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Howie Biography

Howie D. gave himself away at age three when he jumped onto his grandmother's bed and belted out his very first rendition of the old standard, "Baby Face." Today, it's really easy to pick Howie D. out of this crowd--he's the one with the high-flying falsettos. Half-Irish, half-Puerto Rican, Howie D. loves being in the group. Born in Orlando, the last of five siblings, Howie D. has sung in choir, performed in community theater (Sound Of Music, Showboat, Camelot), commercials (Disney World), a Nickelodeon pilot (Welcome Freshman), and the films Parenthood and Cop And A Half. A professionally trained dancer, Howie D. loves to take his hip-hop routines to the local clubs and also enjoys swimming, water sports and racquetball.