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White Mountain Green River side


White Mountain Green River Side

There are two antennas on this side of WM.

Description......This is an Airport Becon for the Rock Springs Airport. It sits about 5 miles NE of Green River and can be heard on a frequency of 115 mhz with a good VHF radio. If you go any higher on the dial you can hear transmitions from the tower to planes sometimes. Exact loc unknown.

Description........This tower is a cell phone tower used by Commnet Celluar. It is about a mile or two east of the antenna above. and about 5 miles from Rock Springs. Here is all the info...Company: COMMNET CELLULAR LICENSE HOLDING LLC
Registration ID / Type: 1009227 / TOWER
Longitude: 109.3644 (109D 21M 52S)
Latitude: 41.5583 (41D 33M 30S)
Directions: 1.5 MI N OF I80 & 5.6 MI W OF ROCK SPRINGS
Elevation/Height: 2263.1 / 94.2 meters, 7425 / 309 feet