Sept 17, 1995

Hey Dad. Did you get my last letter? My business outline? I'm still in The Gambia and I guess I'm staying for a while longer. There are too many things I wanted to do before I left Africa. I want to visit Senegal, buy souveigners and Christmas presents, get some clothes made. So I don't plan to come home soon but I may come home anytime. I just want you to be prepared and not be shocked if I come home. But as of now I am staying. I have to take one day at a time. Plus every month I stay another $200 goes into my account. I am excited about my new school year but I also think about my life back in the states. I enjoy writing letters and making plans!

So, back to my life here. My new site mate is here. His name is Jeremy. We are still in Kombo but we are going to Illiasa Tuesday. I plan on cooking dinner for the teachers. I'm excited. I'll buy shrimp from the stream down the road. 1 kilo for 25 D. and make a stir-fry.

Right now I am at a restaurant watching the Browns beat Houston. 3rd quarter, 7-0. Hope it holds. I tried to bet on the Browns but no one wanted to take the bet. Cleveland is looking good in sports!

Don't worry about me getting your letters. I'm here for a while and even if I go home Abhijit will forward my letters to me. I'm still dating him. We are fairly happy. He is buying his father a house and giving his brother some money to start a business. He is thinking about opening a restaurant in Colorado Springs when we get home. All I know is I am staying in Cleveland to work on my own business.

I am trying to make a video tape of my life here so be on the lookout for that around January.

Sorry I haven't written in so long but it's so crazy here. Oh yeah, my cat Lamin died leaving me with 3 kittens who need to be bottle fed.
I love you!

Sept 21, 1995

Hey Peg,
Whaz up? So, I got the pictures. Thanks a million but they must have been totally boring for you! Sorry. I am planning on making a video of my life here. I'm sending it to my mom. Maybe you'll see it sometime.

So, I plan on staying. I really wanted to go home. Even told you and my parents. But as of now, I'm staying. No guarantee I'll stay a year but, so far so good. I take my LSAT Oct 1st.

Abhijit and I are still together. Screwy as usual. I'm off the pill and using condoms. I decided to go back on but he doesn't want me to. He says having his baby wouldn't be the worst thing in the world. (but I'm not so sure). I've gone back on anyway. I'm not wanting his baby at this point. The only bonus is that he's got money! :)

I'm in the middle of home improvement. Planting a garden, getting some tables and a spare bed. Painting the house blue.

My cat Lamin died, leaving me babies. Abhijit and I spent a lot of time and effort keeping them alive and some damn kids broke Osh's shoulder and we had to kill him. So I gave the other baby away. It was too sad. I cried all night. Poopsy is pregnant though. I'm excited about it, having children around the house! :)

I'm still planning my business. I'm writing letters but not getting much information. It's exciting though.

If I make it though, I fly home on July 15. It's not THAT long, right? When are you getting married? How’s Barry? and Bill? Robb's still seeing "what's her name" and I guess he's happy. I still haven't seen a picture.
So I gotta go, but now that I'm in Illiasa I'll write more.
Love ya sister,

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