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Free-lance Business Consultant. Spain.

Free-lance Business Consultant


W. H. Bosch

Telecommunication Engineer

IT and General Business Consulting


Barcelona - Palma de Mallorca

Catalonia Spain








Dear Visitor,

I am very pleased to offer my services as co-ordinator, consultant and knowledge broker.

Today's dynamical business environment requires global vision and support in every target country.

There are a lot of reasons that make of strategic relevance your presence in Spain.

In place of spending a lot of money in a big consulting group, you are kindly invited to consider the advantages of contacting myself and my team. Whatever will be your question.

As free-lance my objective is to cut your costs at maximum for a given task or result. I have nevertheless a pool of professionals that cooperate when necessary : managers, engineers, lawyers, economists, industrial psychologists, salesmen etc. , even established companies, that make it feasible to afford multi million dollar operations if it is the case.

So our structure allows to manage from very little to very big tasks, projects or operations.

Some other aspects, aside the own Spanish market, like image, behaviour, tax benefits, labour costs, Latin American projection, European strategies, all depending on your market segment and type of customers you deal with can make advisable your presence in Spain.

That's where our experience counts a lot !

Like many big consulting companies, and as above mentioned, I use, when necessary, outsourcing a lot to offer state of the art expertise in legal, finance, marketing, communications, management etc.

This flexibility allows us to deal with so diverse activities like looking reps for VoIP telephony, merger with pet foods manufacturer, to sell computer installation and post sales services, agreements with exhibitions and fairs, selling holiday houses and real estate properties, giving legal support to a vessel crash, selling hotels or selling a tissues distribution shop chain.



  • Support of foreign Companies: high-tech and other areas.

  • Setting up New Operations in Spain.

    • Branch Offices.

    • Subsidiaries.

  • Setting up joint ventures and strategic business alliances.

  • Information on existing subsidiaries and distribution channels.

  • Reorganise or reshape your operations in a foreign country.

  • Executive Recruitment.

    • Sales Representatives.

    • Temporary General Management.

  • Support on Real Estate transactions.

  • Selling / buying companies. International Merger & Acquisitions.

  • Marketing Strategies, Opportunities and Business Plans.

  • Cost Savings Capturer.

  • Synergistically sustained and profitable solutions.




Our aim is to be the extension of your hand in Catalonia and Spain !

We build strong bridges between people, technologies and cultures, for the most profitable solutions !

We will act very frankly, so if your proposal has not guaranties to be successful in our structure you will be warned of that from the very start.




  • Over fourteen years of International Business Experience

  • High-Tec Environments

  • IT products/services account and product manager.

  • Special projects and international division manager.

  • Local Market Knowledge

  • Specialist collaborators in HR, Laws, Finance, Sales/ Marketing, Support Services, Information Technology, target markets and products

  • Executive Recruitment.

  • Two of my colleagues have long term experience as General Managers (over 90 M USD turnover companies).


    To get further Information or to explain your need, please feel free to send an e-mail, in short you will receive an answer.



    W. H. Bosch