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What is Lycanthropy?

What is it?:

"Lyacnthropy: An extreme for of violet insanity in which a person imitates the behavior of a wolf"
(In other words:) Lycanthropy is a condition where a person believes they are a Werewolf, or a semi-human creature. It is said to be a mental condition commonly linked to Schizophrenia. One with this "condition" believes they are an animal of prey... usually a wolf or dog, or sometimes other creatures like bears or lions. This is said to be where most werewolf myths came from. Lycanthropy is to most a disorder where you think and act like a certain animal.

Therianthropy: Therianthropy is SIMILAR to Lycanthropy. Therianthropes can mentally shift, but can usually wit for a better time to do it. A deep sense of peace can usually be experienced with Therianthropy, and it is said that a person becomes "one with the animal within"

Common Theories behind "Werewolves"

1. Between the years 1520 and 1630 people were thought to be werewolves. One theory to explain why this happened is that peasants ate rye bread that was contaminated with fungus that acted as a powerful hallucinogenic. When they ate the fungus, they would have delusions that they could change form. The fungus (called Ergot) is as powerful as LSD. The Ergot would attach itself to the wheat and often go un-noticed.

2. It is also thought myths could have been started from CGH (Congenital Generalized Hypertrichosis). CGH is a gene that causes thick, black hair on the face and upper body. All people have this gene, but it lays dormint in most.

Different types of shifting:

when most people think of shape shifting, they picture changing their body physically. although this IS one type of shifting (Physical Shifting) it is not the only type of shifting.

Mental Shifting: When a specific species within one's soul or spirit dominates over any other. Basically the creature within's characteristics (ie: thinking, acting ect..) take over, or some to mind. This can usually be controlled.

Physical Shifting: When your body changes into a different for Ie: transforming from a human into a hawk. It is said by some that this fporm of shifting is impossible. It is said by others that people CAN shapeshift physically, but usually don't tell any one.

Astral Shifting: When you leave your body and shape shift your form (this is not physical shifting because, your body does not shift, your spirit does)

Dream Shifting: When you shift while in midst of a dream. This is common, but few remember it actually happening to them. One usually Dream Shifts while having a nightmare and feel the need to escape a danger or if they are having a dream about shifting.

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