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By joining our chat you must first agree to the following rules.
  • No profanity, cussing, flooding or SHOUTING IN ALL CAPS whether in messages, actions, nicknames or quit messages.
  • The only exception to the first rule is in #BearShare-Rant where mature discussion is allowed.
  • No racism, sexism, homophobia, impersonation or other personal attacks. Help keep the chat friendly.
  • No spamming of websites, channel names or shared files.
  • No discussion of warez, cracks, keygens or other copyrighted materials.
  • You will also comply with the Acceptable Usage Policy of the network.
  • The operators of these channels reserve the right to remove anyone they consider to be harmful to chat. Should you believe a long term ban to be unjustified you may make your case in #BearShare-Appeals.
Password: ...if registered with nickserv
#BearShare-Main #BearShare-Main
All are welcome here. This is an all ages channel so keep it clean and have fun.
#BearShare-Lobby #BearShare-Lobby
Answer general knowledge questions against the clock and before everyone else. Quizmaster resides here.
#BearShare-Rant #BearShare-Rant
The ONLY place where rude behaviour is tolerated and there are still rules too.
#BearShare-Main #BearShare-Help
We can help with problems using BearShare. Read the Help and support section first.
Java is required

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