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Wyoming Police and scanner frequencies.

Welcome to The Wyoming Police Scanner Frequencies page with the same classic, easy to use style. NOTE TO VISITORS: Several (not all) of these frequencies are several years out of date. We have had absolutely no time what so ever lately to update much. A lot of our time has been spent putting together the URL which still needs support even though it is online. Frequencies will be updated on a yearly basis based (as they are now) on the book from Radio Shack, and several websites. Basically stating, once the page on the URL is in effect, updates will resume. Until then, please use the "Big Lists" links on most of the city pages to get up to date freqencies. To support the URL and ultimately the updates, be sure to follow the Radio Tower Locations and Info (RTLI) link below and buy something cool from our store! Your payment helps pay the six month fee for the URL. You can also donate any amount of $ to us via pay pal, even a dollar goes a long way. The link to do this is on all three pages. Sorry for any of this inconvienience this has caused.

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Radio Tower Locations and Info(RTLI) Uupdated more frequently..

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City Freq. Providers of the "big lists."

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Counties of Wyoming,

To locate where the counties are click here

Albany County

Bighorn County

Campbell County

Carbon County

Converse County

Crook County

Fremont County

Goshen County

Hot Springs County

Johnson County

Laramie County

Lincoln County

Natrona County

Niobrara County

Park County

Platte County

Sheridan County

Sublette County

Sweetwater County

Teton County

Uinta County

Washakie County

Weston County

Cities (listed in alphabetical order)





Jackson Hole




Rock Springs


Teton County (area)



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