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TOWER HEROES The Tower has some of the most magically inclined heroes in the game, which makes sense, since the Tower is based on magic. The Might hero is the Alchemist. The Alchemists are the most adept at magic of all the Might heroes. The Tower magic heroes are the awesome Wizards. The Wizards are the most powerful magic hero in the game.

ALCHEMIST: The Alchemists of the Tower are a group of very balanced heroes. They do not significantly specialize in any of the 4 primary skills, although because they are a might hero, they gain Attack and Defense faster than Power and Knowledge. When you look at the Alchemists as a whole, they have some great specialties, but awful starting skills. All of the Alchemists start out with either Scholar or Mysticism. Gag!
The Best:
***Josephine: spec-Golems, skills-Mysticism, Sorcery... Sorcery is nice, but Mysticism hurts an otherwise great hero.
***Neela: spec-Armorer, skills-Scholar, Armorer... Scholar is one of the 3 worst skills, but Armorer bonus rocks.
The Worst
*Piquedram: spec-Gargoyles, skills-Mysticism, Scouting... Not a bad spec, but mysticism and scouting are awful
WIZARD: The Wizards are more skilled in magic than any other hero in the game. They advance in Knowledge faster than any other skill, which makes them the most knowledgeable of all heroes. They also advance in Power quickly, but are very weak in attack and defense. Wizards as a whole are a fairly strong bunch. Many have good starting skills, and some have very useful specialties.
The Best:
*****Solmyr: spec-Chain Lightning, skills-Wisdom, Sorcery... Ch. Lightning is awesome, great skills, arguably the best hero in the game.
****Theodorus: spec-Magi, skills-Wisdom, Ballistics... Great specialty, good hero if you like Ballistics a lot. Magic hero w/ Might specialty, always nice.
****Astral: spec-Hypnotize, skills-Adv. Wisdom... Nice specialty, Adv.Wisdom lets you learn 4th lvl spells right away
The Worst
***Halon: spec-Mysticism, skills-Wisdom, Mysticism... Although Halon is not a bad hero, his Mysticism specialty sounds much more impressive than it really is. Wizards gain Knowledge so quickly that the spec. won't make much of a difference.
*Serena: spec-Eagle Eye, skills-Wisdom, Eagle Eye... Try to avoid any Eagle Eye heroes at all costs. It's worthless!
As you would guess, because the whole theme is magic oriented, the Tower heroes are more apt to get magic oriented skills than some. A hint: When playing a Tower, Archery is definitely a skill worth having, even for a magic hero. The Tower has 3 ranged attackers, more than any other town. To sum it up; if you're playing a Tower, you're probably best with a Wizard. If you want the very best hero, go with Solmyr.
RATING SYSTEM: *****=excellent, ****=good, ***=usuable, **=look elsewhere, *=worthless

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