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Star Wars: Rebellion

Review of Star Wars: Rebellion by Titanlord.

Star Wars: Rebellion is the first Star Wars strategy game ever produced. While a rather old game, it is no less fun to play now than when it came out.
Rebellion is a very hard game to understand when you first play, but after you get the hang of it everything is simple. You can choose either the Rebel Alliance or the Galactic Empire. If you choose the Alliance, your goals are to capture Coruscant, the Imperial Capitol, and to capture Darth Vader and Emperor Palpatine. If you choose the Empire, your goals are to destroy the Alliance Headquarters, which is randomly located on an outer rim planet. The Rebels also enjoy the luxury of being able to move their headquarters. The Imperials also must capture Luke Skywalker and Mon Mothma, the Alliance leader. You begin the game with several ships, and planets on your side, depending on the difficulty level. The Rebels have a few weak, small ships, while the Imperials have large, powerful ships. The resources in Rebellion are called maintenance points. They are generated by mines and refineries. The process is kind of complicated, and at first this threw me off. Basicaly, for every mine and refinery you have you get 50 maintenance points. On planets you control, you can build and train using construction yards, training facilities, and orbital shipyards. You can build starships, create military units, or build more buildings of many kinds to increase your strength.
Star Wars: Rebellion is a fun game, but much more complicated than it needs to be. Plus, after you play for long enough, the computer player is no longer a challenge, even on the highest difficulty level.
This game receives four out of five stars ****

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