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September 29th:

A special little clip in the media section. The new Burnley park is utter beast.

September 28th:

click here for new Bangers and Mash Promo.

September 23rd:

WISDOM is moving!! as of this Saturday (the 25th) Wisdom will be relocated to the merrion centre. It's easy to find, just in the arcade behind Morrisons. Rumours of Pig and Whistle getting some special built things as well. Show the love and pop yer heads in init.

September 19th:

some more little clips at t'works from't'other neet.

September 15th:

CECIMOZ.CO.UK!!!!!!! check it!

September 7th:

There's lot of goings on:

T'was a sad day for Bradford the other week witht he famous T&A banks being demolished. RIP.

but look to the future. Bradford is going to be redevolped by the chap who designed most of Milton Keenes.

"the REAL team are gonna be in Leeds for 3 days from the 25th of September. As far as I know whos coming its Stanton, Ramondetta, Torres, Busenitz and a couple of others."

Leeds is getting a muesume built and from what i seen of the plans gonna be hto spot for skating.

Matt Hirst's video 'et cetera' will be available in sumo and exit (leeds). Jerome, Johny McNair, Moogins, Mike have sections as well as others. I heard Sproat (now residing in the art city of Sheffield) has some good stuff on it. watch here.

DMWY tee's are still available. I will work out how to sell them on this website soon. watch this space.

Check Guy out rocking dmwy tee, don't you think he resembles a certain sheffield based document / blueprint photographer.

August 28th:
dmwy Tees are now available at wisdom at £15, white or black. mass repping going down.
It was the motorola comp thing at the works today. Was pretty good. Check feature page for footage.
Loads of people won brand new phones and money and stuff, and browny managed to 5-0 his over 18 way to rotterdam for the next comp. all pretty gnarls.

August 27th:
Nike lot were around in sheff and leeds today. Pretty cool only managed to film abit - check the footage in the media section.

oh yeah and the dmwy tees will be in wisdom first thing tomorrow morning as ong as the printer hasn;t fucked me about. if youve pre ordered your pick it up there, unless contact me and i'll post it to you. Otherwise they will be selling at £15, get em while their hot, limeted edition these.

August 23rd:
dmwy tees will be ont scene on friday.

James J and Seb have finally got there site up. And Jacob's finally got safewaymob version 5 up and running. check em out. and especially The et cetera clips from the soul capturing machine of Matt Hirst. october 04 i keep hearing. word.

August 22nd:
Some updates finally. New clips int media section.

DMWY tees are just about ready to drop. The first batch will be able to be bought from this very site and wisdom skate shops. When all those tees have been sold a second batch will be made which should hopefully be available in many more shops.

August 7th:
It was the hyde park unity day comp thing. Pretty good day all round, nice weather and an especially nice guide to the day from Herald Lovegun DJ / MC Si. peace. Manhead won under sixteens and that Distillers chap won over sixteens. Doug and Lynskie won best trick. I filmed for about 4 minutes during the best trick comp, footage here. I missed so many tricks but what can you do. i'm off for a week, peace.

August 1st:

Upcoming events>

Oh yeah and the hyde park comp, hosted by exit, music from heraldian lovegun dj's (i'm not going to use the grundig quote like in sidewalk this month - which is a beast issue by the way) will be held this saturday (august 7th). peace.

July 30th:
All the dmwy t-shirts per-order spaces are taken but some people still need to pay up. As soon as they have paid then straight to the t-shirt printing place. Anyway I fucked my ankle so i'll have alot of time to work on a big update.

July 24th:
To generate money to get the dmwy t-shirts made I need 20 pre-orders. When the t-shirts (graphics over there-->) are in shops they will retail at £15. But you can get yours for £10 when you pre-order. This means you can guaranty you will get the colour and size you want.

Since I'm not very confident with money over the internet, the pre-orders can be made in the Leeds Wisdom shop.

July 15:
Osiris demo footage here.
Didn;t film much, too busy skating. back on wednesday.

July 14th:
As you can see. New Wisdom decks are ont scene. hot wood (same as alien workshop) with hot graphics. only £30 an all.
Osiris demo tomorrow 4pm onwards at the works. Boulala, Barletta, bucchieri, Hsu, Brockman
. Full coverage will be up on here next thursday due to me oing off to paris straight after the demo. peace.

July 10th:

Footage from a little sesh down the works last night, up in the media section. Snoz has built a strange new ledge thing, check it in the footage.

July 8th:

Adio demo was alright, the crowd was more middleaged scally mums than skateboarders. It's sad to say but Tony Hawk has a rancid style. Footage of the demo is in the feature section. Osiris next.

July 4th:
Adio demo at the works on tuesday: 6pm onwards £10 for members £15 if not. Expect footage on here. Plus there is some new footage up in the media bit.

June 28th:

Four new clips from the finnished hyde park. hot shit.

June 19th:
New scargviion.

Ty Evans' footage from the uk girl tour off crailtap here.

Another little clip in the media section.

June 16th:
sorry and props to killer kreator and his krew - hyde krew. word.
There has been alot of rumours going around about thw works latley, but you'll be very glad to hear: it's all good. The works is now working to promote street skateboarding in leeds. Shows what the internet can do. don't mess wi' yorkshire. special updates coming soon.

June 11th:
New 'feature'. This time it is a lost and found ad from blueprint, with 'off cut' clips from magee's third video an all, even some hidden tour footage. The girl stuff is now int media bit. Like the old feature stuff moves to media when it's over.
And Liam's got a new hair cut.

June 8th:

stoked. got linked on to by crailtap.

June 7th:

You may have noticed that this site has changed. There is now more media, not to mention the new feature and art sections. The feature section will have media / whatever on recent events and happenings, it currently has footage from the girl demo at the works last sunday. Speaking of which was a pretty good demo, you could tell they wern't really feeling it, but i guess I wouldn;t if Ihad to perform. Beibs didn't really skate but you can't blame him, he's too dope. The Art section (in media) will exhibit local art work that currently includes the Herald Boards.

And I promise i'll sort out the t-shirts soon.

The works will now be hosting a Zero tour (Sat 19th June), an Adio tour (Tue 6th July) and an Osiris tour (Thu 15th July).
The only riders i can confirm are: Tony Hawk (wow...), Jamie Thomas and John Rattray.
Oh and by the way, if your stuck on how to use this site, use the rose to navigate.