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Stronghold Heroes

Stronghold heroes are all brute force and little magic, which means a Barbarian (The Might hero) is typically the one to choose. The Magic hero, the Battle Mage, is the most adept at Might of all Magic heroes.

BARBARIANS- These brutal fighters can be summed up in one word: attack! In terms of sheer offensive capability, Barbarians can't be topped. Starting primary skills: Attack-4 Defense-0 Power-1 Knowledge-1
The Best:
*****Crag Hack: spec-5%/level bonus to Offense, skills-Advanced Offense...Crag Hack is a veteran Hero from HOMM2. His specialty is simple, but it is good.
****Krellion: spec-Ogres, skills- Offense, Resistance... Above average specialty makes tough Ogres even tougher. Resistance may help balance the Stronghold’s pathetic magic.
***Shiva: spec- Rocs, skills-Offense,Scouting... Scouting is slightly detrimental, but spec. is fairly good.
***Gurnisson: spec-Ballista, skills-Offense, Artillery...Nice if you’re the kind of warrior who happens to like ballistas.
The Worst:
None, believe it or not. The rest of the Barbarians are average heroes.
Battle Mages are basically Barbarians with limited magic.(See Stronghold Magic) All Battle Mages begin with Wisdom, which is kind of a shame, because that only gives them access to 3rd level spells (unless they take over other towns).Starting skills for Battle Mages: Attack-2 Defense-1 Power-1 Knowledge-1
The Best:
****Gird: spec-Sorcery, skills- Wisdom, Sorcery... The best magic user in the Stronghold, Gird is the Mage to be if you want magic.
****Dessa: spec- Logistics, skills- Basic Wisdom, Basic Logistics...Dessa is a great scout hero, and a good raider that can know some basic magic too.
The Worst:
*Oris: spec- Eagle Eye, skills-Wisdom, Eagle Eye...Avoid eagle eye at all costs.
*Saurag: spec- 1 Gem/day, skills- Wisdom, Resistance... Resistance is decent, but Stronghold has no need for lots of gems.
RATING SYSTEM: *****=excellent, ****=good, ***=usuable, **=look elsewhere, *=worthless

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