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The Rampart is one of the most balanced towns in HOMM3, so logically its troops are neither fantastic nor lousy. The Rampart's 1st, 2nd, and 3rd level units can easily hold their own with any of their low-level counterparts (with the possible exception of the Castle). This means that the Rampart player has a slight early-game advantage to be able to focus on resources and defenses before concentrating on building an army.

CENTAURS- a good level 1 with decent speed. Their good stats mean you don’t have to worry about upgrading them for a while. Special-none----mvmt: GROUND
CENTAUR CAPTAINS- Upgraded Centaurs just generally improve all around. While they have no special abilities, they are considered the best 1st level unit. Special-none----mvmt: GROUND
DWARVES- a very sturdy unit helped by their 20% magic resistance. Unfortunately, Dwarves are very slow. Don’t waste them, they’re very hard to kill in hordes. Dwarves are also great for defending Elves. Special-20% chance of resisting a hostile spell----mvmt: GROUND
BATTLE DWARVES- Still very sturdy, more Health than all 2nd level units except Zombies (tied at 20 HP each). Magic resistance of Battle Dwarves increases to 40%. What this means is if the enemy tries to cast a spell on your Battle Dwarves, there’s a 40% chance of them resisting it. Special-40% magic resistance----mvmt: GROUND
WOOD ELVES- Elves are the only Rampart ranged attacker. They have strong attack, but low defense and health. Upgrade them as soon as possible. Special-none----mvmt: RANGED/GROUND
GRAND ELVES- These upgraded elves gain the ability to shoot twice, therefore dealing double damage. Deadly when used effectively, Grand Elves will make up the backbone of your army – protect them well! Special-shoots twice----mvmt: RANGED/GROUND
PEGASI- It's hard to get too excited about these winged flyers. Although relatively cheap, they're lousy in attack, defense, and damage. The Pegasi special ability makes enemy spellcasters may 2 extra spell points per spell when Pegasi are present- not very helpful. Upshot of these guys is great speed, and of course the ability to fly. Special- Makes enemy spellcasters pay 2 extra spell points/spell----mvmt:FLYING
SILVER PEGASI- Same poor stats, good speed, and dumb specialty of their lower class. Not an important upgrade by any means. In fact, many people wait to build the Enchanted Spring (home of Pegasi) until they need it to build a Unicorn Glade. Special- Makes enemy spellcasters pay 2 extra spell points/spell----mvmt: FLYING
DENDROID GUARDS- There's no real sum-it-up answer to give about Dendroids. Some people love them, others hate them. Dendroids have mediocre stats, horrible speed, but are much more affordable than all other 5th level units. Dendroids also have a good specialty- snaring defenders in place. Special- Defenders cannot move until Dendroids move away or are killed----mvmt: GROUND
DENDROID SOLDIERS- Once you've built a Dendroid Saplings, you'll be getting 5/week, which is a significant improvement over the 3/week other towns recieve of their 5th level units. Upgraded Dendroids also get a huge HP bonus, making they extremely hard to kill. Slow, yes, but get into the thick of things and they'll be deadly.
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