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“Hi, Travis fans. A ”Banner Fling” will be held on June 7th in NYC, to promote the actor, Travis Fimmel. We're visiting the city's major t.v. networks during the a.m. prime-time news shows. If you want to attend, please let us know by May 10th. If you're a member of many forums, forgive the multiple requests, but we want to include everyone. And, if you can’t make it, all of you creative people out there, we would love some of your ideas for banners. Thanks a bunch. Please contact .”

I am working on making it so that Travis is not "cut" off when you view the site with a 800x600 resolution, so it might look kind of strage on some pages. Hopefully the changes will be finished by tomarrow night
I am curently chaning the layout, and adding even more pictures, so things might be a little weird for a day or two. Hope you like the changes!

Travis has cut his hair, and he still looks good!

I created the site, because I am a fan of course, but more so for the pictures. I always have a hard time finding a large number of pics on one site. I always have to vist a ton of them to see all the pics. I have well over 500 pics and I add new ones as I find them.

I am still working on the site, I plan to have much more, so keep checking back often. I hope you enjoy it, and please sign my guestbook and let me know what you think.