that was placed upon him for his coming against the Jewish people, so too will Vlad Putin meet with a inherently similar, if not entirely analogous, doomed fate.

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As Bashar Al-Assad allows Putin's own expanding "empire" and narcissistic homogeny to take over his Syria, you must understand that from Putin and Assad's point of view, anyone coming against them is a "terrorist." So when you hear Assad and Putin speak, even through their diplomatic and UN security channels, you have to take what they say with salt, on their part. In reality, the people on the ground that made up Syria, when it was still intact, had enough of the 'Butcher in Damascus' and as the Arab Spring came, they made their decision to topple him. However, Assad then began manipulatively and deceptively labeling such freedom fighters of his own people as "ISIS," is precisely how he's effectively been able to stay in power to this day. As the war against his own people still rages against them, and even after ISIS actually arrived taking advantage of all the chaos, is when Assad was then able to ask for Russia's help. Because of a binding agreement made months earlier, between Russia and Iran, Iran also, came with Russia to help the Assad regime. As Europe and the entire Anglo-Western world is now becoming aware, this Russia's own "war on terror," therefore, and the increasing Russian-Iranian alliance fighting on behalf of Syria, is quickly becoming the nightmare scenario reminiscent of the Cold War, where Russia finds only partners in those that hate both America (and now, Israel). Clearly, radical Islam does not share the same views on justice, value of life, liberty, and freedom that, for example, France fought for in their own revolution, and America was afterward built upon, of which Israel later adopted. With Trump suddenly deciding to pull out of Syria altogether, yet another vacuum will be created, such as the one that spawned ISIS in the first placed, when Obama hastily pulled out of Iraq. Obviously, Putin demanded that Trump have American forces leave Syria, and so, knowing that, this would then leave the poor Syrian people, absolutely defenseless once again by a Russia Air Force and artillery that simply holds no value over human life whatsoever, unless its their own or of their Syrian or Iranian allies. But there is also another, even more prophetic connection to be made here, with Trump's decision to pull out American forces from the region, as it would leave Israel alone to have to deal with the attacks that are sure to come, both upon Israel, and Israel having to take out Syrian, Iranian, Hamas, or perhaps even Russian advanced weapons, for their own security and safety of the Israeli people. Already, Israel has had to cross over the Syrian border several times to destroy some munition depot that, while owned by Syria, Russia, or Iran, was being sold to Hamas, a sworn enemy of Israel. Already, Israel has had to deal with rockets being directed over the Golan Heights, into Israel, from Syria. Already, Israel has lost aircraft in defending itself. That being already what has happened in the short span of time since Russia, Iran, and Hamas have been in Syria, what could happen next? Because of Putin's ego, bordering on the megalomaniac, Russia will of course place itself into the cursed "Palestinian State" debacle, to Putin's own quicker, unwitting, demise.

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'Behold, I AM against thee, Gog, Chief Prince of Rosh [Russia], Meshech [Moscow] and Tubal [Tubolsk]'

The burden of Damascus:
Damascus is taken away from
being a city of renown, for it
shall become a ruinous heap!

-Isaiah 17:1; The Holy Bible

A new law coming to occupy the new land
Towards the lands of Syria, Judea and Palestine
The great barbarian empire [USA or Russia?] to decay,
Before the Moon completes its cycle [one month].

-Nostradamus Century III Quatrain 97

For Mabus [Islamic Leader] shall come and soon die
Of people and beasts a horrible ruin
Suddenly one will see the vengeance
Thirst, hunger when the comet shall run.

-Nostradamus Century II Quatrain 62

Mars and the Sceptre Constellation will join
There will be a calamitous war under Cancer
Soon afterwards, a New King will be anointed
Bringing long, sustainable peace to the earth.

-Nostradamus Century VI Quatrain 24

Russia Unites with Iran, Libya, Sudan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Turkey
For years I've had to defend this prophecy, to counter claims that Putin's Russia could never invade another country, because Putin is merely a "great reformer," or that Russia was too weak to invade anyone, or why would Russia ever want to align itself with Islamic radicals, in order to invade Israel, or (my favorite) how could Putin remain in power past 2008, when his Presidential term limit was to end? Vladimir Putin is the kind of evil despot that wants to stay in power for life, in effect making himself a king, which is precisely why Trump feels such an affiliation for him, and so many other dictators. Who but a living and omnipresent God is able to transcend time itself to peer 3,000 years into the future from Ezekiel's day, to accurately report back to mankind what such a leader such as "Gog" (King), of the land of Magog (Russia), will one day think to do against the children of Israel? Has not Putin utilized the exact same ploy in conquering Crimea, Ukraine, that Hitler used with the Sudetenland and then Austria just before the outbreak of World War II, with the world now on the verge of World War III? (Gog) King Putin has announced at the U.N. that he will now form a coalition of nations against ISIS in Syria. This is where Ezekiel's prophecy subtly came into play, even then. For the nations that fell under Putin's still-building confederacy, were: Turkey and Iran. According to the Scriptures, Sudan and Libya, with Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan sure to follow. Interestingly, with three of those nations, Putin is right now actively funding their plans toward nuclear power - which we all know can be easily turned toward nuclear weapons manufacturing. Those nations are: Iran, Sudan, and Uzbekistan, as of 2018. So when Russia extends its long arm out to Libya in the coming months, with an aid package to Libya that includes nuclear power, remember where you read it first. Also interesting, is that Syria is not listed among those nations that attack Israel, despite Russia's clear pull with the Syrian regime. However, because Syria is situated on Israel's eastern border, and Russia (and now Iran) owns bases in Syria, Syria will likely be used nonetheless as a staging point of Russia's attempted military invasion. The Russian-Iranian pact, with its nuclear ambitions, is clearly what sets off the impending war that forces Putin's hand to want to counterattack Israel, because Israel wants to make a preemptive strike on Iran's nuclear power plants. Another point that lines up precisely with Ezekiel's prophecy, is how Russia is actively guarding Persia (Iran) and even funding Iran's nuclear ambitions, which is precisely what God said they would do in Ezekiel 38:7. Since the moment Russian forces and their weapons of war began pouring into Syria to bolster the Assad regime, Russia and its ally Iran, have set themselves on an unalterable collision course with Israel, and its ancient God. God Himself deemed this event important enough to spell out in inexorable detail 3,000 years ago, to Ezekiel's generation, as a prophecy, but as a direct warning for our generation, when its fulfilled. Once Ezekiel 38-39 is fulfilled, everything changes after that. Russia will rid itself of Putin, but an even greater Hitler archetype is coming, and in a form that the world will least suspect. As mentioned before, some still believe that the Biblical use of "Gomer" listed among those nations allied to Russia will be Germany, because of Gomer's obvious appearance in name to Germany. I don't believe Gomer is Germany but always find it interested when I hear news coming out of both Russia and Germany about their increasing ties. (See Germany Draws Closer to Russia Despite US Sanctions)

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It should therefore be understood that Israel has been searching for a true partner in peace, since 1948, but cannot find any on the Palestinian/Hamas side because they have sworn themselves to the complete destruction of Israel and will not budge from that default Palestinian position since 1948. Moreover, this need for the complete destruction of Israel even appears in the Palestinians own constitution, not to mention the Palestinian people have chosen the terrorists Hamas to govern over them. The world might refer to it a "peace process," and throws that term around quite liberally, however, the Palestinians, and their Iranian backers, only view the protracted so-called peace process as a subtle, systematic, incremental plan for the removal of the Jewish people from the land, completely, and this despite the fact that it is well proven that the Jews have lived in Israel for at least 2,000 years before Christ. Needless to say, the Palestinians have a very different agenda when it comes to their version of a "peace," which actually means achieving their peace of mind once Israel is systematically destroyed and ceases as a nation, with the Jews scattered back into Russia and Europe and among their Anglo-Aryan enemies once more. They will be satisfied with nothing less (and only Satan would be satisfied with something more, the complete destruction of the Jewish race). Palestinians proved where their allegiance lies, when they proved this when launched thousands of Hamas rockets from Gaza into Israel, the day after Israel had given them complete control over Gaza. Knowing all of this more than anyone, is why Israel's Benjamin Netanyahu never falls for such untenable positions molded into the latest peace framework, that are always created by those (Anglo-Europeans) who never live in Israel, such as returning to the 1967 borders, or any one of the lesser "land-for peace" deals that unwittingly lead to the contentious two-state solution itself. Israel's Prime Minister Netanyahu, therefore, is extremely wise to play his hand exactly as he plays it, perfectly knowing what the Arabs want from their skewed version of a so-called "peace" that ensures the Jewish people are pushed into another Diaspora, or worse. As if playing his ill-fated role in God's perfect timing, Putin is increasingly involving himself directly into the Israeli-Palestinian issue, even as Israel's PM Netanyahu is having to travel several times to Moscow for important "security meetings" with Putin, in regard to ultimately bringing the Palestinians their "two-state solution" and since Russia is Syria's old friend, coupled with the new geo-political role Russia has claimed for itself in the region, obviously Putin is subtly making a case that Israel return the Golan Heights back to Syria, but as Netanyahu often states, the Golan is an inherent part of Israel, and an integral part of Israel's national security. One has to wonder, therefore, where will Trump fall in this increasingly dangerous tug of war between Putin and Netanyahu. Trump's decision to move the US Embassy to Israel, despite the man, will at least prove to the world that America still sides with the Jewish nation, in one aspect, but Trump has also shown a very strange affinity for Vladimir Putin that no one has yet determined why. Because the Masonic-led puppet that is Trump is removing American troops from the Syrian sphere of operation, increasingly nothing is really stopping Putin from invading Israel today.

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Such is the case now with Sudan and Kyrgyzstan. The other nations coming against Israel in the future, are already Putin allies, including Turkey and to some extent, Kazakhstan, but there is still one out there, Libya, that has of this writing, still to join with Russia. Seeing how both Sudan and Libya are as of April 2019 are simultaneously having coup's to supplant entirely new governments in them, once has to wonder if the British and American governments are not behind that, as well [see Did [the American Govt via] NATO Cause the Current Crisis in Libya?]. Whatever the end result of Libya and Sudan, we know this via Ezekiel, they will both likely be taken over by radical Islamic elements, or at the very least, they will ultimately have governments that will seek to attack Israel, with Russia and Iran's lead. Perhaps like Putin has already done in Sudan, he will also reach out to Libya with cash and aid toward building nuclear power plants as he has infamously done in Iran, something that Israel will have keep a watchful eye on since both Libya and Sudan have expressed hostile anti-Semitic sediments in the past. Thus, with God's hook already in Russia's jaws, and Putin's own hooks placed deep into Trump, there is a time coming when Russia will feel forced to send even more troops south, for whatever reason not clearly known as yet, but God knows, even as it is written. Of course, Putin's manipulated media machine is quick to report "Brave Vladimir Putin is Determined to Destroy the Zionist Illuminati," describing that the destruction of the world’s most elusive organization as Putin's ‘most important legacy’ that he could possibly leave behind. According to Kremlin sources, Putin is a 9-11 styled conspiracy theorist who believes in the Zionist's Illuminati plan to start World War III by using Islam and terrorism as a false flagging catalyst, so, you have to wonder, just who does Putin think the Zionist Illuminati is? Who do most conspiracy theorists (since September 11th 2001) believe is at the root of all the world's evils already? Correct, Israel. Clearly, a storm is coming, but now we know how it will commence. Putin now believes that "The Illuminati" is directing global events toward Armageddon, and Islam's rise to terror is just another way of tracking the globalist's plans toward World War. Therefore, if the self-appointed President of Russia already sees radical Islamic terrorists as the scapegoat, being used in a larger conspiracy by the hidden ones who want to destroy the planet, then you have to wonder, if Putin isn't already directing counter moves to what he perceives is the real enemy. So there we have it. This already answers how Putin and Russia, in the coming months and years, will side with not only Iran, its current strong Islamic ally in the region, but every other Islamic nation of terror, against Israel. All that is needed is a catalyst, in the form of Israel having to defend itself, by, say, going on the offensive and striking at the heart of Iran's nuclear facilities (many of which were funded by Russia) and the Battle of Gog and Magog is underway. Since Putin is himself a believer of the Satanic elite's own conspiracy disinformation that portrays Israel's as the enemy of man, how could he resist in not attempting to eradicate Israel and 'save the world'? Certainly, Cainites are infecting his mind with propaganda, just as they infect the internet with such Nazi-like propaganda, pushing Putin ever toward his inescapable destiny. With this, we can also more clearly understand the Scriptures depicting Satan, ultimately, being at the helm who "deceives the whole world," (Revelation 12:9), with Putin being no exception. Putin's own media network, RussiaToday, is increasingly creating spun reports that cast both America and Israel as the world's mortal enemies, while Satanic-serving governments like Iran, are only seen as intelligent allies. You'd think Millennials would immediately smell the propaganda, but again, they have no understanding of how the Soviet Union operated, much less how its leftover in Putin still operates.

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Sadly, as the video above so eloquently depicts, anti-Semitism is found everywhere on the internet today. In fact, not only have Americans been conditioned thru the European Illuminati's dual-propaganda methods into hating Israel, but now all millennials are being brainwashed into the idea that Vladimir Putin is some kind of latter day moral champion of all things regarding White and seemingly Christianized culture. I am also seeing increasing discord and dissention spread on YouTube of late, with nearly every conspiracy theorist stating that America is evil, and Russia, or more specifically, Putin himself, is the moral hero of our time, while Israel is cast aside as a "Zionist thug." How the Hell did we get here? For one thing, we need to consider the source. Millennials today are about some of the most easily impressionable demographic alive today. It was a single rumor spread by both Arabs and neo-Nazi's that immediately placed the blame of 9-11 on Israel, when it was not Jews, but Palestinians in both Michigan and New York City that were caught rejoicing following the attack. Regardless, the conspiracy of Israel causing 9-11 found an instant audience that has spawned every kind of post-911 conspiracy toward hating Israel since. Within a year after 9-11, came the secretly Masonic and Nazi-led "Truther Movement" with its independent films "Loose Change" and "Zeitgeist" that became the misinformed gospel for a new generation that was purposefully designed to steer the world far away from any semblance of Godly Truth, into one of the Illuminati's lies. Ironically, the same generation that is now receiving all of their virtual education and research materials from the internet, of late, have zero clue they're receiving that information from the Jewish-hating, Satanic-worshipping Illuminati themselves. Of course, the same Illuminati have taught them that Israel itself houses the Illuminati, so the argument with them becomes a complete non-starter before it even begins, as designed. While Putin is right in one sense, that America and Britain are two of the most conspiratorial nations on earth. Both act morally superior on the one hand, but at their core are steeped in Occult mysticism and Satanism itself. American and Britain both have Occult organizations within it that commit human sacrifices to demon "gods." I'm surprised Putin didn't mention that. However, does Putin saying all of that somehow negate his own evil, or just because a speech was given by him, does that, of itself, absolve him from his own killing of innocent civilians, like those in the Russian press and certain anti-Putin politicians of late? Let's also remember why Putin wants a foothold inside Syria, which is because he wants to keep that Tartus military base on Syria's coast, allowing him a constant presence in the Middle East. Much like the people he consistently maligns in speeches, Putin kills his own innocent citizens that report the truth, while winning mock elections. For future hindsight, let's also never forget that Putin has allowed Iran to enter Syria, knowing that Iran and Israel are bitter enemies. Moreover, whenever discussing Putin with Millennials, how could the non-starter debate ever move forward when we're dealing with a generation, effectively born yesterday, of which the name KGB means nothing? In other words, because they haven't even lived to see Russian aggression in its full reality, they have no grounded basis or rooted foundation in what Russia's longest term goals truly are. Hence, all of their too easily being taken in by the mere words from a living KGB agent. But, examine Putin's words. His propaganda machine called RussiaToday (RT) proves he would love nothing better than to see America further divided. Interestingly, while promoting White culture and blaming the West for its Witchcraft, a recent report has surfaced on RussiaToday acknowledging Witches and their casting spells to protect Putin. How intriguing.

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Ironically, Putin still has no clue that his nation plays the biggest role in paving the way for the Antichrist. Why? He, like others, pays zero attention to God's word, and instead, favors Satan's own word that is easily spotted, because it always places itself against the Jewish race, and collectively, modern Israel. In their own hatred of Israel, the world has recently seen yet another example of Iran's future intentions, with their testing new ballistic missiles that place Israel well within their striking distance, especially when they've written on those same missiles that "Israel Will Be Wiped Out!" Russia has also just tested its new "SATAN II" missiles in December 2017 with great success. As the Antichrist himself will later do, Putin's new self-appointed role in playing the friendly "peace broker" (as most twisted psychotics do in trying to deceive others) between Israel and the Palestinians, while also being the war monger he really is, would only add another thorn in Putin's side should Israel demand increasing control over its own God-given land, namely Jerusalem. Adding an unknown factor like a President Trump into all of this, with Israel on the verge of claiming its eternal stake and heritage at and for Jerusalem, would only fuel the Palestinians further into rising up, and seeking new allies in their bid for destroying Israel. Get ready, the world is going to witness the most detailed of end-time Bible prophecies ever written, about to unfold before their very eyes, and despite that, shall the world become even more blind to what God is actually doing, because of their own allegiance to the world, their flesh, and Satan. The Ezekiel 38 prophecy, called The Battle of Gog and Magog, speaks to us about Rosh (Russia), and Gog, its accursed leader, along with his ally in Persia (Iran) shall suddenly make their ill-fated move against God's people, only to their own destruction, when in a single moment, they decide to invade the "land of un-walled villages," and to descend upon "those who are at rest," to "come against the mountains of Israel," and to invade "the land of God's people" like "a storm to cover the (Holy) Land." As clearly as we can view the news and read current headlines, the stage for this prophesied battle is already set. All that is needed now is a catalyst, such as Israel attacking the Russian-funded, Iranian nuclear facilities, to ignite the firestorm that forces Russia's hand, to war with Israel, or simply Israel refusing to give in to Putin's subtle demands of giving up Jerusalem to the Palestinians or the Golan Heights to the Syrians. These are dangerous days to be living in, and witnessing, not just for Israel, but even more for America. On an equally troubling side note, Russian-controlled TV has had to pull a nationally televised news report, in Russia, that clearly showed at least one of their top secret projects, in relation to a coming nuclear war, apparently with the West and its allies. This bombshell is coming right off the heels of Putin announcing that Russia is creating a top secret weapon system (in a string of top secret weapon systems that are interestingly heavily propagated in Russian media) that will be able to penetrate all known missile defense systems and strike their targets. And the secret why Putin is creating such weapons of destruction is barely a secret either. Putin's rapid escalation is actually preparing for an inevitable confrontation with NATO, the U.S., and naturally, her staunch ally of Israel. Russia sees a future world where only the East rules, and t he West fades into obscurity. Among another irony of ironies that will prove to define the last days, it will be God that first puts Russia in their place during the Collapse, and then, it will be the Antichrist who will propel the West into a new dawn of global-controlling empire, following the Collapse.

GOG - Leader of Magog - Vladimir Putin About to Fulfill an Ancient Prophecy
Putin himself came to power literally on the first day of the year 2000, a day that, now in hindsight, signaled the beginning of the end because Putin's increasing power will lead to this world's Great Collapse, and afterward, arrives the Antichrist. Therefore, while the blind and ignorant world was being manipulated by all of the "Y2K" hype to ever notice the subtle fulfillment of Bible prophecy that Gog had just taken power, I hope you can see more clearly today. Ironically, according to his own self-promoting propaganda machine that is solely geared toward undermining and eroding the West, Putin has also been studying the history of the Illuminati for many years, if only to fall for all of the faked conspiracy claims made of Israel. According to sources, Putin, like Hitler before him, has been brushing up on why the Jewish people are to blame, in short, for everything. His also becoming aware of Albert Pike’s ‘Sequence of Three World Wars' prediction is of particular interest here. Albert Pike was a notorious Luciferian, eyes deep into the Masonic agenda, as well as a Confederate General in the American civil war. In the 1880s he openly predicted that Islam will be the central component in World War III, and that the Illuminati will lead Islam into direct confrontation with the West. How did he know of what was to come? During his time, Pike was one of this nation's highest ranking Freemasons. Clearly, the Illuminati planned their well-funded Machiavellian-styled proxy wars, against the Mideast, in order to fulfill what another high-ranking Government official, that just happened to become the 41st US President, George Bush Senior, has said about a coming "New World Order." As it happened, 9-11 and his son, the 43rd President, ensured America went to war in Iraq, a war that created a chain reaction that will lead us all to that New World Order and the Antichrist to lead it. None of that, however, dissuades from radical Islam's own belief that all must be converted to Islam or die, which is by far Satan's greatest deception upon those whose own religion has been hijacked by evil since their prophet Muhammed walked the earth. From the radical rhetoric of Osama Bin Laden, to the deadlier visions of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, to now his increasingly ruthless offspring called ISIS, Islam has collectively placed itself in Satan's hands to be used as a tool to bring rampant chaos and death to innocent people. Of ISIS specifically, Putin believes everything that the typical conspiracy theorist on the internet believes, that ISIS has been created by the Zionist entities of Israel and the United States. In other words, the more it's put out there in the conspiracy cybersphere that Zionist America and the Jews are to blame for everything, the more Putin internally plans war against what he deems as Zionist governments. In yet another of the more intriguing parts of the Ezekiel 38-39 prophecy, God makes it known that Russia will send against Israel "all sorts of armor..." obviously referring to modern tanks. A Russian news item has just been released that Russia has built a new robotic tank called the 'ARMATA T-14' that's at least twenty years ahead of anything being produced by the West.

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The historical record of constantly blaming Israel (and/or its descendants) for everything is of course not new, but extends far back into the days of Medieval Europe, and certainly by the time Hitler and his heavily Occult-influenced Nazi Party came to power. In short, Satan's men in the Illuminati are once again using Islam to achieve its goals, however, they are also using conspiracy media to deceive Russia into believing that the only true enemy of both the Eastern and Western hemispheres is none other than Zionism itself, more specifically, Israel, its supposed source. Of Albert Pike's 'Three World Wars,' Putin believes it serves as a blueprint that spells out exactly what the Zionist nations have been up to, and what they are supposedly still doing. In his notorious plan, Albert Pike is recorded as saying that his military program might take 100 years or a little longer to reach the day when those who direct the conspiracy at the top will crown their leader as King-despot of the entire world, and impose a totalitarian dictatorship upon what's left of the human race. Pike’s letter also details the specifics of the first two world wars – with chilling accuracy, for example: “World War I must be bought about in order to permit the Illuminati to overthrow the power of the Tsars in Russian and of making that country a fortress of atheistic communism.” “The second World War will be fought for two reasons: To establish the State of Israel, and to expand communist control over Europe.” “World War III must be fomented by taking advantage of the differences between the political Zionists and the leaders of the Islamic world.” As Albert Pike had predicted, Islam was the religion used to foment a crisis." Of this, Putin, a man with his finger on a powerful nuclear trigger, who increasingly has given himself despotic-level powers in this world to affect the destinies of democratic nations, has become a believer in anti-Zionist conspiracy theories, believing Jews and Israel are the enemy of the world. Perhaps even more disturbing than that, is how the feckless David Icke and Alex Jones dupes are being trained to believe that Putin is a good guy as a result, because he stands up against the "great evil" that Zionist America and Israel supposedly represents. In other words, exactly the same propaganda methods are being used to bring in World War III that were employed to bring in Satan's former Antichrist just before the onset of World War II. As such, here we are again, they are telling that it's all the Jews fault. Understand, reader, this is all, all of it, even with the rise of ISIS, is born out of Satan's larger spiritual War against God, and God's people, period. Nothing has changed since the moment Satan's Cain murdered Abel. He has planned only death and destruction for the Jews and will use every method at his global disposal to achieve that oldest goal. In this, Satan has created already, the perfect set-up for the Anti-Christian world to believe what's already false, even as the footsteps of his Antichrist man move ever closer toward Zion, toward Jerusalem, from where he can bring about a final and more complete genocide of the children of Abraham, this time, for such is the task of him and his coming Antichrist.

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Christ predicted that we will see an increase in hatred, globally, and tied into that, is terrorism. The Scripture in Matthew 24, where Christ outlines the signs that herald the end of the world, speaks to "Nation rising against nation, kingdom against kingdom," with the actual key Greek word being used there, originally, is ἔθνος, ους, τό ([Strong's 1484] ethnos), meaning, ideological ethnic groups shall rise against other ideological ethnic groups, perfectly befitting this rise of radical Islamic groups such as ISIS taking on the whole of Western civilization itself. Again, Satan is quite the strategist, knowing Europe will eventually respond to being pushed toward basic survival by returning to a hyper-nationalistic, militarized, united, ideological hegemony of its own, and one not seen since Germany became a fascist police state under the Nazi's. Remember, the British Royal Family are not British, as many believe. They are German, and held many direct connections to Hitler's regime before, during, and, ideologically long after World War II. Understand, therefore, in the very near future, the Jewish people will once again become placed under the sinister mind of one, himself a Nazi, who shall far surpass Hitler's own genocidal campaign against them. Let it therefore always stand, that I have not sat idle by while God's people are once again placing themselves in the crosshairs of those who seek their end. Interestingly, Germany itself is increasingly playing a strange role in all of this. They have been recently discovered to be plotting with EU leadership in forming what would have become a singly European Army that no doubt will become the foundation for a global police state ruled by one man, exactly as predicted. Notwithstanding, Daniel 11 better informs us that three distinct nations will not fall under the Antichrist's global away, despite his controlling the globe's entire economic system with the Mark of the Beast. I believe these three nations to be those very same nations which are proving themselves to be the greatest thorn in the side of the Masonic-controlled West today: Russia, China, and Iran (although Iran, very well might have been overtaken by its more Western-leaning youth in an internal coup, by that time, in the wake of their failed attack on Israel). At any rate, what the U.S Government and its controlling arm in London have created in its more recent wars is to purposefully draw, cull, even create a foundation from which Islamic radicalism could first breed, in order to root out its entire ideology, then set about to destroy it. This would answer some of those lingering questions as to why the United States has carried out such strange policy decisions over the decades, like, for instance, the reason why we went to war in Iraq, citing, Saddam having weapons of mass destruction which the Government knew full well that he didn't. With the event that occurred on September 11th, 2001 being the perfect catalyst, our Government wasted little time in directing its energies toward destroying radical Islam, with Afghanistan first, then causing radicalization to breed in Iraq, and in other areas of the Mideast and Africa, so that they can target those areas to eventually bring all under Western-styled democracy and peace, while causing Iran to ally with Russia. America's "global peace" thru perpetual war campaigns have served its imperialist masters in London well, removing most who were against "Western values," and will continue until the British Commonwealth that America was, is removed to allow London to effectively take its place, fulfilling a far more ancient plan toward establishing Great Britain as the overt head of a new and final European-centered world empire that is to become far more powerful than America ever was. Daniel prophesied exactly this, calling that last world empire 'the fourth [and last] dreaded kingdom that shall crush all others.'

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Judging Russia's own actions in the past, against Israel, and now, when you compound that with the fact they see Israel as causing global instability, and not to mention the fact, they wouldn't mind at all being able to tap into the Holy Land's rich resources, it then can be easily determined that the Russian government's stake in this upcoming attempted destruction of Israel, will be one of sheer financial gain, as well as some skewed vision of bringing peace to the region, at the cost of the Jewish Homeland, and of Jews themselves, of course. So the Russians will attach themselves to the Islamic invasion to 1) make absolutely sure it will succeed by arming and protecting the invasion itself and 2) Reap any gain via Israel's vast precious mineral and yet to be revealed oil deposits found just off their coast. I'd also suspect that much like Russia placed a key military base within Syria, they certainly would want to place a similar strategic base within what would be (the former Jewish State of Israel) as "New Palestine" on the Mediterranean coast. So, how has Obama himself prepared for such a scenario, knowing that it is U.S. policy to defend Israel, especially in an era when Iran is wanting to go nuclear, and now that Iran is being actively defended by Russia, not to mention the Palestinians raging across Israel? Another sure path to the Ezekiel prophecy being fulfilled could easily occur if Israel finally decides to strike at Iran's nuclear facilities, many of which are still being actively funded by Russia. As Russia has already warned in their media, any action coming against Iran or its nuclear sites will be met by a full retaliatory strike by Russia against that "hostile nation," which was a direct threat to both the United States and especially Israel, in no uncertain terms. So the stage is set, Ezekiel's prophecy will take place in our lifetime, which also means, therefore, that the Antichrist, who comes after these things, will also make his appearance in our lifetime, which, naturally also means, that Christ is returning, in our lifetime and in this generation. So it is with great interest that we focus on the relationship between Russia and Iran, with Syria, today. In the prophecy, God speaks of Russia as standing as "a guard" unto Iran, which is a very intriguing part of the prophecy, since that is exactly what Russia is doing, even to the point of threatening America (and Israel more subtly) against any potential attack on Iranian nuclear facilities (many of which were funded by Russia) would mean an act of war against Russia. Perhaps more interesting still, is that I believe Russia is amassing new gold reserves in direct preparation to drop the US Dollar and/or is readying itself for the Global Collapse they know is coming, in which they will become even more forward leaning in acting out thru aggression, in order to, quite simply, plunder the resources and goods of other nations for their own survival. As mentioned, the West, including Saudi Arabia and a blind-sided America, will desperately seek why Russia's answer as to why it is attacking Israel, alongside the Islamic confederation of Iran. A quick answer can be provided already. In 2015 Russia signed a binding military cooperation agreement with Iran that ensures Russia is to help Iran in any future military engagement, and vice versa. This same agreement also partially answers why Iran is militarily helping Russia in Syria.

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Obama Presidency Emboldened Putin to Go Offensive in Ukraine and Syria
This again proves that it is none other than the giant failures of the Obama presidency, that has made Israel not only unsafe, but has emboldened Russia, China, North Korea, Iran, and allowed the rise of ISIS in Libya [Read Article: Obama Admits He Had No Plan for Libya]. Because Obama was so admittingly inept at being a global leader, or at least, an American leader pursuing American interests, he has already set the stage for the Antichrist. Because of Obama, and now to a great extent, Trump also, the world is still seeking for that one man yet to stand up and take the reigns of world power, setting all wrongs to right, establishing justice in an era of increasing pain and darkness. Putin understands this all too well, which is why he tries so desperately to be that man, but as we know, he too will fall. When Hitler arose, the German people rallied under his lead, because before him, were nothing but a string of failed leaders who further pushed Germany into a globally weakened position. Moreover, as history will certainly prove, it was Obama's clear mishandling of Israel, in attempting to publicly shame and humiliate Israel's Prime Minister, that only added fuel to the increasing fire of Israel's many enemies who seek her destruction. In fact, Obama is doing all he can in arming, literally and metaphorically, those who will soon attack Israel and desire to murder every last Jewish man, woman, and child in Israel. Even further, Obama and his ignorant dealings with a nuclear-fueled Iran will only prove that his skewed vision for America's role in the world, and the West in general, which includes his overly guarded adversity to use America's full military might against its increasingly blood-thirsty enemies, could only meet with the kind of failure that actually creates the perfect conditions for a war, not avert it. From Benghazi to Iraq, Obama had blood on his hands. Most of us knew and understood, even then, that when he announced to our enemies the very day American troops would pull out of Iraq, something evil would invariably take over there. How could it not? The day he foolishly made that announcement, was the very same day ISIS was born. We know that history has only proven Winston Churchill right, against the more liberal appeasement policies of Chamberlain, and that Hitler, much like radical Islam today, was hell-bent on conquering the world, and will pay whatever price it takes to achieve that victory. Clearly, while President Obama was naïve, and even foolishly narcissistic, or as some believe, even purposefully dangerous enough to believe that Russia and Iran could ever be tamed by his 'kickback diplomacy,' that effectively rewarded Iran billions of dollars for being evil, at a time Benjamin Netanyahu will eventually be proven right, leaves America at a severe disadvantage against an increasingly angry God who has already stated that He will not only "send a fire upon Magog," but also against those who "dwell carelessly in the isles." ['Isles' meaning the Gentile nations, including America.] That said, how is Trump now doing his part in towing the Masonic party line to ensure Russia dominates the Middle East, while at the same time, ensuring that maximum anger is projected at Israel from not only the entire Arab world, but Russia itself?

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More than any other nation in the region, Iran knows how to play various Machiavellian roles in their sectarian 'good cop, bad cop' routine until ancient Babylon is theirs, and just in time for their supposed Islamic Messiah to arrive. In fact, they may see resurrecting their ancient Persian Empire to be absolutely necessary in order to finally receive their Allah-given Messiah of Terror. Thus, despite everything the media claims about Sunni and Shi'ite differences between Iran and ISIS, the connections are already there. Clearly, Iran wants Iraq, specifically Baghdad, in order to complete the Islamic Caliphate and resurrect Persia. Just as Russia attempted to do in Ukraine, by placing their own troops undercover as "Ukrainian Rebels" and mixed them into the Ukrainian population to stir "home grown dissention" against the government of Ukraine, so too is Iran placing its own well-funded, elite Republican Guard troops to play their deadly sectarian games, Iraq is theirs. However, there is one nation that stands in their way of a complete conquest and that is the modern State of Israel, which is precisely why Iran needs nuclear weapons and why the President of Iran is already threatening Israel, citing the Jews must be erased from the region and that their destruction will finally unite the world under a so-called eternal Islamic peace, before the arrival of their Islamic Messiah, the 12th Imam, who they believe will bring the entire world under Allah's bloody rule, their supreme God. Moreover, it is therefore certain that these "many bands with thee" also cited in Ezekiel, could be none other than all of Iran's many proxy armies in the region, including whatever becomes of Iraq's own Al-Qaeda splinter group of ISIS. Despite Russia's call to defeat ISIS, we must all remember one thing, both Russia and Iran will ultimately share a similar goal, and that is to destroy the Jewish nation of Israel. Thus, whether or not ISIS is either completely destroyed or is partially wounded, Russia will unite with those most radical elements of Islam, as well as all those nations listed in Ezekiel 38 to invade Israel on theirs and their own behalf. Russia seeks an empire, and will steal anything they can to achieve it. A recent report in November 2019 proves this by Russia's consistent actions in the artic circle, where they are amassing the rich resources of platinum and paladium, leaving no question of the final trajectory of their intent when it comes to mining rare earth resources to add to Putin's hopes toward dominating the global economy to gain further power and influence. Meanwhile, new rumors of war between Israel and Palestinians are again reaching a fever pitch, over Jewish settlements in the West Bank, as well as other specifics that are driving them to war, how could the Iranian-backed, Israel-hating, terror organization of Hezbollah's new ally in Russia *not* get involved against Western-backed Israel on the Golan border, especially since Russia's economy has been run into the ground, and Israel is ever-becoming an economic powerhouse that is rapidly dominating areas of science, cutting edge medicine, and technological advances of every sort?

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ISIS and Islamic Terror Ultimately Seeks to Destroy Israel
As a point of reference, and to better understand how we got here, with the birth of ISIS, one must go back at least two decades to understand the power struggle between the Mullahs' Iran, Saddam's Iraq, the United States, Britain, and Israel, and more precisely why George W. Bush went to war in Iraq after 9-11. In simple terms, Israel felt Iraq was a threat to their national security, and, in fact, Iraq was a direct threat. Most do not remember this, but Saddam launched an attack into Israel before, during the first Gulf War. I still remember sitting there, watching all of this on CNN in January 1991, when Benjamin Netanyahu was being interviewed as Scuds landed around him, and his saying that Israel would not tolerate it, and threatened getting involved in the war against Iraq. The U.S. however calmed Israel and defeated Iraq within weeks. Fast forward to the days just before 9-11, and Saddam's hatred of Israel became front and center again when he had started a financial compensation program that was going to pay $250,000 to each family of a dead Palestinian suicide bomber, thus, instigating a new and deadly wave of Palestinian suicide attacks against innocent Israeli's in the streets. Something had to be done. Israeli intelligence motivated Washington to war with Iraq, despite Iraq having nothing to do with the plane hijackings of 9-11. It was believed that the U.S. would easily defeat Iraq, again, and would then have Saddam killed. He was. They then believed that the remaining tribes across Iraq would war with each other, and bring Iran into a long bloody war, again. The plan was to cause a Machiavellian war where all sides would finally wipe each other out. Israel would have helped in their systematic demise at each step. Instead, ISIS was born, and Iran has been made even stronger. Now, Iran is on the precipice of a nuclear bomb, and Israel is forced to deal with that. It would be too easy to blame Israel in any of these more recent events. A wiser man would blame people such as the Iranian Mullahs and Saddam himself, and Yasser Arafat, before him, for hating Israel so much in the first place. Israel must and will get in front of such attempts against their own safety and security. We have already seen how short-sighted policy makers, and worse, appeasement deals with the Devil, places Israel's back against a wall where it is left no choice but to act. The Mossad's work is never done. Bringing this further up to date, the Mossad has also had to act against and destroy a Syrian nuclear reactor that was being helped in its construction by North Korean blueprints, and even its scientists. The destruction of that operational nuclear weapons site, however, has not deterred Bashar Al-Assad from taking a page out of Saddam's playbook, and not only killing his own people, to remain in power, but he, like Saddam, and Al-Assad's father before him, is still actively seeking for a way to strike against Israel.

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What's more dangerous today, is that Russia and Iran have now entered themselves directly into the Syrian conflict, on Israel's border. How easy it would be for these invaders fighting in Syria, which just happen to be the exact same armies listed in Ezekiel 38, to maneuver around the Golan Heights using Highway 92, and cross over the Israeli border. In looking closer at a three-dimensional relief map of the Golan Heights and matching that with the prophetic words of God in precisely where He will slay the Russian/Islamic invasion (read Ezekiel 39: 4, 5, and 11) something amazing and very telling appears. From the map, we can easily make out the exact route the invaders will take, from Syria, and where they shall be stopped by the Hand of God. Since no modern mechanized army can travel over such high, steep mountains as the Golan, they must therefore travel around its most northern mountain, and then onto Israel's Highway 92, in effect, they would then be perfectly set between "the east of the Sea [of Galilee]" and the "Mountains of Israel [Golan Heights]. " on the west. Ezekiel 39 plainly tells us exactly that, they will fall "on the east side of the sea" and "on the Mountains of Israel," on "an open field," which could only be the Golan Heights, and that sea could only then be, the Sea of Galilee. Thus, factoring in these three locations given us, God is obviously referring to Highway 92, which runs north to south in north-eastern Israel, near the Syrian border. In the Magog prophecy, God details how a land to the north that He calls "Magog" is led by "Gog, The Prince of Rosh" will lead the same aforementioned nations to battle with Israel, thus, Biblical scholars and prophecy watchers for decades have been waiting for such an alliance to be made between Russia and Iran, but it wasn't until Vladimir Putin came to power in the year 2000, and was quick to make his alliances with Libya, Iran, Syria and Turkey. Prophecy watchers, including myself, knew the initial stages of Ezekiel's prophecy were perfectly falling into place, despite those same prophecy watches almost always either getting the nations Ezekiel listed completely misinterpreted and wrong, or when and how the Magog Battle fits into the later Antichrist and his own Tribulation timeframe. While the world still marvels at Russia's sudden aggression against its neighbors in recent years, some of us always knew Russia would become an evil empire for the last days leading up to the Tribulation, because we believe Ezekiel.

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Of course, all of Iran's vast network of evil only plays right into the hands of their ultimate goal, to take Iraqi land and resurrect the Persian Empire, from whence they believe will see the arrival of their supposed Islamic Messiah, of whom will bring about their version of Armageddon and the destruction of Israel, followed by a global worship of Allah, a grandiose plan that could only serve Satan, and his own far more ancient plan of bringing his own Messiah to bear. For millennia, Iran has felt it has territorial rights in especially Shi'a-held central and southern Iraq, just as Iranian leadership seeks to become the sole superpower in the Mideast. Now that their enemy in Saddam Hussein has finally been executed, as well as America having left Iraq to their own, Iran now sees an opportunity that they must seize. In ancient times, Iran was part of a much larger global power in 539 BC, called the Persian Empire, with its conquering armies cutting through southern Iraq, all the way to the Mediterranean Sea, including Israel. The Islamic religious notions behind Levant would have them conquering Jerusalem and all of Israel, not to mention killing every last Jew, which obviously does play an important factor answering further why they come, with Russia, against God's true people. Ancient Persia's inclusion of the ancient city of Babylon itself was vital, then, and would be even more vitally strategic today, if Iran, like Russia, seeks to regain their former world empire based around the idea of bringing into the world their so-called Islamic Messiah, aforementioned. Every sign, word, and deed coming out of Tehran indicates their covert push into Iraq has behind it the Mullah's more secret aspirations of taking over the still forming Iraqi government completely, in order to create an Islamic Shi'a empire and/or Islamic Superstate from which they could more easily dominate the entire Middle East, including Israel, their ultimate goal. To Iran, Iraq is merely the first stepping stone in a plan that ultimately brings them back their once, renowned Persian Empire, something of which I have been reporting for over a decade now, is still their goal since the Mullahs took control. Parallel to this, Russia also seeks its once great Soviet empire, and Putin will stop at nothing to achieve that, as well. And so here we are, at this point in history, while America is waning in power and global respect, America's enemies are naturally filling the void.

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Turkey Will Increasingly Turn Islamic, Pro-Russian, and Against Israel
Notice also, there's a key NATO ally listed among those nations who fall in line behind Russia, to invade Israel. As I have also been reporting for years, Turkey, a nation that placates the West, but is entirely Islamic, and increasingly radical, shall eventually, at some key point in the coming years, begin to show its own evil hand, in siding with Iran, against Israel, and therefore, certainly against the West. So far, Turkey still allows the U.S. and NATO to use its bases across Turkey to conduct strategic airstrikes in the region, but I tell you, an event is coming that will see Turkey completely turn around, and in a single moment, announce its leaving the NATO pact, to strengthen its growing relationship with both Russia and Iran. Also siding behind Russia and Iran, as listed in Ezekiel 38, will be Libya and Sudan, and that is also coming. In order to understand this prophesied battle that is so obviously brewing against Israel on every side, it becomes no less equally important to understand the kind of post-world order in which the European Antichrist rises in. Ezekiel 38:1-7 gives ten names as participants in the invasion of Israel that will follow the re-gathering of the Jews to their homeland. A recent Chicago Tribune article makes the prophetic headline: Rapid Russia-Turkey Relationship Casts Shadow on America and European/NATO Security. Therefore, Turkey is walking a razor sharp fine line presently, while on the one hand, caving in to Vladimir Putin, and one the other hand, remaining a NATO member state, as well as desperately wanting to be included into the European Union. The old adage wanting your cake and eating it too, applies too perfectly here, however, as any geopolitical expert could tell you, Turkey's leadership has placed in front of them two distinct and opposite paths to guide the future of their standing in the world on. Those two paths directly in front of them are either to be on the side of Russia, or NATO/Europe, and there can no longer be any middle ground. Which path will current NATO member Turkey take? Perhaps that question could be answered with another. Who would benefit the most in having Turkey leave NATO, while at the same time, add greater power to the Islamic homogeny led by his ally Iran? The answer again is simple. Putin. Today, France and Turkey are positioning themselves over Libya, with Turkey blocking French aid from reaching the war-stricken people on the ground. That said, there could be no faster way that Turkey could be ousted from NATO completely, than for it to attack another NATO member such as France.

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Because of God's prophecy presented by Ezekiel 3,000 years ago, we already know that Turkey will side with Putin (Gog) and Russia (Magog), and in so doing, in that single moment they choose Russia, they will be expelled from both NATO, as well as having any credibility they've built with the European Union over the past decade, equally placed in ruin. Rest assured, God's prophecy regarding Turkey, and Russia, and Iran, as well as Israel, who is the most important nation in all this, will be fulfilled, and remember also, Israel will itself face a dual choice of epic proportions on the other side of this great battle coming. From the Scriptures, again, we already know that their choice will be automatic, in that because they've already rejected their true Messiah, who was sent by God, shall they choose a false Messiah, from Satan. It is that same choice they make, that then places Satan in direct contact with not only Zion, God's City on earth, but also gives Satan the foundation from which to finally fulfill his ancient 5 "I Wills" through King William V, against the future, rebuilt Jewish Temple in Jerusalem. Given that the Ezekiel prophecy is moving fast into becoming a dire reality, with each day that passes, we are also then nearer to the fulfillment of Revelation itself. Just coming across the wires as I write this, is a report that Turkish military troops are also fighting in Syria, on the side of the Russian-Iranian-Syrian alliance, and this, despite their being found to be buying oil from ISIS, as well as their killing the only truly effective troops fighting ISIS at the moment, the Kurds. So we know whose side they are already on. Radical Islamic groups such as the Islamic Renaissance Party, the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan, and Hizb ut-Tahrir al-Islam are working to reunite central Asian nations and ultimately the entire Muslim world. It is from this part of the world that a leader will arise to bring together a great coalition of nations to invade Israel. With leaders like Erdogan in Turkey and the Ayatollah in Iran, you almost get this ironic feeling that Putin is providing a buffer against any major war coming against Israel from either Iran or Turkey, and this may be because Netanyahu is often a guest in the Kremlin and meeting Putin frequently for high level talks. Of course, this present dynamic immediately changes once Putin becomes personally triggered by something Israel does that likely involves the Palestinians, to enflame not only Turkey and Iran, but Putin as well. Thus, once Putin thinks his 'evil thought,' as prophesied of him, then all bets are off and Russia will lead the invasion. This very likely means that these plans of an invasion into Israel must have been talked about already on some level in those past and present meetings between Russia, Turkey, and Iran. (See also The 2019 Convergence and 3-Nation Summit of Russia, Iran, and Turkey: Why Now?

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On the very day I'm writing this, comes a report that Russia will now be helping Sudan and Uzbekistan, in the same way they've made fast military allies with Iran. What is Russia's consistent bait toward these emerging Islamic police states? Nuclear power. Perhaps the reason Russia attacks Israel, a known nuclear power in its own right, is because at some point in the near future, Israel finally sends its air force to destroy Iran's (and also Sudan and Libya's?) Russian-funded nuclear facilities, thus infuriating Putin to the point of war. Not to mention, Russia has always felt it would at some point have to destabilize Western-backed Israel, so that Russia and her new Islamic allies can forever be free from any potential chance of a nuclear attack upon them, by Western-backed Israel. So might it be that Russia's future attempt to destroy Israel becomes a matter of pragmatic security on their part, as they see it? Of course, despite Putin and his latest assembly of Jew-hating allies, God Himself will intervene to completely turn the tables on the new Russian alliance. After all, for a still emerging super power like post-Soviet Russia to provide the yet emerging nation that is Sudan and Uzbekistan with nuclear power, both of which sit well within Israel's sphere of nuclear deterrence of what may pose a threat against them, means we are very close to seeing Jesus come for us like the 'Thief in the Night,' as He promised. The world left behind then must endure the Collapse brought upon it by a major global disaster that strikes the earth at the same time. Aside from Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu and his obvious knowledge of Ezekiel 38-39, will any of the other major leaders of our time hear the prophetic words of God? Obviously, they will not, to their own great peril, as well as the great peril of their people likewise left behind. The better question one could ask about this upcoming and inescapable Battle of Gog and Magog, is precisely what causes the Russians, and the nations aforementioned to go on such a unified attack against Israel in the first place. Perhaps even better asked, what will the Palestinians do to stir up such an impending battle over the Temple Mount, that causes Putin's eyes to look just over the Syrian border, toward Israel? For many decades now, I've been writing of this, that Palestinian clashes will reach an increasing critical level, spilling out from the West Bank and Gaza, as Palestinians (and Turks) will take their fight in terrorist attacks across Israel, and specifically, the Temple Mount. A "Third Intifada" would finally give rise to a "Palestinian Spring" and will spiral downward enough to the point that Russia, who already sees itself as a regional player, now, will feel absolutely compelled to involve itself, because Hezbollah and Iran will certainly involve itself. Remember, the Scriptures tell us that Russia will act as a guard unto Persia. With Russian and Iranian forces now only a few miles away from Israel's northern border, how could Putin (Gog's King) resist the destiny prophesied for him by God so long ago? Putin shall yet think his "evil thought." Has Russia shown disdain toward Israel before? Yes, increasingly so since the mid-1950's, but it wasn't until June 1967 when Russia told Washington, and then President Johnson, that Israel must stop its aggression against those Arab nations already proven hostile to Israel, or they would enter the war on the Arab's side, and against Israel. This threat never came to term, however, since Israel defeated all the Arab nations against it, in six days flat, and a cease-fire was declared among all involved. That was then, today we have a much more complex series of events that have transpired since the first American Gulf War, in 1991.

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Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has recently revealed in a September 25th 2012 Charlie Rose interview that "the Palestinian issue" is at the very heart behind global terrorism and civil unrest, which as proven before by those who hold this view, shows a clear bias and even internal hatred against Israel, seeing it as the great evil behind all other evils in the world, a view that Adolf Hitler and his Nazi's also held. Thus, might it be a coming Palestinian uprising, or touted Palestinian "Arab Spring" that places Israel in a tough position of having to crush the dissent, something Russia and Iran will certainly want to involve themselves with. I predicted years ago this would be the exact scenario and pretext that then forces Iran and Russia to stand against Israel, while making themselves appear to be the defenders of an oppressed, "occupied" Palestinian people. Despite the seemingly endless military resources at Russia's disposal, given their invasion of Ukraine, their ongoing attempt to control the Arctic circle, their new and deadlier offensive weapons, the Russian economy overall seems to be enjoying another important boost in their stockpiling massive amounts of gold reserves in what they perceive is the inevitable event of a coming US financial collapse, that they no doubt will assist in. (See also One Region Alone in Russia Mines $1.9 BILLION Worth of Gold in Less Than a Year.) While America is producing more oil than ever before, Russia claims it will have overtaken the United States by the year 2050, citing the EIA calculations show that the output will steadily grow, reaching 12.5 million bpd in 2040 and adding another 500,000 bpd to reach 13 million bpd in the next decade. While Ottawa is projected to enjoy the most significant growth of 126 percent thanks to oil sands development, it will be far behind Russia and the US, which will be fighting for the leadership beyond the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC). Washington can boost crude oil and lease-condensate production from 11 million bpd in 2018 to around 14 million bpd from 2025 to 2040 due to the growth of hydraulic fracturing in the US southwest. However, the output will cool in less than a decade, falling to the 12.2 million bpd by 2050 (the levels of 2019-2020), as development moves into less productive areas and well productivity declines, according to the EIA report. Meanwhile, Israeli GDP growth has risen from 2.5% to 3.2% in 2015, and leveled off at 3% in 2016, not to mention Israel is rich in natural resources, and fast become the number one technologically advanced manufacturer in the world, in science, medicine, and all things related to science and computers. Israel might seem like an easy target for Russia to plunder, at that time, but again, first must come the conditions by which Israel is beset on all sides with the sudden and unannounced onslaught. The Ezekiel prophecy seems to indicate this, saying that Russia will know and see that Israel exists at a time of relative peace, when the evil thought that overtakes Russia's leader, compels him to invade, not for religious purposes, like its Arab and Persian allies, but for the robbing of Israel's technological, commercial, industrial, as well as newly discovered natural gas and oil reserves. Obviously, Russia seeks to become a superpower and Putin wants to be seen as finally bringing world peace, but his fated entangling Russia against Israel will only meet with the kind of failure that will be so epic in scope, God took the time to make special mention of it 3,000 years ago. The next time the Russians dare go on the offensive against Israel, ironically, is under the reign of the Antichrist in Jerusalem at the battle of Armageddon. A millennium after that, Revelation tells us that Satan himself shall rouse the eastern nations, including Magog, to march against Jerusalem once again, at the time of Christ's Millennial reign on earth. After which, Satan is finally put down and the nations enter their final judgement.

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America Downgraded or Removed Even Before The Global Collapse
The question then becomes, exactly what form would that inevitable American demise take, which then renders Israel so vulnerable for a major invasion by its surrounding enemies, and later, leaves her vulnerable to Satan's most powerful secret weapon against her, the Antichrist himself? We already know America will be prevented from rising to Israel's defense, leaving God Himself to have to protect her, but what happened to America? Currently, America is building up forces in the Mideast to counter a purported Iranian attack plan against American interests in the region, namely, Israel. So what is to happen that somehow negates an American build-up in the region heading into 2020? Will American be hit by a sudden and supposed "Global Warming event" that renders it unable to carry out any sustainable attacks against Iran, or anyone else half a world away? Might an asteroid or comet strike in the Atlantic and release enough energy to destroy the entire eastern seaboard of the United States? Would such an event also set off earthquakes and that effectively turn America into a third world nation overnight? Might Russia or China, North Korea, or Iran take advantage of such an internal American crisis and/or hack America's power grid, satellite and defense systems that would render America blind to any follow up attack? Similarly, might the inevitable "grid down" scenario occur as the result of an internal natural disaster, earthquakes, strife, mass rioting, lootings, and/or a racial civil war? Since a mounting debt default and stock market crash also looms on America's horizon, that was only hastened by the Coronavirus pandemic, become the main catalyst toward leaving Israel purposefully undefended by the West? Might a solar flare/Sun storm suddenly unleash to strike the planet to take down global power grids and military satellites, thus allowing Russia to strike against Israel with seeming impunity? 2019 is already proving to be a remarkable year of Solar storm output and sunspot activity that is already negatively impacting electronics here on earth (See also Major Magnetic Storm May Displace Satellites from Orbit & Hamper GPS). That said, might the Sun itself play a pivotal role in knocking out military and recon satellites to effectively cause a global-wide EMP of its own, enough to render America blind to Russia's attack upon Israel? Or, might Israel's lack of protection coming from America be the result of a President who grows increasingly isolationist, having come under the influences of both foreign governments such as Russia, as well as an even more sinister, internal Masonic control whose only allegiance is toward Satan's Antichrist? Time will tell why America cannot or will not respond to Russia's murderous aggression against our Mideast ally. However, given that both Russia and China are quickly attempting to produce Western satellite-jamming devices of their own, and the fact they are both united in preparing for a world where the United States and its economy no longer exist, I believe it isn't that difficult to determine what they have ultimately planned for the future, a world where the East, not the West, rules the world. Ironically, it will be the Antichrist, and later, Christ Himself, who ends their greatest desires of an Eastern-led, global hegemony.

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Christ did explicitly warn us to look for strange signs in the Sun, Moon, and stars, and we have been having several rare occurrences in the moon, of late. For one example, in November 2016, just days after Donald Trump won the Presidency, the earth witnessed the brightest Supermoon since 1948, which is, ironically, the very same year that Israel was restored to nationhood after its destruction, 2,000 years ago. Something prophetic and pivotal is certainly looming on our horizon. Of course, any of the above scenarios mentioned, especially if combined in any way, could then lead to a global stock market crash, food shortages, not to mention, a level of lawless chaos not seen before in the world since the advent of the European Dark Ages, and before. We need to also be aware of those same forces at work in the world today, that welcome just such a post-American dark world, one that leaves Israel dependent never again on America, but Europe. In fact, the same Masonic forces that once helped drive America to its unique position atop of the world as its most powerful, will also be the same force that assures its downfall, first spiritually, before economically and militarily. Their end-game has never changed. A "revived Roman empire" in the guise of a United States of Europe must ascend from the coming world ashes to be seated as the most powerful than any single nation before it, with the Masonic-controlled United Kingdom, the nation most like the former Masonic United States, ironically, as its driving force toward the last great world super power. The British Empire shall return in a major way, just as its Masonic-controlled Monarchy and later, Cainite King, is given all power over the amassed wealth by which Satan's men on earth have been collecting for centuries to ensure that the Great Work is taken to its final stage. To them, the fall of the former 'Christian empire' that the United States once was, means that their Antichrist can now arrive, to fill the void that America once held since World War I. One thing is certain, God foretells the reaction of Saudi Arabia and the West (Biblically called the "Young Lions") who sit idle as a never seen before confederation of Israel's enemies amass on every side, with a determined Russia leading the attempted invasion.

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This "fire upon Magog" is interesting when you consider we've just witnessed its foreboding archetype or omen in the form of a massive fireball coming down from the heavens and tearing through earth's atmosphere before exploding in a dramatic way above the Russian skies in early 2013. The event was videotaped and played for the whole world to see, with the hundreds it wounded being truly frightened and shaken to their core. God did tell us that he would give us strange signs in the skies of impending events before they happened. With this, I believe God has already forewarned Russia, in a dramatic way, but, because Putin and his government consider not that a living God is watching them, the warning will have no effect on them. Interestingly, there have been seven Blood Moon Tetrads since Jesus Christ, and every time it has been proven that there was a significant event which impacted the Jewish people within the same month, day, or year of the first or last eclipse of those Tetrads. Between 2014 and 2015 will come yet another Apocalyptic omen from above, in the form of a Tetrad now known as the "Four Blood Moons," the final event of which is to occur on September 28th, 2015, when the eclipsed moon will shine unusually bright (in what is referred to as a "super moon") before seemingly disappearing, and then returning from its dark shadow as red as blood. Already called the Super Blood Moon Eclipse, its shadow shall fall upon Israel, Europe, and even the entire United States. It will be result from the Sun, Earth and an extra bright Moon lining up for just over an hour, on the Jewish Holy Day of Sukkot, 5:11 AM Israel time. The Moon will be at its closest orbital point to Earth, called the perigee, while also in its brightest phase, meaning the resulting "Super Moon" will look 30 percent brighter and 14 percent larger, while also appearing as the "moon turned to blood" from Scripture. What do these signs in the heavens mean? They are a wake up call from God. For Christians, it is an omen of their coming Rapture. For Israel, it is an omen of much more dire things to come. The omens that God has placed in the heavens, which began on April 15th 2014 and ends on September 28th 2015, are very much still a warning to us all as it relates to Israel, Israel's enemies, and the impending Ezekiel 38 war that must come. Amazingly, the Russian buildup of aid, military advisors, weapon systems, and now Russian troops, special forces, and airpower into Syria did not recently begin a few weeks ago, as many think. What has now become a deluge of Russian armed forces and aid pouring into Syria, actually began on the very same day of the tetrad's first ominous eclipse on April 15th, 2014.

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Thus saith the Lord God concerning Edom [RUSSIA]: We have heard a rumour from the Lord, and an ambassador is sent among the heathen, Arise ye, and let us rise up against her in battle. The pride of thine heart hath deceived thee, thou that dwellest in the clefts of the rock, whose habitation is high; that saith in his heart, Who shall bring me down to the ground? Though thou exalt thyself as the eagle [U.S.], and though thou set thy nest among the stars, thence will I bring thee down, saith the Lord. How are the things of Esau searched out! How are his hidden things sought up! All the men of thy confederacy have brought thee even to the border [of Syria/Israel]: the men that were at peace with thee have deceived thee, and prevailed against thee; they that eat thy bread have laid a wound under thee: there is none understanding in him [PUTIN]. Shall I not in that day, saith the Lord, even destroy the wise men out of Edom, and understanding out of the mount of Esau? And thy mighty men, O Teman, shall be dismayed, to the end that every one of the mount of Esau may be cut off by slaughter. For thy violence against thy brother Jacob [ISRAEL] shame shall cover thee, and thou shalt be cut off for ever.

[From the Babylonian captivity unto Stalin's Russia...] In the day that thou stoodest on the other side, in the day that the strangers carried away captive his forces, and foreigners entered into his gates, and cast lots upon Jerusalem, even thou wast as one of them. But thou shouldest have not rejoiced over the children of Judah in the day of their destruction; neither shouldest thou have spoken proudly in the day of distress. Thou shouldest not have entered into the gate of my people in the day of their calamity; yea, thou shouldest not have looked on their affliction in the day of their calamity, nor have laid hands on their substance in the day of their calamity; Neither shouldest thou have stood in the crossway, to cut off those of his that did escape; neither shouldest thou have delivered up those of his that did remain in the day of distress. For the day of the Lord is near upon all the heathen: as thou hast done, it shall be done unto thee. Thy reward shall return upon thine own head. But upon mount Zion shall be deliverance, and there shall be Holiness; and the House of Jacob/Israel shall possess their possessions.

Obadiah 1:1-17; The Holy Bible

Keep not thou silence, O God. For, lo, thine enemies make a tumult and they that hate thee have lifted up their head. They have taken crafty counsel against thy people [Jews]. They have said, Come, let us cut them off from being a nation, that the name of Israel may be no more in remembrance. For they have consulted together with one consent. They are confederate against thee. The tabernacles of Edom [RUSSIA], and the Ishmaelites [ARABS] of Moab, and the Hagarenes; Gebal, and Ammon [IRAN], and Amalek; the Philistines {PALESTINIANS] with the inhabitants of Tyre; Assur also is joined with them. O my God, make them as the stubble before the wind. As the fire burneth a wood, and as the flame setteth the mountains on fire. So persecute them with thy tempest, and make them afraid with thy storm. Fill their faces with shame, that they may seek thy name, O Lord. Let them be confounded and troubled forever. Let them be put to shame, and perish, that men may know that thou, whose name alone is Jehovah (I AM that I AM) art the Most High over all the earth.

Psalm 83; The Holy Bible

God Warned Mankind Far in Advance of the Antichrist's Rise to Power
We've already discussed how God peered 3,000 years into Israel's future to see the Edomite nation, Russia, rising up against her, and this is because God lives outside of human time, meaning, the I AM that I AM (Father, Son, and their shared Spirit) transcend time and space itself, to live within the boundless parameter of a never-ending realm of infinity, of which itself, is His. In other words, if you were to make a timeline whose origin begins at the Big Bang, and ends at the destruction of space and time itself, Gods line would far extend beyond both, and is thus likened to a never-ending circle, where there can be no beginning, nor end. Praise God! Perhaps more amazing than God peering down through the centuries from Ezekiel's time, to reveal precisely what nations will soon war against Israel, in our time, are those nations that more interestingly won't come against Israel at that time. That is to say, at the time the Book of Ezekiel was written, ancient Egypt was a major enemy of Israel, and to some extent, so was the area of modern Jordan. In fact, they remained staunch enemies of Israel far into the 20th century. However, these two nations are both notably absent from those modern nations who attack Israel as per Ezekiel's vision. Why? How could an ancient prophecy centered around Israel talk about a future battle, with many Islamic and nearby nations involved, and not have that same battle include Egypt, or Jordan, or Saudi Arabia, for that matter? I'm sure many who've read Ezekiel over the centuries, before 1979, have wondered the same. Egypt and Jordan are both Islamic states, housing radical and moderate Islamic populations, as well as an increasing anti-Israeli sentiment, and even share the two largest east/west borders, meaning they could easily take part in any invasion into Israel with their Islamic allies, and yet they are not listed among the nations who attack Israel in the latter days. A look at any map reveals something else, equally amazing. The two nations that surround Egypt, being Libya and Sudan (who themselves are listed among that future invading force into Israel) are two nations that also share a border with each other. Because of this, and as a result, look for a time coming when strong ISIS recruitment shall flow back and forth between that Libyan and Sudanese border, perhaps even to the point of a Syrian-like war, with ISIS in Libya attempting to take over Sudan completely. It would make sense. Clearly, only God Himself could be the author of the prophetic Scripture given to Ezekiel. For only an omnipotent, all-seeing God could peer 3,000 years from Ezekiel's day, into the future and correctly describe the coming battle. Certainly what comes out on the other side of this War of Gog and Magog, is more than just Russia and Iran having their military destroyed by the hand of God Himself. What Israel shall come to understand is that they have a God who has literally moved heaven and earth for them, and thus favors them from among all the nations on the earth, for they more than anyone will finally see clearly that only God could have been behind the supernatural miracle of what should have been their own utter destruction, instead fall upon all their wicked enemies instead. Then they will come to understand it wasn't just their renowned IDF since 1948 who has defended Israel, but the ancient God of their forefathers who has saved them time and again throughout Israel's many wars ever since.

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The ultra-religious in Israel would then show the secular Israelis the prophecy of Ezekiel 38-39, and the entire nation will instantly believe and worship their God from that day and forward, exactly as predicted. In fact, the coming complete destruction of ISIS, including its Islamic ideology will forever stand as a clear proof and testament to the entire Islamic world that their false god Allah does not exist, but the God of Israel certainly exists. Thus, the Creators of the Universe, God and His Son (the I AM that I AM from the Old Testament Jewish Bible) and their shared, unifying Spirit, are very much in control. Despite this fact, today's Jews in Israel will only give God, or their singular view of God, all the credit upon that day of their literal salvation from every army that was lined up to destroy them. Jesus will not even enter into their minds, yet. This is precisely why God's next installment of end-time, allows Israel to then choose Satan as their Messiah, and they will choose him. Only then, will Israel finally see Christ, on the day He literally comes down to save them from Satan's near complete extermination for the Jewish people, again, his ancient goal from the beginning. Since Cain murdered Seth, and down thru history, with every captivity of ancient Israel, by Egyptians, Babylonians, Assyrians, Greeks, and Romans, leading right up until Jews were being gassed and shoveled into heaps of dry bones, by German Nazi's, and more recently, every Arabic war modern Israel has had to endure, from 1948 right up until the moment when Russia and Islam attempts to bring about a sure death to the Jews, has Satan been working behind it all. Even so, out of every most assured destruction, has God saved His people, time and time again. And so this is what God does. He is taking us all, but especially His Chosen People, step by step through the long process of time. No matter how dangerous these coming war clouds appear to linger on Israel's darkening horizon, Israel shall certainly survive it all, ultimately, because it has a later destiny to fulfill regarding their acceptance of the false Messiah, and, as a result, their later acceptance of God's Son as their only true Messiah. God made a unique promise to Israel long ago (foreseeing that Israel would reject Christ at His first advent) that once their punishment of being scattered into their enemies' lands was complete (from 70 AD to 1948), then God would place the Jews (called "Jews" but are actually a people comprised of the whole House of ancient Israel and all its tribes) back into their ancient homeland, from which, they shall never be completely uprooted again.

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However, because Jews will still not accept God's Son, they will endure the coming Tribulation of Antichrist, where Satan is allowed to uproot those who will not convert to Christ. The Scriptures in Zechariah Chapter 12, 14 and Revelation Chapter 12 prove that many unbelieving Jews in future Israel will be scattered, having been captured by the Antichrist's forces, and led by force into enemy lands. Despite modern Jews having their saying "Never Again," the worst of the nightmares left over from Nazi concentration camps shall once again be implemented, this time not by the Satanic Occultist that was Hitler, but by Satan in the flesh. Despite even this, shall Satan not be able to complete his genocide and complete extermination of the Jewish people. Because God has sent His Two Witnesses to preach to Israel for the first half of Antichrist's reign, that many Jews shall learn the truth and convert to Christianity. As a result, these Jewish Messianic Christians will be supernaturally protected "from the face of the Serpent" as prophesied in Revelation 12:14. As prophesied in Revelation 11:7, and Daniel the Antichrist shall kill the Two Witnesses and immediately enter the rebuilt Temple and its Holy of Holies to set up his throne therein. The Antichrist claims to be God in the flesh, as prophesied by Daniel and Christ. As prophesied by Isaiah, this single act of Antichrist entering the Temple and claiming to be God, completes the circle, and finally fulfills Lucifer's ancient 5 "I Wills," where he announced that he would conquer the Mount of the Congregation, at the sides of the North, and having exalted his throne, above the stars of God, that he shall be like God. Understand, that in the First Earth Age, the poles were as such that Zion/Israel, where Heaven literally met earth, was situated atop the world, at its highest point. From it, seated on its highest apex, upon a Heavenly Throne within a Heavenly Temple, was God, Father and Son. At the base of this Mount of the congregation, were God's servants, the Angels, chief among being Lucifer, the first created Angel of God. Such a vision, of a memory since long forgotten, has given rise to many similar accounts, in the form of cultural myths, depicting a World Mountain atop of the most ancient world, from which a Rex Mundi (King of the World) ruled and reigned, the best known of which became the Greek's Zeus reigning from Mount Olympus. Thus, the earthly Temples in Jerusalem, of which there have been two previous, and one to come, are only but a reflection of God's Heavenly Temple, positioned directly over the skies of Jerusalem, where Christ is seated at the right hand of His Father, in the Heavenly Holy of Holies. This is why Satan desires Zion so, he believes he should have his place within the Godhood (taking it from Triune to a Quartet) because he was the first of God's created beings, and witnessed the creation of all those many who came after him.

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The prophets Daniel and Isaiah both expose Lucifer's ultimate goal, summed up in his 5 "I Wills," is all about conquering Israel, taking over its Temple, and enthroning himself in its most Holy room, where God was known to have His spiritual seat on earth, and where Christ, after Armageddon, shall yet be crowned as King of the Jews and over the whole House of Israel, and sit on a Throne within that Temple for the next 1,000 years. Because thru their sins, man has allowed Satan to become the King of the their world, is precisely why Satan, as its King, still needs a human agent to possess to ultimately carry it out, making Satan/Lucifer's 5 ancient "I Wills" prophecy thru his human King Will-I-AM the Fifth, so intriguing, and nearly fulfilled. Their own 42-month mission complete, God will resurrect the dead Two Witnesses after three days, in the sight of all, causing them to stand back upon their feet and ascend back up into Heaven. From there, shall God pour out His wrath upon the world, and the Seat of the Beast, and for the next 1,290 days, shall the earth see every manner of plague and supernatural destructions at the hands of God's Warrior Angels, at the end of which, shall Antichrist hear bad tidings coming out of the north and east (Russia and China) as they finally make their move against him, and so shall Satan cause all the armies of the world to attempt to destroy him, at Armageddon. On that fateful day, the Day of the Lord, when all are gathered upon the plains of Megiddo, shall the Father send His only Begotten Son, the former suffering Servant, as Israel's conquering King, and so shall Jesus do battle with Satan, His Antichrist and False Prophet, and defeat them in a glorious Apocalypse. Praise be to our Lord and God, the I AM that I AM, Father and Son, with their shared Spirit that unifies the Three as One. Knowing how this upcoming battle with Russia and Israel is literally what paves the way for the Antichrist, it should therefore implore Russia to make themselves keenly aware, even today, of what to expect, even as Putin is forcing his nation right into the unyielding hands of a still very jealous, righteous, vengeful, ancient living God of Israel. Likewise, the radical followers of Islam and their Allah, as prophesied, will only cave in the presence of the true and living God who will destroy their forces, as well. Therefore, out of great strife upon the earth, on a global scale, does God reveal His greater miracles of eternal love and salvation to us all. In fact, because of God's great love, and Christ's own sacrifice, death itself can no longer harm us, but only bring us right in the bosom of He who created us. In this, we should all rejoice, and be exceedingly glad, for God's Word is coming to pass. For out of this upcoming battle with Russia, there will come another grand miracle of God's greater devising, the great Aliyah (or ingathering) of the global Jewish population, to Israel, where they shall all worship the God of their fathers, and be one step closer to worshipping Christ.

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Yea, it is coming, and it will surely happen, declares the Lord GOD. This is the day of which I have spoken. Then those who dwell in the cities of Israel will go out and burn the enemy weapons, both the bucklers and shields, the bows and arrows, the clubs and spears. For seven years they will use them for fuel, so that they will not have to gather wood from the countryside or cut it from the forests, for they will use their enemies' weapons for fuel. They will loot those who tried to loot them and plunder those who attempted to plunder them, declares the Lord GOD.

Ezekiel 39:8-10; The Holy Bible

Interestingly, Jews have been more recently speaking about this very miracle, arising from the Magog battle, as being the one that is the precursor to meet the Messiah. This is again certain confirmation that after this Battle of Gog and Magog, Israel shall enlarge its borders to take in a great influx of Jews returning to their ancient homeland, and upon building that Third Temple from which Satan desires so much to be enthroned in, shall they begin to cry out for a Messiah King to come and lead them. By the time we read into Ezekiel 39, we see also the aftermath of how God is going to deal with the millions of corpses of those dead invaders, by giving them over to the beasts of the field, to be devoured. The Bible goes on to inform us that Jews from nearby cities (which include Tiberias and Nazareth, ironically enough) shall be continually employed there, near Highway 92, which shall then be called "The Valley of Ha-magog," where certain Jews shall be employed to bury their bones, where they fell, there north-eastern Israel. This would no doubt spell disaster among the ranks of such terrorist groups as Al-Qaeda, Hezbollah, and Islamic Jihad, who comprise of the "bands that are with Gog, and the many people with thee." who align themselves with Russia and, moreover, Iran, against Israel. Certainly, therefore, as I prove, after this great one-sided battle, shall Israel, and indeed, Islam itself, change radically as a direct result of witnessing the God of Israel's awesome power. Indeed, God in those days will be known "among the heathen," as the Scripture cites, and, as a result, a day is soon coming when no longer will Muslims speak of Allah, but they shall know the God of Israel to be the Great יהוה (I AM). Even so, this will be a day of great celebration within Israel, as the Jews begin to understand that God is with them, against all others who seek her demise, just as in the day of King David, and so shall they then seek after a "Davidic King" to lead them from that day forward, for the rest of prophecy, including that which is written in Zechariah Chapters 11-12, Daniel 11-12, as well as all of Revelation, must likewise be fulfilled. Going back in time, seeing how prophecy was already fulfilled to the letter, one must take careful consideration of Ezekiel 39:26, citing: 'After that they (the Jews) have borne their shame [70 AD unto 1945], they shall dwell safely in their land again, and none shall make them afraid,' meaning God was already fighting their cause before, with the implication being, ever since they have been reborn, in 1948, it has only been God who has saw them thru the decades, leading right up until today, and tomorrow as well. Reader, understand, Israel is absolute proof God is on the Throne, the Bible is His Word, and His Word always comes to pass.

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An Israeli-Palestinian peace deal may come out of Trump's tenure, but regardless of any short-lived treaty created today, I ultimately believe that the Palestinians will incite another Intifada (uprising) that will be portrayed in the media as a "Palestinian Spring." Immediately following this, much of the ignorant world, as well as certain ultra-liberal celebrities (already involved in the Occult entertainment industry) as well as much of today's social media and its Millennial generation will, in their vast ignorance, rally behind the so-called "Palestinian cause," complete with hip-sounding '#hashtags' that only work to further incite hate and violence against Israel. Putin and Iran, who have already voiced their opinion that the Palestinians need to rise up against Israel, will then publicly support and aid the Palestinian Intifada. Remember, because of the war in Syria, both Russia and Iranian forces are already just a few miles away from Israel's north-eastern border, within easy striking and/or invasion distance. Israel will at some point attack Iran's nuclear facilities. Such an action infuriates Iran, and its ally Russia who funded those same nuclear facilities, and out of this, shall Putin "think his evil thought." At that point, just when Israel becomes seemingly overwhelmed by the vast numbers of forces aligned against her, with no other to help, will the God of their ancient fathers stand up once more to save them in a miraculous destruction of the Russian and Persian armies immediately after they cross over from Syria, into the mountainous borders of the Golan Heights. Such an event will have not been seen since the day when Pharaoh believed he had Israel backed up against the Sea, with no where for them to turn, even as the waters began to part allowing for their passing over. So shall every Jew, and even every gentile witness God's Hand against Israel's current enemies. Whether this happens in 2017 or not, it will happen. Ezekiel chapters 38-39 proves it. It doesn't matter what the Palestinian Authority or its increasingly global allies attempt to do today. In the smoky aftermath of their destruction, shall a Third Jewish Temple be built over the ruins of where the Done of the Rock and Al-Aqsa Mosque stand today. After these miracles, Israel will become a nationally religious nation once more, and begin to cry out for a Messiah to lead them. It doesn't matter what anyone today thinks of this, it's going to happen and in a very dramatic way. Some today believe that Netanyahu is taking Israel into an abyss, but I tell you, Netanyahu is taking Israel toward her final destiny in fulfilling Ezekiel 38-39, and as such, he is unknowingly bringing his people closer to their prophesied meeting again with their Messiah, Jesus Christ.

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Israel is presently poised on the precipice of a great modern miracle. Once Islam falls under the weight of its own terror, rampant genocides, and dark god, this current clash of civilizations shall produce a clear and decided victor, Israel, the land of God's eternal promise and hope for all of mankind. Ezekiel 38:19-20 tells us that "There shall be a great shaking in the Land of Israel, and [in] Jerusalem...every wall shall fall to the ground..." when the God who created this world shall make Himself known, to all. Whether this event occurs before the Magog War, is the reason for the Magog War, or happens during/after the Magog War, as I believe, it is certain that Islam's "third holiest site," the Dome of the Rock and its nearby Al-Aqsa Mosque, will be destroyed, allowing for the Third Temple to be built upon the ancient Jewish Temple Mount by which Jews at that time will return to the Old Testament animal sacrifices and other oblations to God, just as their ancient forefathers once did in order to 'receive Salvation' and Godly favor. However, because Israel has still not been able to determine who Christ was in regards to their own Messiah, shall Satan provide them one in that new world coming. As such, shall Satan take full advantage of an Israel desperately seeking a Messiah who isn't Jesus Christ. It just so happens that Satan has one man for both needs, and thus, in that post-American, Euro-centric world coming, shall Europe unite with Israel, as the last bastion of Western ideal the world has left, not in democracy, however, but Monarchy. The Bible predicted exactly this, in Daniel, that Europe shall become, once again, a unified global power by which other nations will submit. As a result, the Antichrist easily ascends to global status, and power, because he ascends to become the leader of this coming Revived Roman Empire, and later, as a Messiah for Israel. And so it is, because of Islamic terrorism, that we are already witnessing Europe starting to band together, realizing it must do so not just philosophically, as that does nothing to aid their survival, but militarily, their only other option. While common Europeans are blind to see where all this is going, the Satanic Masonic overlords have always been driving Europe toward its destiny of a future global empire, and Emperor, that will ultimately stand against God's people in Israel.

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Remember, the Antichrist will also arrive during a time of post-collapse reconstruction (years after the Battle of Magog), and be seen by the Western world as its literal savior, saving the entirety of Western civilization itself, even as he rebuilds Europe upon entirely new lines, ideological precepts, and laws for the future, albeit based on all of the former glory that was Rome at its height. So what we have here is just as Israel is patterning itself after the Israel of their ancient forefathers, so shall the Europeans begin to build an empire in the glory that was Rome, at its height. As such, the geo-political history that existed at the time of Christ, shall once again play itself out during the time of Antichrist. Further bringing Europe and Israel together at that time will be the many Satanic miracles displayed for the world to see and marvel at, even as there is to be a uniting of post-Christian Europe, with a New Age of Judaism that shall carry Antichrist thru his 7 years, enough for his False Prophet to create an entirely new global religion that mixes older pagan and Western Occult concepts with a heavily New Age-influenced Kabalistic and Talmudic Judaism, and the Satanic-deceived world will welcome it, even as it will completely believe in the supernatural by that time, ironically, beginning on the same day it witnessed how God supernaturally defended Israel at the Battle of Gog and Magog. That is all yet for the future. However, the very fact we are today seeing the events in Israel, as nations side against Israel in support for the "Palestinian Cause" should tell you the time is indeed very short. Israel potentially annexing the West Bank away from the Palestinians in 2020 will certainly bring widespread global condemnation upon Israel, if enacted. Once the Rapture occurs and Israel is invaded by Russia, Iran, Libya, and Turkey, everything changes after that, and the collapsed world is then going to be under Satan's complete control until his Antichrist is finally defeated several years later by the return of Christ Himself, to Israel. Each day now is one closer to that glorious Day of our Lord despite the increasingly tumultuous events on the ground.

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And the heathen shall know that the House of Israel [the Jews] went into captivity for their iniquity because they trespassed against me, therefore hid I my face from them, and gave them into the hand of their enemies [World Wae II]. So fell they all by the sword according to their uncleanness and according to their transgressions have I done unto them, and hid my face from them. Therefore thus saith the Lord God, Now will I again have mercy upon the whole House of Israel, and will be jealous for my Holy Name after that they [the Jews] have borne their shame, and all their trespasses whereby they have trespassed against me, when they dwell safely in their own land [Israel], and none made them afraid. When I have gathered them out of their enemies lands, and am sanctified in them in the sight of many nations, then shall they know that I AM the Lord their God, which caused them to be led into captivity among the heathen. But I have gathered them unto their own land [State of Israel], and have left none there, neither will I hide my face any more from them, for I've poured out my Holy Spirit upon Israel.

Ezekiel Chapter 39:22-29; The Holy Bible

Thus saith the Lord God; When I shall have gathered the House of Israel [the Jews] from the people [Europe and Russia] among whom they were scattered, and shall be sanctified in them and in the sight of the heathen. Then shall they dwell in their own Land [Israel] that I have given them. And they shall dwell safely therein, and shall build settlements, and plant vineyards. They shall dwell with confidence, when I have executed judgments upon all those nations that despise them round about. And they shall know that I AM the Lord their God.

Ezekiel Chapter 28:25-26; The Holy Bible

And their [Sethite/Jewish] seed shall be known among the Gentiles, and their offspring among the people. All that see them shall acknowledge them, saying they are the seed which the Lord hath blessed. For thou art an Holy people unto the Lord thy God: the Lord thy God hath chosen thee to be a special people unto Himself, above all people that are upon the face of the earth.

Isaiah 61:9, Deuteronomy 7; The Holy Bible

And I will put enmity between thee and the woman [Eve/Israel], and between thy seed [of Cain] and her Seed [of Christ]. It [her Seed, Christ] shall bruise thy head, and thou [Satan via Cain's seed] shalt bruise His [Christ's] heel. And when the Dragon [that Old Serpent, called the Devil and Satan] saw that he was cast unto the earth, he persecuted the woman [Israel] which brought forth the man-child [Christ]. And the Dragon was wroth with the woman, and went to make war with the remnant of her seed which keep the commandments of God [Jews] and have the testimony of Jesus Christ [Future Messianic Jews].

Genesis 3:15; Revelation 12; The Holy Bible

I will gather all nations and bring them down to the Valley of Jehoshaphat (Megiddo). There I will enter into judgment against them concerning my inheritance: my people Israel. For THEY (Cainites) scattered my people among the nations and divided up my Land!

Joel 3:2; The Holy Bible

The word of the Lord for Israel, saith the Lord, which stretcheth forth the heavens, and layeth the foundation of the earth, and formeth the spirit of man within him. Behold, I will make Jerusalem a cup of trembling unto all the people surrounding it, when they shall war both against Judah and against Jerusalem. And in that day will I make Jerusalem a burdensome stone for all people. All that burden themselves with it shall be cut in pieces, though all the people of the earth be gathered together against it. In that day, I will smite every horse with astonishment and his rider with madness. In that day shall the Lord defend the inhabitants of Jerusalem. And it shall come to pass in that day, that I will seek to destroy all the nations that come against Jerusalem. And they shall look upon me whom they have pierced, and they shall mourn for Him, as one mourneth for his only begotten son, and shall be in bitterness for Him, as one that is in bitterness for his firstborn. In that day shall there be a great mourning in Jerusalem, as the mourning of Hadadrimmon in the valley of Megiddo (Armageddon).

Zechariah 12:1-4, 8-11

[Jesus Speaking] And unto the Angel of the Church in Smyrna write; These things saith the First and the Last, which was dead, and is alive. I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not Jews, but are actually the Synagogue of Satan. Behold, I will make them of the Synagogue of Satan [Cainites], which say they are Jews, and are not, but do lie, I will make them to come and worship before thy feet [at the Judgment], to know that I have loved thee.

Revelation 2:8-10, 3:9

That it might be fulfilled which was spoken by the prophet saying, I will utter things which have been kept secret from the foundation of the world. Then Jesus sent the multitude away, and went into the house. Later His Disciples came unto Him, saying, Declare unto us the parable of the tares of the field. He answered and said unto them, He that soweth the good seed is the Son of man [The Messiah], the field is the world and the good seed are the children of the Kingdom. But the tares are the children of the Wicked One. The enemy that sowed them is the Devil. The harvest is the end of the world, and the reapers are the angels. As therefore the tares are gathered and burned in the fire, so shall it be in the end of this world.

Matthew Chapter 13:35-40; The Holy Bible

For there are certain men crept in unawares among you who were before of old ordained to this condemnation ...turning the grace of our God into lasciviousness, to deny God, and our Lord Jesus Christ. Woe unto them! For they have gone in the way of Cain whom is reserved the blackness of darkness for ever.

Jude1:4, 11, 13; The Holy Bible

Who is a liar but he that denies that Jesus is the Messiah? He is antichrist, that denieth both the Father [I AM] and the Son [I AM].

1 John 2:22; The Holy Bible

And Moses said unto God, When I come unto the children of Israel and tell them, "The God of your fathers hath sent me to you," they shall reply, What is His name? God said unto Moses, Tell them 'I AM That I AM' hath sent you.

Exodus 3:14; The Holy Bible

Then the Pharisees asked, Where is this Father you speak of? Jesus answered, You neither know me, nor my Father, for if you had known me, you would have known my Father also. They replied, Who are you? Jesus said, Even the same that I said unto you from the beginning. He that is of God heareth God's words. Ye therefore hear them not, because you are not of God. They replied, our father Abraham is dead and so are the prophets, but you're saying if a man keeps your commandments, he shall never taste of death. Art you greater than our father Abraham or the prophets? Jesus answered, Your father Abraham rejoiced to see me and was exceedingly glad. They replied, You aren't even fifty years old and now you claim to have seen Abraham? Jesus replied, Truly I say unto you, before Abraham was, I AM. Jesus saith unto him, I AM the Way, the Truth, and the Life. No man cometh unto the Father [I AM], except through me [I AM].

John 8:19, 25, 47, 52-53, 56-58; 14:6 The Holy Bible


Chief of London through the realm of America
The Island of Scotland will be besieged by frost
The King and Reb will face a False Antichrist
And he will place them all into the conflict.

Nostradamus Century II Quatrain 62

The Mabus shall arise and soon afterwards die
A horrible destruction of people and animals
At once everyone will see the vengeance
Thirst, famine, when the Comet shall run.

Nostradamus Century II Quatrain 72

One of Satan's Greatest Deceptions: The Islamic Antichrist
I want to address this lie among my Christian brothers and sisters that is causing them to fall under the false belief that a Muslim could in any capacity become the Biblical Antichrist, which is a false teaching designed to allow the actual European Antichrist to gain a foothold and even prosper toward his ascension as World King, as is foretold of him in our Scriptures. To connect this into a larger research I already have regarding the emergence of what I'll call a 'False Antichrist' who will certainly be Islamic, if only to carry Islam toward its eventual death sentence at the hands of God in the aftermath of the Gog and Magog battle, it only stands to reason that another of Satan's deception needs exposing before the time. It was not any of your Christian preachers or prognosticators that have long held this notion of an Islamic Antichrist, or Islamic Messiah, depending on which side of Islam you stand. It was none other than the Occult seer, Nostradamus, who first wrote of someone called a "False Antichrist" figure who stands in the last days to defend Islam against the Crusader West, and soon dies, but not before dragging the world into a World War III scenario that would take place just before a comet (or Planet X, as some now call it) would appear in the skies to cause even further upheaval on the planet, to result in a complete global collapse. I bring all this to your attention because while we don't know who this Islamic figure might be, at present, there is also arising this false interpretation of Bible prophecy that the Biblical Antichrist himself must be Islamic. Are the two interpretations connected? Connecting the two even further, is the belief by Muslims themselves that "Imam Mahdi" (or Islamic Messiah) is coming to defend Islam from the West. While the Bible has seemingly left out this detail of the coming deceptive despot arising in the Islamic religion (perhaps because there will be none) Nostradamus has prophesied of this Islamic Messiah figure all too well, to the point of even providing his enigmatic name as "Mabus," of which later interpreters have connected Mabus to become "the third Antichrist." Thus, we must tread carefully into this specific non-Biblical prophetic knowledge. In total, Nostradamus has made at least three quatrains that researchers believe speak to his "Mabus/Third Antichrist" figure, that is almost always interpreted as being a Muslim. Of course, while Obama was President, Fox News and the racist far-right attempted to make it seem that Obama was not the Christian he claimed to be, but a secret Muslim who hated America. In reality, like most that are labeled as "haters of America" or "haters of white men" by Fox News and the far-right, it's not that they hate either white men or America, but the racism exhibited by white men in America.

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Nostradamus seemingly predicted the rise of an Islamic Jihad against the West, to affect the "New Land" (America?) as well as Europe, at the time of the "New Millennium." Nostradamus made other predictions about France being infiltrated by an overwhelming Islamic invasion, that has since been interpreted by the far-right as already taking place with asylum-seeking refugees, such as the Algerians and others, into France, which is a weak interpretation, not to mention, racist-based. So, despite the question of his spiritual source, perhaps the next issue with the credibility of Nostradamus is not his enigmatic prose, but with the interpreters themselves. To understand Nostradamus, as a so-called prophet, we must first look into the ways of how he obtained his apocalyptic visions, then consider from which source, good or evil, have they arrived. Nostradamus was certainly more of an Occultist, than a Christian, and we know this because he used very arcane and occult methods to obtain his visions, through medieval scrying using a "black mirror" dish filled with 'pagan waters.' Scrying was popularized at the time Queen Elizabeth I ruled 16th century England, when John Dee, her close aide and confidant in all things Occult, began to use a scrying device in order to contact demons. Scripturally, the signs we are to measure and 'test the spirits' is how well the supposed prophet himself can accurately discern between good and evil, as well as accurate his predictions are. For Nostradamus, the waters from which his predictions come are just as murky as he is, for while getting some predictions seemingly accurate, sometimes in great detail, other predictions fall into a more suspect realm, bordering on confusion. For example, in Quatrain 6:24, Nostradamus wrote: Mars and the sceptre will join. There will be a calamitous war under Cancer. Soon afterwards, a new king will be anointed. Who will bring long term peace to the earth. That specific alignment he gives fell on the date June 21, 2002 - Prince William's 20th birthday. Moreover, Prince William himself has the astrological sign of 'Cancer.' Is the war he references the war that took place in March 2003, when America invaded Iraq, some months after the June 2002 timeframe, or is it pointing to Armageddon, when Antichrist is actually defeated? That would make the next line about a new King being anointed who will long keep peace on the earth make sense, as that new King would obviously be Jesus Christ, anointed as King by the Jews, who brings to earth an entire millennium of peace thereafter. As far as the Antichrist, Nostradamus again seems to reference him in 10:72: In the year 1999 and seven months. From the sky shall come a great King of terror, who shall revive the great King Angolmois. Before and after, Mars shall reign supreme. Not much seemed to happen in July 1999 specifically. However, three weeks later, on August 11th, came the last total eclipse of the millennium whose shadow was cast upon earth first at Tintagel, England, the legendary birthplace of King Arthur. So was Nostradamus saying Antichrist is the world's Messiah, proving his otherworldly source and deception given, or was he enigmatically providing us the identity of the Antichrist hundreds of years in advance? His Century III Quatrain 34 tells us: "When the Eclipse of the Sun will then be, The Omen will be seen in the daylight. One will interpret it much different from the rest. High price unguarded: many are ill-prepared for it." Interestingly, Prince William was also born during a solar eclipse. Perhaps it is true, what Nostradamus wrote, "one will interpret it much different than the rest." Nostradamus has placed much of his apocalyptic-like collapse of the world, upon the arrival of a comet in the sky. Whether that comet actually strikes the earth, or is just seen above as a sign of the impending collapse, is up for interpretation.

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There will appear towards the North
Not far from Cancer the bearded star.
Susa, Siena, Boeotia, Eretria.
The great one of Rome will die.

Nostradamus, Century 6 Quatrain 6

During the appearance of the bearded star,
The three great princes will be made enemies.
Struck from the sky, peace earth quaking.
Tiber floods, Serpent placed upon the shore.

Nostradamus, Century 2 Quatrain 3

In Lucca it will rain blood and milk.
Shortly before a great change of praetor.
Great plague and war, famine and drought visible.
Far away where their prince and rector will die.

Nostradamus, Century 3 Quatrain 19

After great trouble for humanity, a greater one comes.
The Great Mover renews the age [New Age].
Rain, blood, milk, famine, steel and plague.
In the heavens a fire seen with a long spark running.

Nostradamus, Century 2 Quatrain 46

The masculine woman [USA] will exert herself to the north.
She will annoy nearly all of Europe and the rest of the world.
Two terrible failures will put her in such a great imbalance.
That both life and death will strengthen Europe at her east.

Nostradamus, Century 8 Quatrain 15

At forty-five degrees the sky will burn.
Fire to approach the great New City.
In an instant a great scattered flame will leap up.
When one wants to demand proof of the Normans.

Nostradamus, Century 6 Quatrain 97

In the seventh month of 2020, Comet NEOWISE was spotted in the skies, visible to the naked eye. The comet is crossing into the constellation of Ursa Major (the Great Bear; Arthurian connection) by mid-July. tells us "The comet can be found in the far South-western corner of Ursa Major, close to its boundary with Lynx. By July 25th, it will pass directly below the Great Bear's iconic plough asterism of seven stars. So there's a strong Arthurian connection to NEOWISE. The comet will be closest to Earth on July 22-23, 2020. It will pass at some 64-million miles from earth. This comet will not be visible again for another 6,800 years. According to NASA, the comet was discovered on March 27, on the day when Coronavirus deaths were skyrocketing. Nostradamus' connection to a certain comet appearing in the skies, that seemingly unleashes a plague, as well as his "Third Antichrist" figure rising in the east, are made apparent in his writings, leaving many to be looking for any eastern leader to arise to challenge the West in the latter half of 2020. Such interpretations of an "Antichrist from the east," fits into the post-9/11 deception that most Christians are suffering from to this day. Perhaps that in itself proves Nostradamus is not to be trusted, or that his interpreters have a deceptive agenda that allows such a false report that doesn't line up with Scripture. Perhaps Nostradamus was also (knowingly or unknowingly) fostering Satan's deception in causing his readers to accept the premise of an Islamic Antichrist figure, as the Biblical Antichrist, so that the coming of his actual "Son of Perdition," would more easily appear as a benign Messianic figure. In other words, Satan has created something of a good cop/bad cop ruse, where a perceived "dark" evil leader enters the global scene, causing great lawlessness and destruction, so that his actual "good cop" Antichrist can arrive like a "white savior" bringing back law and order. If that's the case, then Christians buying into the "Islamic Antichrist" idea today will be left entirely deceived by the actual Antichrist tomorrow. Satan is that cunning. The blame should also be laid on those preachers spreading the misinterpretation itself, namely that Scriptures like Daniel 11 are somehow referencing an eastern "Syrian Antichrist" as the coming Biblical Antichrist, despite the fact that the actual Antichrist must be of European (Roman-London) descent, as prophsied in Daniel chapters 8, 9, and 11. One proof they overlook in regard to the Antichrist being of Western descent, and thus being European, is seen in Daniel 8:9, whereby the Beast must travel south and east to arrive in Israel. This would indicate that the future Beast's throne, nation, and/or base of power, sits somewhere northwest of Israel. If you look at any map of the area, the only nations northwest of Israel are European nations, a fact that cannot be denied. Remember, the Jews are only waiting for a Messianic 'Prince to come' of the lineage of King David to become their Messiah, not an Arab. Furthermore, we know from Daniel that the "Prince that shall come," of whom the Jews await, is the European Antichrist by way of "Babylon," the "city that rules," a city that is built upon "7 hills." As Revelation 17:9, 18 clearly tells us: And here is the mind which hath wisdom. The seven heads are seven mountains [Rome], on which the woman sitteth… And the woman which thou sawest is that great city [Rome], which reigneth over the kings of the earth. Understand, therefore, when Revelation spiritually calls Rome to be "Babylon," it means Rome, NOT Babylon. This face becomes key when attempting to interpret it.

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Another example of this is seen in reference to the death of the two witnesses of Revelation 11:8: "Their bodies will lie in the street of the great city, which is spiritually [figuratively] called Sodom and Egypt, where also their Lord was crucified." Now, was Jesus Christ ever crucified in either Sodom or Egypt? Answer: No, but Jerusalem is being referenced there as being similar to both Sodom and Egypt at the time of Christ's crucifixion. Therefore, understand, this exact same kind of figurative dynamic is seen within the Old Testament, as well, e.g., Isaiah 14:1-23, speaks of a "King of Babylon," that too many preachers hastily interpret the Antichrist must therefore be of Babylonian [Arabic] descent, and too many times, from that one Scripture alone. So when Isaiah 14:22, tells us God's destruction of "Babylon," they wrongly interpret it to mean God's destruction of Antichrist's future Islamic kingdom. So how do these same preachers read Isaiah 14:25, that states God will destroy "the Assyrian?" They too easily interpret the coming Antichrist must be Assyrian. It's absolutely ridiculous. You see their mistake now. When God labels one city like Rome, as another, like "Babylon," He is saying that from his point of view, Rome (at the time of the first century, and again during Antichrist's reign) remind Him of Babylon, and the things ancient Babylon did, i.e, witchcraft, immorality, murders, lying, thefts, etc. Sadly, when a Christian preacher is reporting that the future Antichrist must be a Syrian, or a Babylonian, or a Persian, and thus, Islamic, he is severely misinterpreting the Scriptures to fit the events of the day. Since 9-11, when America went on its crusade against those same nations, many American preachers, perhaps in their own latent racism, deceived themselves into believing that Satan was rousing the "evil nations" of the east, against the supposedly "holy nations" of the west, and that all of it must somehow befit Daniel and Revelation's prophecy. If that could get any worse, even more preachers today are misinterpreting the Scriptures to make it seem the Antichrist is a coming Islamic figure, leaving the actual Antichrist completely unmentioned, in effect, helping Satan deceive the world! These same false teachers will tell their flock that the critical Scripture of Daniel 9:26, that when correctly interpreted proves a Western leader to be the Antichrist, proves an Eastern Antichrist instead, because, in their words: "the ancient Romans used Syrian army conscripts, meaning, only Syrian conscripts destroyed the Temple and Jerusalem, not Romans." Of course, their misinterpretation of Daniel 9:26-27 only further proves Antichrist must be of European descent, because he that followed the order to destroy the Temple in 70 AD, was the son of Flavius Vespasianm, called 'Prince' Titus, who was certainly of Roman descent, not Syrian.

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NOTE: The confusion is easily determined, however. Daniel 8:9-12 describes Greece, and its Hellenistic leader Antiochus Epiphanes IV, while being born in Persia, was of Syrian descent, who under the order of Greece, desecrated the Jerusalem Temple (about 200 years before Titus did), causing it to be made desolate (of Jews), again. So when Christ Himself compared the coming Western Antichrist with Antiochus IV, in Matthew 24, one can determine where, at least, some of the resulting confusion lies among would-be interpreters. Interestingly, after Christ ascended, He made sure to place great emphasis that Antichrist will be of European descent, exclusively, in Revelation. In fact, by the time we reach Revelation 13, John is made witness to an amalgamated image of a Beast rising from the sea, having the "feet of a bear, body of a leopard, mouth of a lion." The leopard, as used there, was to evoke the Macedonian, Alexander the Great, who is yet another Greco-Roman (European) war leader, and he, like Antiochus IV ('mouth of a lion,") is also mentioned in Daniel 8, just a few verses after Alexander is referenced to. Even so, following that line of succession, which, even according to Nebuchadnezzar's dream, transfers from Babylon, to the Media-Persian, than to the Greek (notice, NOT Syrian, as Antiochus IV was under Greek authority), finally ends with a dual manifestation of the Roman (from feet to ten toes). As such, Antichrist will arise out of the "revived" European Roman Empire, even the "ten toes," as it were, not Damascus or Medina, nor Constantinople. The ten toes represent those ten nations coming (post-Collapse) that Revelation states, "have power one hour with the Beast." The Scriptures themselves are quite clear on this despite the confusion of those forcing an interpretation against modern radical Islam, because of current convenience. Bottom line, the Antichrist cannot be Islamic, because the Antichrist is given power in the world by those who actually have power in the world. That being the case, who wields the greatest power in the world, and has long prepared for the Antichrist going back to the beginning? Not the Muslims. Who was the first murderer? What race has single-handedly created countless numbers of secret societies down thru the ages, whose dedication belongs only to Satan, and to a lesser extent, his Angels? It wasn't the Muslims, as descendants of Abraham who actually believe that they honor God. Neither are Muslims holding any of the greatest of secrets, or are the richest and most powerful entities in this world, going back centuries, while Satanic secret societies, starting from at least the crusading Knights Templars, quickly grew to become the richest organization in the world to the point of having both Kings and Popes indebted only to them. Have any poor Muslim nations, including the Saudi's (before the industrial age) ever had the richest people and nations on the planet indebted to them?

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Despite that, some Christians still force this most linear interpretation of theirs by saying that it was only Syrian conscripts within the Roman army who destroyed the Temple and razed Jerusalem from 66-70 AD, which is a bit like saying Romans didn't lay their hands on Jesus Christ and crucify Him, the Syrians did. It is well understood that Rome's forces encompassed Jerusalem in great numbers at the time of Christ and thereafter. While true, Rome did conscript forces from conquered lands, those same forces were no where close to the numbers it would require to acheive the mammoth undertaking and sustained brutal campaign of destroying Jerusalem and its Temple, amidst the tens of thousands of zealous Jews who died defending both. Certainly then, Rome would not have left such an important task to mere Syrian conscripts, the notion is patently ridiculous on its face, but this doesn't deter some from teaching it. Since the Arabs of the time did have malice against the Jews, is precisely why their legions, under Rome, were not sent to Israel. They were placed in the outer lying areas of the Roman Empire, which at that point included everywhere from the Holy Land to Britain itself, far from Israel. Lawful Rome wanted an easy occupation of Israel, and didn't want anything inciting a war that wasn't in their timing, if they could help it. Rome was certainly aware that the Jews were looking for any excuse to incite a full-blown rebellion at any moment. This was true in Christ's time, and became even more true nearing 66-70 AD. Thus, Roman soldiers saturated Israel's towns and cities, and certainly, Jerusalem itself, right up until Jerusalem and its Temple were destroyed by Titus in 70 AD, by Roman soldiers, of which, there were plenty in and around Jerusalem at that time. What race controls The Order even now? Certainly not any Syrian or the Arabs given the much more ancient stranglehold that the Western Occult powers, such as Anglo-Freemasonry, has in their complete global control over all media and every social industry, including global banking but not limited to Western academia, since the Crusades. This would make the deceptive lie some Christians are purporting today, that Antichrist must be Syrian, merely because God compares the end-time Beast to Egypt's "Pharaoh" or the "King of Assyria" a grand Satanic deception spreading through the Churches, one of many, in fact. God's 'spiritual' comparisons with past Arab or Persian Kings with the future Beast, are just that, for archetypes and foreshadows of what attributes the coming Antichrist shall have in himself. For example, when God compared the coming European Antichrist with Egypt's Pharaoh, He is telling us that, like Pharaoh, the Antichrist of the Great Tribulation period shall lay hold of the Jews, and not let them go, despite God sending all kinds of similar plagues in the Last Days, as He did in Pharaoh's time. So, in this way, is God informing us of the Western leader's future attributes and personality, by directly comparing him to those despotic Kings, pharaohs, and rulers, that we've already been made witness to, in the Old Testament.

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So while false teachers are telling us today that the Antichrist MUST be Syrian, we should remind them that God also compared Antichrist to "the King of Tyre," "the King of Persia," "the King of Assyria," "the King of Babylon," and closer to my point, "the King of Grecia," as well. Those who still want to take today's headlines and make an Islamic Antichrist out of a current Syrian President, for example, need only be dismayed by a single Scripture in Revelation (17:18), citing that the future city of the Beast already controlled the earth in the first century, even citing it is the same city upon which has "7 hills." Only Rome fits that past and modern description. Only Rome is cited in Revelation as the Antichrist's spiritual base of power, not Mecca, nor Medina, or even Babylon itself. This brings to mind another aspect, if one is to correctly interpret God's prophetic Word. pay close attention to Revelation 11:8, which states: "And their dead bodies [Two Witnesses] shall lie in the street of the great city, which spiritually is called Sodom and Egypt, where also our Lord was crucified." Read and understand, our Lord was certainly NOT crucified in either Sodom nor Egypt, but that because of Jerusalem's evil, God is comparing merely comparing Jerusalem with Sodom and Egypt, spiritually. Again, they are misinterpreting Daniel 9:26, for God is not telling us of the nationality of the coming Prince, or his people to be Assyrian, but He has well used archetypal descriptions as a way of informing us about the future Beast's own spiritual profile and attributes. Interestingly, when God DOES want to reveal a bit about that coming Princes' nationality and heritage, in Daniel 9:26, He did so, which is why were given Daniel 9:26 to begin with. "The people of the Prince to come" was always to be correctly interpreted as those who carried out Titus' orders, of the Roman Army, in the most traditional sense, and God is NOT the author of confusion, but Satan. This was the entire purpose behind the ruse that is today's 'War on Terror,' not that the war itself is not real today, but how we originally entered into a war with Iraq, after September 11th 2001 was entirely manufactured by those who controlled the 'Skull and Bones' Bush presidency. The rise of Islam and its terror networks was the intended result, by which, Satan is given cover for his even greater plans toward human extinction that fall to his Antichrist Son, the seemingly benign figure of light who arises after the false Antichrist's coming Collapse of the present system. But this is precisely what Satan is doing already, causing the world to be hyper-focused by all the evils being perpetuated by ISIS and radical Islam, whilst providing the perfect cover for his white knight, whose own faked global humanitarian agenda is controlled by secret handlers. Is not Satan that sinister? I can tell you he is. Does not the Scriptures themselves explain that the whole world will marvel at the Beast, and willingly follow in his New Order after the coming Collapse? It most certainly does. So this new idea that God actually meant Syrians destroyed the Temple in 70 AD to be one of great error, even heresy, which in turn becomes very effective in hiding the Antichrist's true European heritage, behind a Syrian skirt.

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It's therefore sad to note, that we Christians have not gained any more correct insight, collectively, in all these many decades regarding Daniel's prophecy, despite God telling Daniel that all of this would be correctly revealed in the end time. In fact, Christians were right the first time, when we all believed, in unison, that Antichrist would be European. This was before September 11, 2001 completely warped some people's convenient (or racist) thinking to believe Antichrist now has to be Islamic, because they want to fit today's ISIS headlines too conveniently into the Bible's prophecies. I tell you, 9-11 certainly hasn't affected God's vision to Daniel one bit. In their false interpretations, however, are many Christians today only helping Satan deceive the rest of the world in his presentation of an obviously evil Antichrist figure who brings about a false Armageddon, just so Satan's actual Antichrist can later rise to power in the aftermath, appearing as a Global Messiah with only good intentions of rebuilding the world. Instead of bringing global despair, death, and war, like the False Antichrist will bring, the actual Antichrist will bring only peace, harmony, love and hope, at first. Now you see just how wickedly intelligent Satan truly is. His hatred for mankind is so great, that he'll present man the ultimate Trojan horse filled with everything man desires most: peace, freedom, security, and prosperity, in order to outright destroy man. In his own eternally wicked mind, nothing pleases Satan more than man willingly dying in his own unrepentant sins, with God forced to give those souls who deny Him, an eternal death. As such, Satan is actively deceiving the Church today with all manner of things to make it seem his Antichrist is Islamic, if only to better hide his Son behind a deluge of lies to better protect his true identity. Again, in the most simplistic and linear way imaginable, some Christians desperately want to connect the future Antichrist with Arabs because it's an easy fit given the current headlines since September 11, 2001 - but understand this one truth, just as God has a Chosen People he works thru since Adam, so does Satan, since Cain. Who can deny that Satan's true power rests in all of those European secret societies, even as its only they who control this world and all its industries? In comparison, Arabs have almost no power in this world other than the Saudis who own some of the oil that runs the global-Masonic industries. But, not even that fact is taken into account by Christians who can only see Satan's evil hand everywhere within Islamic radicalization.

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Christians wanting so badly to force an Islamic interpretation of Revelation and Antichrist, do so as a knee-jerk reaction to today's current events regarding ISIS and terrorism, not realizing Islam will largely fall after the coming Battle of Gog and Magog, when God destroys the Russian and Islamic forces aligned against Israel. When Islam falls, the Jewish Temple will rise, and afterward, so will the Antichrist. Bottom line, when the Scriptures carefully explained that the "people of the Prince to come" would be European by way of Rome, it meant exactly that. Daniel 9:26-27, interpreted correctly, is clearly telling us that a Prince will be born, in Europe, but more specifically, in the Roman port city of Londinium (modern London) and that he shall later become a King who rises knowing dark sentences. One should remember here that today's European Union itself saw its own rise begin in a 1957 trade agreement signed in Rome between the nations of Europe that led to the European Common Market, and later, the EU, of which the final Kingdom of Antichrist is yet be based after the dissolution of the EU to become that Revived Roman 10-nation confederacy spoken of in Revelation. In other words, Rome's connection with today's EU, and Britain specifically, will serve its purposes for the present 'Old Order' but after its collapse, shall Europe go on to set the stage for its New Order that will see a future United Kingdom lead a 10-nation "Revived Roman Empire" that is to arise in its wake. Furthermore, any actual research into the Windsor lineage proves their Occult-Cainite heritage that time and again is shown to be Satanic in origin, thus, even the Scriptures making it known that he worships a god whom his fathers knew not, tied in with his knowledge of Occult evil shows how he later becomes possessed of Satan who then grants him temporary power over death itself, culminating in the Antichrist's counterfeit resurrection, and in the way Antichrist is able to defeat the Two Witnesses, etc. I wasn't going to say this, but those who have adopted this false theory into their hearts of a coming Islamic Antichrist, aren't sounding like the Christians we knew when 'The Late Great Planet Earth' was still a best-seller (Hal Lindsay proving the Antichrist is a European) but Christians today are sounding more like ISIS' most staunch believers, and even a bit like the Mullahs of Iran themselves, who claim a great Islamic leader is coming soon. Interesting that. Satan has them all in derision, as prophesied. Even more disturbing than Satan so easily deceiving the world with such a plan, is how some Christians today are actually helping in the Satanic agenda of his European Antichrist, by spreading the rumor that Antichrist must be Eastern and Islamic. Is he, or has Satan worked a confusing ruse here to keep the majority off the track of the actual Antichrist arising out of the West? Let's explore further.

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Assuming there will even exist a coming "Islamic Antichrist" and fleshing out this topic a bit further, which serves to make it appear that Nostradamus was correct, we must then strongly consider the largest exporter of Islamic terror in the world is not ISIS, but Iran. It is Iran (Persia) that not only predates ISIS by thousands of years, but fully expects an Islamic Messiah to arise who shall force the world to convert into Islam, en masse, or else face a nuclear holocaust and certain death at their hands. That is precisely the narrative coming out of Iran today, not to mention Iran actually wants to start a regional war with Israel, and then the "Zionist" United States to cause the Islamic Mahdi to appear. This is precisely why the hardline Iranian government desires nuclear weapons in the first place. There is something else to consider with all this. In those Quatrains that Nostradamus wrote regarding this "Third Antichrist" figure, which many connect to his Quatrains regarding Islam and The Mahdi as its end-time Islamic Messiah, Nostradamus seems to be making the case that there's a way we'll know when, and if, any such character is this Mabus/end-time Antichrist, because there is to arrive a Comet that appears overhead at the time Mabus rises and is soon afterward, killed when the Comet passes. Such a great destruction will immediately happen after Mabus is killed, and the Comet passes, that it negatively affects the entire world with famine and disease in the Comet's wake. What is concerning there, is how in recent months, such as on January 9th 2017, where we only had two days warning before an previously unseen asteroid passed between the earth and the moon. It wasn't in any way "apocalyptic" in nature, and missed our planet, but how long will it be before one does enter our gravitational pull and strikes the earth with little or no warning whatsoever? Wasn't it our own Lord and Savior Jesus Christ who announced that He would come like a "Thief in the night," also unexpected, much in the same way a 'killer comet' or asteroid could radically change life as we know it on earth? If you've read my Rapture webpage, you're already aware that Christ's returning for His Church falls on a very unexpected day coupled with an event that I refer to as the Collapse. The Scriptures tell us to be "prepared for such a time as not when we think the Lord is coming." This Collapse of the present world system might come by way of a war, or a comet striking the earth, or as I believe, both. In fact, I believe that the Battle of Gog and Magog, that's also to take place unexpectedly, as Ezekiel 38:13 seems to indicate, will occur and after God has finished destroying the armies of Russia and Iran, and their allies, God next turns to the nations that "dwell carelessly in the isles," meaning, those nations that have dealt carelessly with Israel. Think not that America couldn't be included in God's coming judgment, therefore, for our own President Trump is making great concessions toward Russia from behind the scenes. Regardless to whom and which side Nostradamus served, as well as where he obtained his prophecies for the future, he has done our generation a service in warning us all that it will be a great war and a comet that brings in the next 'cleansing cycle.' However, Nostradamus has also fallen into the belief that this "New King" coming (see C6 Q24) will be "supreme in rule and goodness" (see C5 Q41), which would make Nostradamus to fall under the sway of believing the lie. Interestingly, again to his credit, he did also write in C5 Q41, this line: "...his Golden Age will become brass" which will, in the end, ultimately prove to be true.

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To read Nostradamus and to take his writings at face value, as most do, then he does serve Satan's coming deception in regard to his so-called "Third Antichrist." Nostradamus would have you believe that a turban-wearing Islamic leader shall be the final Antichrist, he enigmatically refers to "Mabus," as he called him. This goes directly against what God tells us, so if anything is at face value, its that Nostradamus himself relied on deceiving spirits. For even while there might soon rise up an Islamic leader whom the Muslims will announce is their "Islamic Messiah," and this same man will start a great war with the West, even he in no way could be the Biblical Antichrist. Thus, Nostradamus, has allowed a desired deception to be achieved on the part of Satan's coming plan whereby Satan presents the world with the very evil Antichrist, who arises out of the Middle East, that they all expect to see, while hiding under his dark wings his true weapon against God and man, who comes after. Thus, to the world's blind eyes, the actual Antichrist arising out of Europe will never be thought to be [the] Antichrist, until it's much too late and he has already captured the world's adoration and conquered the coming cornerstone of world government. It's the perfect set-up plan that Satan has established ages ago, perfect in its global deception, perfect in its lying execution, and it will work. In other words, just as I have been saying for many years in earlier versions of this website, there is to come a False Antichrist figure who brings about a False Armageddon scenario, all to help in the world's deception from which the actual Biblical Antichrist can later rise in the 'apocalyptic' aftermath, speaking words of great world peace, unity, and global reconstruction, which by then the world will entirely accept without question, falsely thinking that "the Islamic Antichrist" was Antichrist, and he was killed back in World War III, therefore this coming King who arises to world prominence afterward, is portrayed by Nostradamus as a good man who only wants to help rebuild the world along peaceful lines, which certainly isn't providing us the full or factual account. You must give Satan credit however for such a perfect deception, whereby he will so easily deceive much of the non-Christian planet, because of their own Biblical ignorance and/or lack of knowledge/belief of the writings of God's true prophets, Nostradamus certainly not counted among them. Interesting, that.

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The misinformed, deceived, and misguided people who claim that the Antichrist must be Islamic also cannot grasp that by the time the actual Biblical Antichrist comes to power, the religion of Islam itself shall all but cease to exist. I delve more in detail about this in the next article, explaining that after the Battle of Gog and Magog, when Russia and its many Islamic allies, including Iran, seek to destroy Israel, thus placing Allah in direct confrontation with the God of Israel, it shall become Allah's miserable failing against an obvious greater, living, all-powerful, supernatural Divine God in Heaven that favors Israel, that shall spell doom across the whole Islamic world. So great will be Israel's supernatural win, and "Allah's" glorious defeat, that it shall put the final nail in Islam's own coffin once and for all. As a direct result of the world realizing not only does a spirit world exist, and a God over it, shall Israel itself change. Just as in ancient times, when the people of Israel literally saw the Hand of God pluck them out of their enemies hands, and as a result, they turned toward God, so too will the modern nation of Israel once again turn toward the same God who has divinely protected them, from what would have been their complete and utter destruction. However, as I have mentioned before in this website, and been reporting to you for over twenty years now, because the Jews of ancient Israel, right up to the Jews of today, cannot and will not allow themselves to see Jesus Christ as God's own Son, the Messiah given them, God will then allow Satan's Son, therefore, to deceive Israel into accepting him as their Divine King, God knowing that their epic fail of a choice will ultimately lead them to finally see Yeshua as Israel's only Divine Messiah, and King, literally sent to them from God the Father, Himself. And so, Israel shall have its own glorious defeat, at the hands of the Antichrist, their so chosen Messiah, and he will halfway into his global reign, turn and seek out their complete annihilation and thus seat himself in their Temple. Only then, with Satan taken over Jerusalem, and all of Israel, and the world, will the Jews know they have gravely erred, and seek God to give them His chosen Messiah to save them. Enter Jesus Christ. God has planned this from the Beginning, and Jews will finally awaken to the fact that Jesus Christ was their God and King, "the Holy One of Israel" all along, throughout their long history as a people and nation. Only at Christ's Return to Israel to destroy the Antichrist, which is the Day of the Lord, and Armageddon, when Christ descends from the clouds unto them in the same manner He had ascended from the Mount of Olives, will Jews finally understand the meaning of God's Name, I AM that I AM, the Father and Son, and together with their shared Holy Spirit, is the Holy Trinity Divine, and their One God. Now, those who cannot be made to understand that the Antichrist will not be Islamic, can at least rest in the fact that at least the Beast's lineage is already believed to be connected to Muhammed himself...

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Israel will unwittingly call the Antichrist, *their* "Messiah" for at least the first half of the Tribulation. Further, this same Cainite Anglo-King will control most of the world's wealth by that time, enough to institute an established and trusted global financial system based on the so-called Mark of the Beast, that people will at that time, want to take upon them, knowing the horrors of the former global chaos that came as a result of the coming crash and cataclysm that makes the entire planet go dark. And so, who already controls much of the world's wealth today? While Saudi Arabia is catching up, all of their relatively recent obtained riches from oil still pale in comparison to the much older and established riches amassed by American money barons and, moreover, wealthy Europeans since medieval times, not to mention that Anglo-European secret societies actually control wealth in this world, since the times of the Knights Templar, who were the first bankers, holding much of European aristocracy in their debt. No, despite the deception of others, the Antichrist cannot be Islamic, as must be able to in some way connect his lineage to that of King David, of which only a European-descended, so-called "Grail King" could do. Therefore, whenever you see anyone, Christian or otherwise, claiming the leader of Iran, Syria, or Babylon, is the Antichrist, know you are hearing someone who only helps in Satan's overall agenda, and not God's. Speaking to the seeming accuracy of Nostradamus, something that before September 11th 2001 was hard to believe, and only Nostradamus claimed, was Islam would rise in the early years of the 21st Century and "invade" Europe. Now, while Europe will never be controlled by Islam, or its sharia law, Islam certainly has made a sudden resurgence (since 2001) all across Europe, and especially within France, the very nation Nostradamus was concerned with most, yet also Britain. As such, knowing the possible dark powers behind his prophecies, they still can shed some light and fill in certain gaps which the Bible would rather leave silent. As such, Nostradamus even gave a name for his Islamic Antichrist figure, that being "Mabus," so looking around in the Islamic world today, do we see a sign of this Mabus figure, the one who will usher in a great war against the West? Not as yet, however, one need only look to see the rapid rise of ISIS to determine how fast such a leader could arise to reignite radical Islam's desire to dominate the world, given that ISIS is currently all but destroyed.

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Might such a future leader of ISIS claim to be Mohammed (Mabus), in the flesh? It would be the perfect fit, and thus best fulfill the role of the coming False Antichrist, from which the world would then believe the Antichrist has come, and, he is Islamic. Oh how wickedly intelligent Satan truly is in these last days, to make it appear *his* "Righteous Messiah" is someone who comes after "The Islamic Antichrist," as to make the actual Antichrist appear as some kind of benevolent humanitarian of peace who comes to clean up the evil mess left behind by "Islam's Messiah." Those who believe the Antichrist must be Islamic, and of African, Persian, or Syrian Islamic heritage, specifically, have obtained this belief from a mere two Scriptures in Daniel, which cite: 'He [Antichrist] shall stretch forth his hand also upon the countries and the land of Egypt shall not escape. He shall have power over the treasures of gold and of silver and over all the precious things of Egypt; the Libyans and the Ethiopians shall be at his steps.' What these people fail to understand is how Antichrist neither has to be Islamic or African to sweep across the nations of the world and plunder all their precious resources. Anyone with even a faint knowledge of world history knows about England's wars in Africa that were waged because Great Britain saw Africa as nothing more than a literal gold and diamond mine by which they could fund their expanding empire. Furthermore, any serious study into the Scriptures can conclude that such undertakings originated not with man, but with Lucifer himself, who trafficked earth's natural resources and heaped its precious things unto himself, for his own gain, and honor, as mentioned in Ezekiel 28:16, 18. So when you then take into account that Prince William has Royal ancestors who have plundered and looted Africa for its vast natural deposits of diamonds and gold before, and to this day have companies like DeBeer's who provide a steady stream of wealth placed into the Royals' Bank of England, in the Windsor name, you can then better interpret and appreciate Daniel's prophecy about having power over all the precious things of Egypt, Libya, and Ethiopia, whose three place names being the ancient metaphor and cultural figure of speech for invoking the entire continent of Africa.

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Moreover, when looking out toward every one of the so-called Antichrist candidates alive today, there is only one of European descent [read Daniel 9:26], Prince William, who has a well known love affair with modern Africa. As William himself explains it, he loves the African continent for its people, diversity of organic wildlife and safari hunts. He even decided it would be the most perfect place in all the world to propose marriage to his fiancé, Kate Middleton. Therefore, Africa certainly will play a role in the Antichrist's future reign, but for none of the reasons cited by those who believe that the Biblical Antichrist must be Islamic. Bottom line, all those who claim an "Islamic Antichrist" is the Biblical Antichrist, have used the Scriptures to delude themselves. As such, these same false teachers, like Walid Shoebat and others, have zero clue to what the European-based Satanic secret societies have been preparing for centuries. What today's American Christians seemingly come to grips with, because of the extent of their own biases and simplistic interpretations of the Bible, is that the Antichrist will look much more like them, than any classic depiction of evil incarnate, which in their minds equates to those having dark or black hair, "evil beards," and dark eyes, again, simplistic thinking, at best. God also felt it important to explain to us the nationality of this King, explaining (in Daniel 9:26) that he will be of the people that destroyed Jerusalem and the Temple. Now, despite the new theories arising among "Islamic Antichrist" believers that, according to them, since many foreign and Arab militaries were conscripted into Rome's army at that time, supposedly having high numbers in Jerusalem who fought for Rome, is why the "Islamic Antichrist" theory has taken root among those who only want to see the most stereotypically Arabic Muslim possible, to fit their idea of the Satanic Antichrist, despite such a theory being pure conjecture and hinging on if Rome's armies in Jerusalem circa 70 AD were actually of Roman descent or made up of foreign fighters from Syria.

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Ultimately, this weak theory of theirs holds no water simply because the Scriptures in the ninth Chapter of Daniel plainly tell us that "The (Antichrist) Prince to come" is "of the same people" who were behind the destruction of first century Jerusalem and the Temple, to which everyone knows, were the Roman's, and this despite whether or not the Roman's used a specific Syrian attachment that day to carry out that destruction, it was only the European Romans that devised the endeavor. It seems some Christians have gone too far out on a limb to force an interpretation of their own devising that is simply not there, and all to support and shore up his great lack of Biblical evidence that Antichrist must be an Islamic radical, because they believe that from the onset, a vain belief that's too easily tethered to the current events of the present day. Understand, Satan is considerably more intelligent than most Christians are giving him credit for, despite God's ever-present warnings in the Bible to just that. Indeed, the Scriptures themselves prove that Antichrist will not only not regard "the God of his fathers." And so there it is. With this one Scripture all by itself all but proving the Antichrist couldn't be Arabic, as their pagan moon god "Allah" would have been rendered as "god" and not capitalized as "God," thereby, showing us that Antichrist must be of those people's who once worshipped the God of the Bible, meaning they were either of European or Jewish descent. Moreover, it is that prophecy which was given to us by our Lord Jesus Christ Himself that cuts through all the fat and marrow that have collected in people's minds since they first heard an Antichrist was coming. Jesus said that "even the very elect would be deceived" by what the Antichrist and False Prophet deceive Israel with. So what are Christians deceiving themselves with today? When they look around to search for Satan's Man of Sin, why is it they start and end their search among Arabic or Persian peoples whom Jews would never dare hope to call their "Messiah?" At the same time, why is Satan clearly putting forth all his efforts in a certain Anglo-King of Europe, and toward making him appear to be as descended from King David? Why? Because Satan's target for deception and ultimate destruction is none other than Israel, not Arabia. In other words, this coming European King, who arrives long after the final war against ISIS, shall, through some very deceptive information released into the global consciousness of that time, be believed to have a lineage that will be touted to be descended from Israel's ancient King David -- something which no Arab could ever claim, but British Royalty can and already does claim. Leave it to the Word of God, however, to finally put man's debate to rest within a single Scripture from Daniel:

...and the rough goat is the King of Grecia [Alexander the Great]. Now [he] being broken, four more shall arise in his place; four Kingdoms shall arise out of the nation [the Greek Empire]. In the latter time of their [European] Kingdom, when the transgressors are come to the full, a King of fierce countenance and understanding dark sentences shall stand up. And his power shall be mighty, but not by his own power. He shall destroy supernaturally, and shall prosper and practise and shall destroy the mighty and the Holy people...and through a [false] peace shall he destroy many. He shall also stand up against the Prince of princes [Jesus Christ] but he shall be broken, without hand.

Daniel 8:23; The Holy Bible


Astonishingly, England believes it is the House of Israel. The tribe of Ephraim. The first-born of God (Exodus 4: 22; Jeremiah 31: 9). Its bloodline stretches back before the coronation of King David to the Egyptian Royal House, thus making it the oldest living dynasty in the world. Britain’s Jewish roots are still in place. The Israeli Embassy in London is on crown land. It was Britain who created the new Jewish state. Like Joshua (Numbers 13: 16), it was an Ephraimite who led the Hebrew tribes in conquering Canaan. The Queen’s sons and male heirs are circumcised by a mohel. A Rabbi dutifully visits the family every erev Shabbat.

The British Royals Have Jewish Ancestors

Queen Elizabeth II apparently gave the Nazi salute in 1933 as a 7-year-old. After this was revealed, the president of the Board of Deputies of British Jews said, “It’s really important for us not to judge this event with hindsight. Obviously the Nazi salute now carries horrible memories and bitterness for us, but I do not think for one moment that it would be appropriate for me to suggest that the full horror of Nazi Germany was known at that point.” The Jews of England generally like Queen Elizabeth. As Simon Sebag Montefiore says, “Members of the royal family routinely attend many, many Jewish events and support Jewish causes and charities. Something regarded as totally normal here. And rightly so.”

Jewish Conspiracies Surrounding British Royals

The British monarchy and its prime ministers and Foreign Office fabricated British Israelism in the nineteenth century, from earlier versions of the story. They claimed that Queen Victoria was descended from the Biblical King David, and was thus a descendant of the Davidic family tree that produced Jesus. They taught that the tribes of Israel wandered into northern Europe; that by this supposed genealogy, the British are the real Chosen People, and the British Empire is thus God's empire.

It is true that Freemasonry was practiced in Solomon's Temple as the ancient mystery religion of Egypt & Babylon with its heathen gods and rituals; "abominations" [prohibited] by the Lord, who judged Judah and Israel by sending both nations into captivity for their disobedience. It seems that Solomon created a lodge in the first Temple which was attended by seventy men of the House of Israel. Ezekiel the prophet also describes an inner chamber in the Temple where these elders worshipped "every form of creeping things, and abominable beasts, and all the idols of Israel. A proper understanding of Ezekiel 8 is therefore needed to understand the type of idol and ritual which will be reestablished in the Temple of Solomon which will be rebuilt by a modern Knight Templar who will be the Antichrist.

Today's Scottish Templars have become pro-active in contemporary events. They have been granted special "consultancy status" with the United Nations, and their current project is to bring Jerusalem's Dome of the Rock under U.N. control. Meanwhile they continue to keep an aloof silence about anything they please.

All the kings of the world will assemble in the great city of Rome, and the Holy One will shower on them fire and hail and meteoric stones until they are all destroyed. From that time the Mashiach [read: Antichrist], will begin to declare himself.

Source: Modern interpretation of the Jewish Zohar I, Va’era 119a

Thus shall he [Antichrist] do in the most strong holds with a strange god, whom he shall acknowledge and increase with glory, and he shall cause them to rule over many, and shall divide the [Holy] Land for gain.

Daniel 11:39

How the Coming Framework for Middle East Peace Sets the Stage for Antichrist
Certainly any human attempt by anyone to broker another peace deal this late, for example, one with a framework of seven years, will meet in failure, and only serve as the basis if that ill-fated seven year covenant, by Antichrist to come. Of course, we know today that these same two nations which ironically happen to be nearest Israel, bordering it on either side, and contain some of the most radical Islamic jihadists, have governments who have formerly made peace treaties with Israel, which they are still bound to, despite whatever the Islamic population of both Egypt and Jordan think about Israel. Amazingly, as God would have it, there have been fast moving events of late, involving both Egypt and Jordan stepping up their attacks on radical Islam, utilizing their military air power to strike at the heart of ISIS. Whatever the specifics of the coming Mideast Peace dealings will eventually have regarding Jerusalem in the years between 2018-2025, we know it is doomed from the start and won't last, simply because it will take the Antichrist himself to later reconstitute and finally confirm it. As mentioned, Daniel 11:1-20 proves that there shall come several events between the Battle of Gog and Magog's aftermath, and the arrival of the Antichrist. Suffice to say, Israel will sign some form of a peace treaty between it and its formerly hostile neighbors at some point after the Magog Battle, and before the arrival of the Antichrist, when he confirms that former covenant made, for a period of seven (more) years. One element that remains intriguing to me in all this is just how God has used this period of seven years (one "shabua") before in regards to Israel's peace and security. For example, on March 26th 1979, Israel and Egypt signed an historic peace treaty that remains intact to this very day, and yet two periods of seven years later came the equally historic September 13th, 1993 'Oslo Accords' between Israel and the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO), a treaty signed in Washington DC with then President Bill Clinton, and yet was officially deemed a failure when seven more years later, on September 28th, 2000, Likud party leader Ariel Sharon and his security entourage decided to visit the Temple Mount, rightfully claiming it belonged to the Jewish people, an event which immediately ignited a Second Intifada.

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There was a lull from any more peace dealings until again precisely seven years later, in October 2007 when President Bush brought the leaders of Israel and Palestinians into a new treaty framework agreement in Annapolis Maryland, which, it was hoped, would then lead towards a finalized treaty and end to hostilities at some point before George W. Bush left office, thereby allowing his tarnished legacy to have at least one last minute saving grace. As an interesting side note to this, in 2008 the European Union has tapped Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair to become their representative in Israel, fulfilling its goals toward ending the stalled Middle East Peace Process, taunting and pushing for its relevancy, while attempting to force it back into to the negotiating stages for both the Palestinians and the Israelis. Now, whenever this impending peace treaty is finally realized, according to God's prophetic timetable with Israel which oddly enough, given the astounding accuracy of the shabua timeframe, seemingly hinges on all of Israel's recent peace treaties, any final treaty should include a precise (2,550 day) seven year roadmap. Meanwhile, given the escalating violence traded between Israel and Iranian-backed terrorist organizations such as Hamas within the territory of Gaza, it may very well be that the necessary framework of any peace deal that the Antichrist later confirms won't even begin to become a reality until some time *after* the coming great global Collapse of 2018-2025 or thereafter, and seemingly by one that the Book of Daniel calls "The Prince of the Covenant" who is likely already "overflown by the arms of a flood" by the time "The Raiser of Taxes" ascends for a short time. It is also quite possible, that the one who finally brokers the initial 7-year peace covenant is this Raiser of Taxes, of whom the Scriptures makes mention of, and is also quick to report, he is to then die neither in anger, nor in battle, suggesting a more natural death, albeit perhaps one under God's curse, thereby leaving only the coming Antichrist in position to take all the power, and ultimately, all the credit once he confirms the same treaty. Of why the British Royals have never officially visited Israel ever, is because they have always planned for Prince William to be the first to do so. The future Antichrist has people already that meticulously arrange his event planner and calendar, leading up to the day when he is more directly controlled by Satan himself. In this way, do they make these trips for the Future King to usually illicit nothing but an overwhelming reaction positive reaction from the locals of that said nation.

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The very fact that Prince William's visit to Israel was carried out in 2018, speaks volumes in regard to the overall timing of the Antichrist's future platform of peace directed at Israel, and what that peace will look like. Of course, for Israel to have the kind of peace treaty that requires all other nations surrounding it to sign off on it, including Russia and Iran, there first must come a terrible and grievous war, one in which Israel will easily win, and Putin will certainly lose, by the hand of God. Despite the Palestinian issue, Israel will remain under Jewish control in these last days so that God's greater plan is fulfilled when His Son returns to the Holy City to finally be accepted by Israel. So while Jerusalem is important to gain by the Arabs, God has clearly spoken that they shall never have it. There is only one coming who be able to wrest Jerusalem away from the Jews, and that is Satan himself, thru his Antichrist. Therefore, any reckless talk from the Palestinian side about making Jerusalem theirs will certainly be a doomed one. In fact, the Palestinians are not innocent in their intentions of merely wanting a Palestinian State, they also want to ensure the rest of their plan, going back decades, of completely removing the State of Israel in stages, and they've announced this quite boldly in their many speeches among their own populous. The first stage is obtaining legitimacy through the United Nations. They plan on having the U.N. recognize a Palestinian state based on the 1967 borders. From there, they will push for the 1948 borders, which would drastically reduce the size of Israel. After this Israel would be so weak, it would be easy to destroy. They also intend on using violence if Israel does not go along. The Israelis have stated they will not divide Jerusalem, and they will not go back to the 1967 borders. This could lead to an awesome confrontation between the Palestinians and Israel, and yet the Palestinians would have many nations of the world supporting them. Where will America stand? Has anyone told our President that to divide Israel is to bring a sure and certain unrelenting curse upon the nation by the hand of God? History damn well proves it, not to mention Biblical prophecy proves that dubious task of dividing Israel is assigned to the coming "Prince of the Covenant" and then to the accursed Antichrist ultimately. Remember too, as predicted in Daniel 11:21, the Antichrist will "flatter" Israel to obtain the "honor of the Kingdom," which is to say, it is what the Antichrist tells Israel that eventually makes them consider him for the role of The Messiah.

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Unlike other openly despotic, war-mongering Kings before him, the Satanic-possessed Antichrist deceives the world by offering it what it desires most, world peace, prosperity, and security, beginning with the most disputed and dangerously unresolved thorn in the world's side: the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. However, it should be carefully noted, the Scriptures make clear in Daniel 9:27 that the Antichrist will not actually be responsible for creating that seven-year peace treaty between Israel and its Arab neighbors, he instead merely *confirms* an obviously already existing, albeit defunct, peace covenant. This is important and seemingly tells us that by the time Antichrist rises to power, there will have already been a prior peace treaty between the Israelis and Palestinians. Therefore the current roadmap leading to a "two-state solution" with Israel existing alongside a "New Palestine" with no walls between them will make such a treaty that fosters it, all the more prophetically important, not for the supposed peace it brings, but the quick destruction which is prophesied to come immediately after, and how the Antichrist later uses it to establish his own agenda. Interesting also, while inept men like Jared Kushner are picked to handle Israel's peace, that, on this side of the Collapse, could only result in that PRIOR peace treaty subtly alluded to in Daniel 11:21-23, that serves as the foundation for Antichrist's later confirmation of it, after its designer "Prince of the Covenant" [which could be interpreted as America itself] is washed away by "arms of a flood." This flood used is not literal, but is intriguing nonetheless, as it could be referencing the coming Collapse itself. In other words, the age that the world enters into (after the great Magog battle) called the Collapse, will bring about a time when Satan ramps up his grand deception toward Israel regarding his Antichrist coming across to them as their long-awaited Messiah. The Bible also informs us that a time is coming when a 7-year peace treaty by which the Antichrist later confirms, is to be first drafted long before the Antichrist ever arrives.

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Thus, nearer to our time, look for such a treaty to be drafted, perhaps before, but certainly after the Battle of Gog and Magog. The man that is accredited for the design of the coming Israeli-Palestinian peace treaty is referred to in the Daniel prophecy as The Prince of the Covenant* and given what President Trump has just today announced, this Prince of the Covenant may very well be Trump's Son-in-Law, Jared Kushner. As such, look for Kushner (owner of the 666 5th Ave. building) to at least attempt to broker a Mideast peace framework to last 7 years, quite possibly to last from 2019 to 2025. However, because the Scriptures in Daniel 11:22 cite that this Prince of the Covenant will be "overflown," and thus not be able to see the final phase of his seven year plan toward peace come into being. The Prince of the Covenant could be Prince William himself, who is prophesied to die, and then return. (Taken less literal, this "prince of the covenant" could be a young nation, like the United States itself, that it then judged, being "overflown by a flood," an event that must occur if Antichrist and Europe are to lead the world). Thus, while the author of the 7-year treaty might die, the plan itself shall outlive him back in Israel, later allowing Antichrist to confirm it. This same framework, yet to be established, with its seven year timeline will later be picked up by the Antichrist himself on the other side of the Gog-Magog conflict. The Scriptures go on to explain that the Antichrist will break the covenant 'in the midst thereof, and cause the overspreading of abominations.' That is to say, precisely 1,260 days after the Antichrist confirms the former treaty, at the midpoint of the full seven lunar years, shall Antichrist break the treaty made with Israel, and initiate a war with Israel that ends with his conquering of Jerusalem, before entering into its newly built Jewish Temple and its Holy of Holies to seat himself therein, as God. This is what Christ meant by the 'Abomination of Desolation,' to which, when the Jews see this, they are to flee into the mountains, or face death at the hands of their so-called Messiah. So, God knowing all of this this well in advance, certainly frowns upon all of what leads up to that future false peace covenant of Antichrist against Israel, even now. Antichrist confirms that treaty for precisely seven years, which may prove that the next peace treaty between the Israelis and Palestinians will adopt a seven-year timetable and roadmap (2019-2025?), then obviously become negated at some point, likely by violence involving the Temple Mount or perhaps Israel's eventual attack on Iran, another likely catalyst and flashpoint for the coming Battle of Gog and Magog.

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Aside from Jared Kushner, Trump's author of a coming "Middle East peace plan," another interesting person to watch in regard to this "Prince of the Covenant" figure prophesied in Daniel, is Emmanuel Macron of France. Of course, given Prince William's own stake in an upcoming Israeli-Palestinian peace, which he said is now his life's goal going forward, and being that he actually is a prince, he is still the leading candidate for any future treaty by which the Antichrist (himself) later confirms. This would assume the "prince of the covenant" and the "Prince that cometh" are, in fact, one and the same person. However the prophecy is fulfilled, one thing is certain, by the time the Antichrist rises to power, the Jewish Third Temple in Jerusalem will either have already been built, or be constructed early during his reign where the Dome of the Rock and Al-Aqsa Mosque stand today. Of course, if the Antichrist is actually behind the building of the Third Temple in any way, that alone would make the Jews adore him all the more, and be the very hinge from which they could later see him as their Messiah. However, the prophecies in Daniel and Ezekiel lead me to believe that the Jews will build the Third Temple themselves, just after the Battle of Gog and Magog. What must come first for that Temple to be built, however, is the final destruction of the Dome of the Rock and the Al-Aqsa Mosque. I believe that will occur shortly before, during, or just after the culmination of the Battle of Gog and Magog, when not only Russian and Persia's armies will be destroyed, but Islam itself will fall as a result, because, as prophesied, in that day, will many nations know that the God of Israel supernaturally protected Israel, and thus, shall an age of supernatural events begin, of God, but also of Satan. In fact, God clearly makes it known in the Scriptures that Jerusalem, and Israel proper, is entirely God's and not to be carved up in some ill-fated accursed peace deal with anyone, human or otherwise. One way the Antichrist removes the guard of entire nations will be his policy toward the completely disarmament of the world's nuclear stockpiles by giving them over to him in exchange for global peace. We already know the world's answer. "Who is like unto the Beast? Who is able to make war with him?" In this has Satan made his fateful move against the Jewish state, knowing that once Israel has rendered itself defenseless, that it is from that point forward open to his later attack and conquest.

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The problem for the Palestinians and their supporters is that the God of Israel has made an everlasting Covenant with Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and their descendants over the land. The U.N., as well as any President who brings a nation of "Palestine" into reality, will be in direct conflict with the Holy God of Israel. Some Jews holding power in Israel already realize this, about God's curse, like PM Netanyahu, which is why you'll always see them allowing a continual building of new settlement housings in disputed territory, whilst other more liberal or older, more war weary Jews, like the late Ariel Sharon, believed that they could bring about peace simply by giving away more of Israel's God-given land to the Palestinians. Clearly, Sharon was wrong, and now in 2018, only in hindsight, but of which God could only foresee, are we finally seeing what Ariel Sharon's giving away of Gaza is leading toward...the Battle of Gog and Magog, when Russia defends the Palestinians. Ultimately, despite his impressive war record, Ariel Sharon ignored the many warnings in the Bible not to divide the land which God provided, to his own peril. Psalm 105:8-11 states "He hath remembered His Covenant forever, the word which He commanded to a thousand generations, this Covenant He made with Abraham, and His oath unto Isaac; and confirmed the same unto Jacob for a law, and to Israel for an Everlasting Covenant: Saying, Unto thee will I give the land of Canaan, the lot of your inheritance." Joel 3:13 states "For, behold, in those days, and in that time, when I shall bring again the captivity of Judah and Jerusalem, I will also gather all nations, and will bring them down into the valley of Jehoshaphat, and will plead with them there for my people and for my heritage Israel, whom they have scattered among the nations, and parted My land." Even though Obama is slowly starting to see the light in regards to America's role in protecting Israel, it was only last May (2010) Obama added to the pressure on Israel, stating that its "official US policy" that a Palestinian state must be created based on the 1967 borders which ultimately means dividing Jerusalem, something God Himself would not accept under any conditions. Back then, Obama agreed with the Palestinians and as recently as May 22, 2010, Obama made a speech where he again reaffirmed the dividing of Jerusalem.

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Within hours of this speech, a powerful tornado ripped through Missouri and destroyed Joplin. It was one of the worst tornadoes in US history with high loss of life and billions of dollars in property damage. The key is this storm hit just a few hours after the President’s speech to divide Israel. In fact, President Bush's speech and the destruction were headlines together on all the news services. This devastation follows a pattern in America since President George H. W. Bush started the “Peace Process” to divide Israel in 1991, the same year he announced on September 11th, 1991, of the coming formation of a New World Order, ten years to the day before September 11th, 2001. While Bush lived out to see 'his' New World Order plan be put into effect, thru his son, September 11th 2001 accomplished two things which contrast each other. While on the one hand, Saddam Hussein cursed himself by cursing, attacking, and further threatening to attack Israel, via paying off and making rich the families of dead Palestinian suicide bombers (as outlined in the above article), the wars Bush has led ultimately backfired against America (which was the long-range plan of the Occult overlords anyway) because it has brought in yet another Military-reducing democrat President into office, Hussein Obama, who does believe the Israelis are occupying "Palestine," not to mention his own domestic policies will ultimately render America too weak to keep its global standing. History shows there have been dozens of disasters that have suddenly struck America at the very time the nation is pressuring Israel to divide up their land, in another failed land-for-Palestinian peace swap. If you remember, it was at the very time then President Bush was moving to divide Jerusalem, and when Ariel Sharon, Israel's Kadima Prime Minister caved into the pressure toward peace, and set about to appease Bush, the West, UN, and Arabs, by giving up Gaza entirely. If you remember, the Jewish people fought for their homes, against the Israeli military, many of whom took to their rooftops to beg not to leave their homes. Meanwhile, back in America, came Katrina, one of the worst natural disasters ever, when people of New Orleans also took to their rooftops, and begged just to survive the rising flood waters. Many died, and it took several years later to repair some of the damaged caused.

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Certainly God was showing just how much control He still has over world events, to show His great disapproval of anyone dividing His Land, and with such a distinct "eye for an eye" approach that only He could bring to pass, as if to say 'You do that to my Land, and I'll do the same to your land, and at a price.' Thus, while Bush and Sharon created the events in Kadima, God gave back to Bush the payback called "Katrina" and within days, it was being reported Bush's presidency would be forever marred. Meanwhile, back in Israel, instead of a Palestinian peace that Ariel Sharon thought would ensue, the terrorists of Hamas were suddenly elected to Gaza's government and wasted no time in launching deadly rockets into Israel. Moreover, just before Ariel Sharon was about to go even further and give away the entire West Bank, to the Palestinians, as well, without warning he suddenly fell into a coma, that lasted 8 years until his death. While the flood waters from Katrina have long since receded, the curse in America still remains. On September 29th 2008, which oddly enough was also Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year, Bush's presidency took yet another devastating hit when Lehman Brothers collapsed and the stock market plunged in a 777-point drop, the greatest one-day crash in history. To this day, the U.S. economy and job markets have never fully recovered. Now under Obama's last days, it seems the more America pushes against Israel to divide God's land, the more America, and its President, will pay for it. Heading into 2017, and the first year of President Trump's tenure, it may very well be that he, or Russian President Putin, may attempt that prophesied (temporary) peace deal to come, between Israel and the Palestinians. Despite whatever Putin or Trump vainly think they can do, doesn't even matter, for God will push the cosmic start button that forces every Palestinian radically opposed to Israel's existence out of Israel via the Gog-Magog war. Because of Netanyahu's strong resolve and clear leadership that does not cower in the face of evil, a resolve that certainly sets him apart from Obama's former strategy of Islamic appeasement, at least Israel won't be readily shaken in heart, not spirit, when the Palestinians rise up and demand a Palestinian State. Moreover, Netanyahu's calling out to the remnant Jewish population of Europe to finally come home, ensures God is behind him, for God wants His People to return en masse, not so much so they could be deceived by Satan's Antichrist, in that time coming, but because He wants a fully stocked Jewish Israel to ultimately witness the return of His Son, fulfilling Zechariah.

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We Were Warned. Beware False Prophets Calling Good as Evil, and Evil as Good

Jeremiah's prophecy (Jeremiah 6:14 cross referenced with 1 Thessalonians 5:3) cites that there is a time coming in which the future Jews of Israel shall think they have entered into a true and lasting peace with their neighbors, only for some outside force to intervene and destroy it completely. Interestingly, when you carefully read the Gog-Magog prophecy of Ezekiel, it states that God, with God speaking, is the very One who allows Russia and Iran, as well as others, to invade Israel, yet God, in His grand wisdom, only brings about this semblance of Israel's annihilation in order to, on the one hand, force Israel to see that they need not make such accursed "land for peace" deals with anyone, because it is God's Land which He has given to Jews, fulfilling His promise to Abraham. As mentioned, the Antichrist comes into this world as the culmination of all of man's own wickedness manifested into one charismatic man born to be King. But the Beast also arrives to turn Israel's hard heart away from Satan, and back to God via Christ, ultimately. This is why Israel must endure the Tribulation. Israel has rejected Jesus Christ, the Son of David (in flesh), as well as God (in Spirit). Three years into his reign, Antichrist begins to openly curse Israel's God, and seek those who also "hate the Covenant" just before he launches his own attack upon Israel, conquering Jerusalem like Titus had done 2,000 years before, as well as desecrating the Holy Jerusalem Temple with his mocking pig sacrifice like King Antiochus IV had done 2,200 years before, and the Knights Templar had secretly carried out during the Crusades. We also know from the Scripture seen above, that Antichrist will not only forsake the Peace Covenant made with Israel, he will also "divide the Land for gain," giving parts of Israel to his loyal, chosen subjects for their help in his conquering of God's nation of Israel, thus achieving all five of Lucifer's "I Wills." On August 28th, 2018 came the birth of the red heifer, which the Temple Institute claims is without spot or any blemish, and entirely red, the very prerequisite needed for the its eventual sacrificial ashes to initiate the rebuilding of the coming Third Temple (and the Antichrist thereafter). We are right at the doors of the Battle of Gog and Magog, the Rapture, and of the resulting Collapse from which the world reconstructs itself upon entirely new lines to welcome their New Messiah.

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** JANUARY 1 2019 UPDATE ** This should be shocking news to all those who watch among you. Ever since Prince William has visited Israel in late June 2018, there has been at least seven Biblical signs that have occurred since his visit to the Holy Land last summer. Moreover, these same signs are already being interpreted by Israel's Jews as omens of the fast-approaching prophetic (Gog and Magog) battle with Russia and Iran and their allies, as well as the rebuilding of their Temple, and the appearance of their chosen Jewish Messiah afterward. The seven signs that manifested are listed by me as follows: 1) June 24, 2018: Prince William's visit to Israel where he was welcomed with overwhelming response by the Jewish people, both religious and non-religious. 2) July 23, 2018: The fallen stone (symbol of Lucifer's fall) that almost killed a Jewish woman praying at the ancient Temple wall exactly one month after Prince William visited the wall. 3) July 27, 2018: A rare Blood Moon Eclipse that appeared precisely a month after William left Israel. 4) August 28, 2018: The ultra-rare birth of a spotless Red Heifer that will be used in the future Third Temple dedication sacrifice. 5) October 4, 2018: The greater abundance of new fish and other aquatic life suddenly appearing in the heavily-salted Dead Sea, fulfilling Ezekiel's vision. 6) October 31, 2018: A serpent appearing out of nowhere from the stones of the ancient Temple wall, that scared away a pigeon "representative of Israel" according to the Jewish Zohar. 7) January 20-21 2019: Another Blood Moon Eclipse to start off a new year that will obviously prove important in regard to God's prophetic timing of events and the lead-up to the Battle of Gog and Magog (that many will call "Armageddon,") and afterward, the rise of the Antichrist (whom many will call the "Jewish Messiah"). What makes this lunar "Super Blood Wolf Moon Eclipse" in early 2019 even more unique, is that it is the last total lunar eclipse until May 26, 2021 and last Blood Moon until 2039. Mind you, we just had a string of at least six very rare Blood Moon Eclipses in comparatively rapid succession since 2014, with the last one on January 21st 2019 being deemed the most rare of them all. Factor in all of those "once in a lifetime" or "worst ever in recorded history" signs via the massive hurricanes, storms, floods, droughts, wildfires, earthquakes, tsunami's, volcano's, and earthquakes, and you'd have the proper context from which these Blood Moon Eclipses are also connected. When taken together, the more accurate interpretations of all these things appearing so close together are obviously designed to awaken the sleeper within us, with God warning Israel of the fallen Angel and Serpent, Satan, coming in the form of their "Messiah," to sit in the future Third Temple from where he will attempt to destroy the Jews, which is what all of those very rare Blood Moons are representing, out of which shall come a great salvation of ("fish") saved Jews who look to Christ only as their King, God, and Savior. Amen.

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Where certain news reports circulating have only accounting for three of these signs, clearly there have been at least seven, so far. Another intriguing fact is the rock that fell and almost killed the praying woman, who herself is clearly representative of Israel, came one day after the infamous 9th of Av date in the Jewish calendar when both previous ancient Temples were destroyed on the same day, albeit 656 years apart. As such, these obvious signs from God's should not be ignored as we tread further into 2019. Also remember, because most Christians and other researchers completely forget this one important fact, the Third Temple has its key role not with Christians funding that coming Temple, as we exist within the Body of Christ and His Temple already, but as with all of end-time prophecy and these last 2,000 years, have ultimately been working solely toward leading Jews to Christ. In other words, the entire work of Satan himself that leads to his Antichrist is just another tool God will use to bring Israel around toward its ultimate fate, which is the realization that Christ is their only Messiah and King. Let that fact sink in for a moment. Understand, the entire purpose of the Tribulation of Antichrist is to lead the Jews to Christ, period. Let that sink in for another moment. Where exactly is it that Christ geographically returns to when He returns to earth? Correct, Jerusalem, and specifically, the Mount of Olives which is situated just east of where the coming Temple is to be built. The coming Third Temple being prepared now, therefore, serves not just the future Antichrist, but first and foremost God the Father of whom the Jews will originally dedicate that Temple to. But, understand, after the destruction of the Antichrist, that same Third Temple shall be "CLEANSED" as stated in Daniel 8:14 (see also Daniel 12:12 and Zechariah 14:16) to SERVE JESUS CHRIST at the 1,335th day after the Antichrist made it desolate, which is precisely 45 days past the 1,290th and last day of Antichrist's reign. In other words, that very same Third Temple being prepared today is key to prophetic Scripture because it will one day host Jesus Christ precisely 45 days after His return and for the following 1,000-years of His Millennial rule on earth. So while some today see the coming Third Temple in Jerusalem as only serving the coming false Jewish Messiah (Antichrist) we must be wiser to understand what God's Word has already informed us between Daniel and Zechariah that the coming Third Temple in Zion will be the last Jewish Temple on this planet, and will both be dedicated to God, and later serve His Son for 1,000 years. However, after the Judgments, when the Father and Son brings us their New Heaven and New Earth prepared from before the foundation of the present world, there shall exist a more perfect, eternal Temple at the center of God's Kingdom that shall serve the Father and Son forever, and never be destroyed.

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It has been noted in the Zohar: Just as the pigeon is safe so long as it seeks shelter among the stones of the Temple Mount, the Jews are protected by the Torah commandments. When the pigeon comes out from the stones or the Jews move away from the Torah, they are in danger. In Hebrew numerology, the Nachash (Serpent) equals 358, the same as Moshiach or the Messiah. The Zohar the basis of Jewish mysticism explained that the evil inclination, personified by the snake in Eden, will make a resurgence in the days before Messiah, tempted to come and drink sustenance from the enormous levels of holiness that will appear in the world in the end-of-days. The snake appeared in the women’s prayer section, emphasizing its relevance to women. In Genesis, it is described how Eve was tempted into sin by the snake. Now the serpent was the shrewdest of all the wild beasts that Hashem God had made. He (Nachash) said to the woman, “Did Hashem really say: You shall not eat of any Tree...This is not the only time in recent history that the Temple Mount has yielded apocalyptic signs. About four months ago [exactly one month after Prince William visited Israel], a large piece of one of the ancient stones weighing several hundred pounds suddenly fell and barely missed one of the women who came to pray at dawn. Another sign appeared on Hoshana Rabba, the last day of Sukkot [September 30, 2018] when a large cloud of mist began billowing up from the ground inside the Temple Mount Compound, surrounding the Dome of the Rock for several minutes.

Clyde Lewis: NACHASH – Thinking Outside the Beast

How art thou fallen from Heaven, O Lucifer, Morning Star! How art thou cut down to the ground, you which corrupted the nations! For thou hast said in thine heart...

1] I WILL ascend into Heaven [Heavenly Zion].
2] I WILL exalt my throne above the Angels of God.
3] I WILL sit on the Mount in the Sides of the North [Earthly Zion].
4] I WILL ascend above the heights of the clouds.
5] I WILL become like God [in the form of a Messiah]

Isaiah 14:12-14; The Holy Bible