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Kevin Biography

Kevin Richardson spent his first nine years on a 10-acre farm and the next eight in a modern-day log cabin. "I had a great childhood," says Backstreet Boys' oldest member. "I loved school, played Little League football, rode horses and dirtbikes, and sang into a hairbrush in front of my bedroom mirror." The boy was happy--and he could sing. After receiving his first set of keyboards as a high school freshman, Kevin spent his adolescence in chorus and drama club. He also entered talent shows and played his keyboards in restaurants and at weddings. These days, prior to touring, Kevin shared an apartment with Howie D. and his cousin Brian. His free time is spent weightlifting, dancing, shooting hoops, playing football, and writing music at his keyboards. Ask him to describe life in the studio and he'll say, "Sing. Eat. Sing. Sing. Eat. Sing. SLEEP!" And on the road? "A lot of fun, a lot of work, and sometimes a little lonely. It's what I've always dreamed of!"