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State Drama Tournament

Adjudicator Mission Statement

Instruction is the primary focus of high school theatre participation. It is a learning process that encourages student involvement in all aspects of theatre. Students participating in the Wyoming theatre arts need to receive balanced criticism. Critiques should be honest, but also motivate the students to progress. Judges should deliver positive/constructive criticism that encourages high school students' continued involvement and growth in theatre. Judges' remarks should reflect possible solutions for students' choices that are deemed ineffective.

Wyoming State High School Drama Competition

Our Beginnings...

This annual event has been held since 1972. The original gathering of the schools was held as a State Drama Festival. International Thespian activities were part of the festivities. In 1989 the state drama event became a competition. The event is a Wyoming High School Activities Association scheduled event.

And now...

Over 500 drama students grades 9 through 12 attend this annual event. On the average 25 Wyoming schools are represented.