The character and aims of the papacy and the threat to your democracy.

Exposes Catholicism as a pseudo-Christian, covertly pagan religion. Exposes Mary worship as nothing better than a Christianized form of pagan goddess worship. A humorous tract explaining the origin of the Mass. (My favourite!) Exposes how the Vatican birthed Communism and Naziism. Exposes how the Catholic 'church' engineered WWII and the Holocaust as a modern-day Catholic Inquisition. Explains how the pope, priests and Eucharist are false christs. Exposes Rome's attempts to sabotage the King James Bible. A suicidal priest is told of the wicked history of his counterfeit, idolatrous 'church'. Choose between the pope or Jesus--purgatory or heaven. Santeria--mixing Catholic superstition and voodoo.
When Alberto's mother died, he decided to become a Jesuit priest to learn the truth about God. (Based on a true story.)     Alberto Part 3. Reveals how the Catholic church engineered both World Wars. This is the book the Catholic press is afraid to mention. Recommended!     The Secret History of the Jesuits. A noted historian exposes the Vatican's involvement in world politics, intrigues and the fomenting of wars throughout history.     The sensational account of the most horrifying religious massacre of the 20th century.

Exposes Allah as nothing but a pagan moon-god idol. A Muslim learns that his religion is a deception. A Muslim learns that Christ saves, Allah does not. Returning home after his many travels, a Muslim reveals the deceitful origins of Islam to his shocked family. A young Muslim boy is trained by his family to detonate himself as a martyr for Islam. A Muslim is mistaken for a terrorist then learns about eternal life. The character of Muhammad. Mohammed's young wife. God promises Abraham a son. Who owns Jerusalem? A man must choose between Muhammad and Jesus. God tells Abraham to sacrifice his son Isaac.
The pagan/Catholic origins of Islam.

Denounces the gay lifestyle of Sodom and Gomorrah. Denounces the gay lifestyle. An exposť on the gay lifestyle. A gay couple tries to deceive young students into accepting the gay lifestyle.

Abortion. Abortion. Exposes Freemasonry as satanic. Exposes the fable of evolution. A soldier leads his seargent to Christ. Store up your treasures in heaven, not here. A tragic tale of child sexual abuse. Explains how God loved you enough to die for you. To keep your sanity, rely on Christ. Murph learns that despite what his priest said, he can have assurance of salvation by faith in Jesus. Suicides do not go to heaven! A simple gospel message told in pictures. A girl learns of Satan's plans to destroy her. The blood of Christ will save you from destruction. A rabbi learns too late that Jesus was his Messiah. God's moral law, the Ten Commandments. A simple and touching story about an abused boy who got saved. Goliath. A woman learns too late about the dangers of promiscuity. Do not click. This tract is not ready yet. Life is a trip to either heaven or hell. (One of my favourite.) Gives Christians instructions on how to get their prayers answered. A Hindu priest learns that Hinduism is satanic and turns to Jesus for salvation. Based on a true story. A Buddhist learns too late that only Jesus could have saved him. A woman learns what the bizarre doctrines of Mormonism really are, just in the nick of time. A young boy learns to heed God's warning against sin. A thug at a dangerous high school learns that Jesus loves him. The classic tract that started it all. A man learns that he should have trusted Jesus for salvation. Soul Story. Advises how to spread the gospel using Chick tracts. He Never Told Us! Humbug! Reverend Wonderful. Exposes Rome's connection to the Communistic Liberation Theology in South America. A Demon's Nightmare.

Halloween and the Occult
Exposes the true satanic purpose behind Halloween. Happy Halloween. Boo! The Little Princess. While out for Halloween, a young girl explains the Gospel to her friends. Satan's Master is...? A teenaged girl brings her life to near ruin through drug abuse and the occult. A teenaged girl learns that witchcraft is really satanism. A young woman is possessed by an unclean spirit. Cautions against playing occult-oriented role-playing games. Explains how Halloween began and the choice everyone has to make between Jesus and Satan. A young witch is warned what the Bible says about witchcraft. The Nervous Witch part 2. Gladys is warned of her fate. A campy vampire story that ends with a straight gospel message.

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