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Tower Strategy

The Tower is a challenging town to play. Careful strategy will yield great rewards, but too many mistakes will trap you horribly. The following are some kernels of insight to help you with Tower.

1) Build a Lookout Tower. A big advantage of this town is the Lookout Tower. With this, you can quickly spot nearby mines, towns, resources, anything. The smaller the map, the more valuable this is.
2) Resources. Building up a Tower takes LOTS of resources. Use your Lookout Tower to quickly find and claim all available resource providers. It will help your economy to have a set plan for building. (See Tower Buildings for more on this.)
3) Archery. Archery is a skill that ALL Tower heroes should try to obtain, as well as any archery artifacts, for the simple reason that the Tower has more ranged attackers that any other town (including the only 7th level ranged unit).
4) Master Genies. When your main hero gets a large amount of Master Genies, say 150 or so, split them into 2 groups and give your Gargoyles to someone else. That way you can cast 2 random spells. Donít give away the Gremlins though, because you want their ranged attack. After you get Master Genies, for that matter, you should NEVER have empty slots in your army.
5) The Library. By all means, donít forget the Library! Those extra spells help a LOT.
6) Skills for the Tower. Some of the best skills to have for playing a Tower include Wisdom, Archery, Intelligence, Sorcery, and any of the Magic Schools, particularly Air Magic. Skills to avoid include Offense, Ballistics, and Mysticism, as well as the regular ones to avoid.
7) Master Gremlins. Donít waste your Master Gremlins. Sure, they have pretty lousy stats, but they are the only 1st level shooters. Once they get into the high hundreds or even thousands theyíll be quite an asset.
8) Unit OrderWhen placing your units in your army or garrisonís slots, use a strategic order. Hereís how mine goes. (From extreme left)- Master Genies, Iron Golems, Arch Magi, Titans, Master Gremlins, Naga Queens, Obsidian Gargoyles. Using this method, my shooters are on the inside, protected by my slower units. My flyers are on the outside, ready to flank the enemy. Finally, the units are placed so that stronger units can protect weaker ones.
9) MagicAnd finally, never underestimate Magic. Magic is the lifeblood of this town. A strong Tower army, backed up by powerful and effective magic, is nearly unstoppable.
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