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Stronghold Units


Stronghold units are meant for great offensive capabilities and nothing else. While in the long run, a Stronghold army may be slightly weak, they can get great creatures very quickly.
GOBLINS- These basic foot soldiers are relatively weak, but fast for a level 1 unit. Good in large quantities. Special- None----mvmt: GROUND
HOBGOBLINS- These are upgraded Goblins that get a slight increase in stats all around. Not much to talk about. Special-None----mvmt: GROUND
WOLF RIDERS- Basically Goblins riding wolves. Fast, but pretty weak. Upgrade them quickly. Special- None----mvmt: GROUND
WOLF RAIDERS- A very worthy upgrade, Wolf Raiders strike twice and get better combat stats. Special- Strikes twice----mvmt: GROUND
ORCS- Orcs are tradionally bigger, stronger Goblins, and this remains true in Heroes. These axe throwers are relatively weak, but until you get Cyclops they are the only ranged attackers you have to work with. Special- None----mvmt:RANGE/GROUND
ORC CHIEFTAINS- Still fairly weak, they only get slightly better than their un-upgraded predecessors. Not a really important upgrade to get. Special- None----mvmt: RANGE/GROUND
OGRES- These are the shock troops of the Barbarians. The are strong compared to other level four units, and can be deadly when used effectively. Special- None----mvmt: GROUND
OGRE MAGI- Ogre Magi are much stronger than Ogres are plus they can cast Bloodlust on an allied troop. If you have extra slots in your army, you can make extra stacks with just a few Ogre Magi and keep them back to cast Bloodlust.
Special- Casts Bloodlust on an allied unit----mvmt:GROUND
ROCS- The only flying unit of the Stronghold, these gigantic birds arenít that special and should be upgraded quickly. Special- None----mvmt: FLYING
THUNDERBIRDS- Although expensive, these massive birds are a good unit to have. When Thunderbirds attack a unit, there is a 20% chance of a Lighting Bolt hitting that unit. If this occurs, the unit takes damage equal to 10 times the number of attacking Thunderbirds Special- Lightning strike----mvmt: FLYING
CYCLOPS- These are the Strongholdís best ranged attackers. They have good attack skill, and can even attack walls like a catapult at the level of Basic Ballistics. The downside is that they are very weak in terms of hit points. Special- Attacks walls----mvmt:RANGED/GROUND
CYCLOPS KINGS- These are faster than normal Cyclops, and can also attack walls at the level of Advanced Ballistics. However, you still don't get enough hit points for you money. Special- Attacks walls----mvmt:RANGED/GROUND
BEHEMOTHS- These giant creatures are so terrifying that after attacking a unit itís defense is reduced by forty-percent. Behemoths are also rather inexpensive. Special- Reduces defense by 40%----mvmt: GROUND
ANCIENT BEHEMOTHS- These ancient bruisers reduce defense by a whopping eighty-percent! Above average level seven unit. Special- Reduces defense by 80%----mvmt: GROUND

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