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Tower Units


On a whole, the Tower has fairly strong units that work well together. The Tower has 3 ranged attackers, more than any other town. It also has the strongest ranged attacked in the game, the incredible Titans.
GREMLINS - The Tower 1st level unit is the Gremlin. Gremlins are plentiful, but weak. The only units weaker than Gremlins are Imps and Pixies. Upgrade them the first chance you get Special-none----mvmt:GROUND
MASTER GREMLINS-Upgraded Gremlins gain a ranged attack. While still weak when compared to other 1st level units, ranged attacks make them rather effective in hordes. Special-none----mvmt:RANGE/GROUND
STONE GARGOYLES-The Tower 2nd level unit is the Stone Gargoyle. There's not a whole lot to say about Gargoyles. Compared to other level 2 units they're very average, fourth out of nine. Special-none----mvmt: FLYING
OBSIDIAN GARGOYLES-Again, the word on Gargoyles is average. They make a funny noise when they attack. Special-none----mvmt: FLYING
STONE GOLEMS-These animated stone warriors are durable but VERY slow. Stone Golems have a 50% magic resistance. That means, if you cast a magic arrow on them that does 50 damage, the Stone Golems only take 25 damage. Special: magic resistance----mvmt: GROUND
IRON GOLEMS-Upgraded Golems gain a slight speed boost, and increase their magic resistance to 75%. Iron Golems have more hit points than any other level 3, but are also the slowest. Special: magic resistance----mvmt: GROUND
MAGES-These magic masters are the Tower's 2nd ranged unit. They attack with beams of magic from their staffs. Magi are a very strong unit, and are the best unupgraded level 4 unit. Magi have no melee penalty, and reduce the cost of casting spells by 2. Special: no melee penalty (NMP), reduce spell cost----mvmt: RANGE/GROUND
ARCH MAGI-Upgraded magi fall to 3rd on the list of upgraded 4th level, but are still very strong. While expensive, they gain the abilities to deal full damage when shooting over siege walls. Arch Magi also have the same skills Magi have. Special: NMP, Reduce spell cost, no penalty for walls---- mvmt: RANGE/GROUND
GENIES- Genies are average in power, and are not especially valuable. Upgrade your Genies quickly. This is easy because the upgraded Alter of Wishes is one of the few Tower buildings not requiring special resources. Genies do 150% damage to Efreet. Special: 150% damage to Efreet----mvmt: FLYING
MASTER GENIES- These upgraded genies are a good unit to have. They gain a substantial speed boost, which you need, because the Tower has some slow units. More impressive is the ability to cast a random spell once per round. Depending on your enemy and the amount of Master Genies, this can be better than attacking. Master Genies also do 150% damage to Efreet and Efreet Sultans, although if you plan on doing this, make sure you have superior numbers, as Efreet are much more powerful than Genies. Special: 150% damage to Efreet, spellcasting----mvmt: FLYING
NAGAS- Unupgraded Nagas are not the most deadly of the 6th level units. They rank about 6th out of 9. While they cannot be retaliated against, they are very slow. Special-no retaliation----mvmt: GROUND
NAGA QUEENS- Naga Queens are a rich man's unit. While they have great stats and jump up to the 4th best 6th level unit, they are extremely expensive. Naga Queens actually cost more gold than 7th level Behemoths! Special: no retaliation ----mvmt: GROUND
GIANTS- Giants are an average 7th level unit. They are strong, to be sure, but are not terribly impressive. Giants have decent speed, but are slow for a 7th level. Giants are smarter than most think, and are immune to all spells affecting the mind. Special: immune to mind spells----mvmt: GROUND
TITANS- Titans, now, ARE terribly impressive. They gain a ranged attack, throwing lightning bolts, making them the 3rd Tower ranged unit, and the only ranged 7th level unit. Titans are still slow, but the ranged attack makes this a moot point. Besides being the 2nd most powerful 7th level unit overall, Titans are enemies of Black Dragons and do 150% damage to them, as well as being immune to mind spells, and suffeing no melee penalty. Special: NMP, immune to mind spells, 150% damage to Black Dragons---- mvmt: GROUND

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