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2/7/01. Updated by Titanlord

Minor Changes
The layout of the Main Page has been changed a little, I hope you like it. Stronghold Magic is finally up, expect much more soon. I'm sorry to say that Tickerland is dead, and the Ticker services are no longer available. Work is steadily progressing on the Secondary Skills page. Expect that up in the future.
1/7/01. Updated by WyvernRider
Happy New Year/Heroes Chronicles
First of all, I'd like to wish a very happy new year, and new millenium to everyone out there. Hopefully this year will bring us all health, happiness, and maybe even Heroes 4 . . . On the watch for new Heroes products, the Heroes Chronicles are out now. Basically, these are an individual campaigns packaged seperately. There's no new features added to the game, but the scenarios of the campaigns are well done. If you really like Heroes and have gotten bored with the campaigns that come with the original game, then these are great for you.
11/23/00. Updated by Titanlord
Happy Turkey Day!
The groundbreaking has been laid for the new Secondary Skills page. It will have an overview of all the secondary skills in the game. Work has also been started on the HOMM4 section, but there isn't much to do with that yet. Expect Stronghold Magic to be up soon. and the Brotherhood would like to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving. 11/11/00. Updated by WyvernRider
Stronghold Heroes Etc.
I'm really sorry for the complete lack of updates, but in reality there's been just about nothing to talk about. The Stronghold Heroes page was recently added and Stronghold Magic will be added as soon as Titanlord remembers to send me the file. In anyone has any information concerning Heroes 4 or what NWC is up to these days, drop me a line. On a side note, thanks to everyone who's been faithful to our poll system. It's always nice to see that people still come to our site.
9/22/00. Updated by Titanlord
Not much happening lately...
Not much has been happening in any HOMM3 related news. The reviews section is slowly progressing because school and homework has been heavy. Expect Stronghold, Rampart, and Necropolis sections to be up soon. Stronghold units are already up.
9/2/00. Updated by WyvernRider
TBOTF turns one year old !
Last Friday, August 25, the Brotherhood of the Foot officially turned one year old. It was originally founded Wednesday, August 25, 1999 at around 11:00 AM, EST, by WyvernRider and Titanlord. Dragod was officially admitted approximitely 15 minutes later, forming the original triumvirate of the Brotherhood. This all occured during a cross-country running practice, hence the name "The Brotherhood of the Foot"
8/21/00. Updated by Titanlord
More Reviews, More Maps, More Improvements, Heroes Top 50
The Review Section now has three reviews, the latest on Star Wars: Force Commander . Make sure to check there every week for a new review! Also, another map, Quest for Power , has been added to the Maps Download Section . Go download it soon! The site is also being reformatted and improved so it can be viewed with most browsers at any resolution, but the site is best viewed with Netscape or Internet Explorer 4.0 or better at 800x600 resolution. And, we recently joined the Heroes top 50! Check it out at the Main Page!
8/5/00. Updated by WyvernRider
Links page, Games Review, Dungeon
I took about an hour today and fixed the Links Page, which is now back and better than ever. In other sections of the site, Titanlord is working on a new page which will review popular PC games. Finally, 2 new pages from the Dungeon section are up - Dungeon Magic and Building a Dungeon, Both were written by Dragod
7/14/00. Updated by Titanlord
Contest Results,Stronghold, Maps Download Page, Improvements
The Stronghold units are completed and should be up soon. WyvernRider should also be returning shortly. The Maps Contest went well and I won, with the Map Desert Storm. Thanks to Lord Killamon and Gereth for also submitting maps. You can download maps now from the Maps Download Section. I am also improving sections of the site with HTML.
6/24/00. Updated by WyvernRider
Tower/Dungeon, Maps Contest, Polls
Some minor changes to the site . . . the Tower section has been completely finished, so be sure to check that out- Dungeon should be finished soon as well. The Maps contest is in the final days-all participants have about a week to get me their maps . . . As a last note, we currently have some interesting polls up about special abilities. Make sure you go and vote !
6/7/00. Updated by WyvernRider
Summer is Here/Maps 2000
Now that summer vacation is here I plan to put a lot more work into the site. Probable summer projects include a Secondary Skills page, completion of Tower, Castle, and Dungeon pages, and starting on some new Towns pages, as well as the Maps Contest. Speaking of which, the Contest seems to ber going well so far . . . we have at least 6 entries so far, and hope to get a few more. Remember ! All maps MUST be emailed to me ( ) by July 1, 2000. For additional information check out the Maps Contest 2000 Info Page.
5/31/00. Updated by WyvernRider
Maps 2000 and Other Stuff
Wow . . . can it really have been a month since I last updated ? May went incredibly fast. Hopefully with the advent of summer I can really put in some good hours working on the site. Now, on to the main update. ***Brotherhood announces Maps Contest 2000 !*** I decided to hold a Maps Contest for all of us out there who love making maps with the Map Editor. Hopefully, this will be a lot of fun, and a good opportunity to get some cool new maps. For more information, go to the Message Board or check out the Maps Contest 2000 Info Page.
4/29. Updated by WyvernRider
Guestbook and Email
Two minor changes to the site I wanted to let everyone know about. First of all, I got a guestbook for our site. Visitors can sign the guestbook from the homepage. Also, I got an email address from recently. All email regarding the site should be sent to this new address - And for those who haven't figured it out yet ~ "TBOTF" is the acronym for The Brotherhood of the Foot . . .
4/23. Updated by WyvernRider
Easter, Strategist's Corner, and Castle Heroes
First of all, let me wish everyone a joyful Easter. I hope everyone had a restful and relaxing holiday. Now, onto HOMM3 ! --- The Strategist's Corner recently put up a link to our site. The Webmaster of SC, Kristo, was very accomadating. I encourage you to visit his Heroes 3 site (available through our Links page). Also, yesterday 2 new pages were added. First of all, the Castle Heroes page, where you can read Titanlord's opinions on Knights and Clerics. Also, the Ideas page was launched, where you can read Lord Killamon's awesome "Battlemap Idea". Enjoy !
4/5. Updated by WyvernRider
Shadow of Death, New Links, and New Membership
I really must apologize for my poor job of updating frequently. I have had several school projects, and life has been more than chaotic. Since it's been so long, there is an incredible amount of news. First and foremost, the new Heroes 3 expansion was released last week! The title is the Shadow of Death, and I am currently working on a new section of the site devoted to it. It contains new campaigns, scenarios, and artifacts, as well as some other minor changes. Secondly, the Brotherhood is getting more connections! Both the Astral Wizard and the Strategist's Corner web sites have agreed to put up links to our site! Hopefully, this will attract some new visitors. Finally, on the home front, the Brotherhood of the Foot expanded it's ranks once more. I am very pleased to welcome Griffin Master to the Brotherhood. This brings our total number of members to 7!
3/8. Updated by WyvernRider
I.E. vs. Netscape AND Possible Swelling of Ranks.
Recently some computer problems have forced me to abandon Netscape and use Internet Explorer. This has caused me to realize that some of our site looks, well, lousy in I.E., having been designed for Netscape. I am now undegoing the tedious process of making the pages more universal. On the brighter side, the Brotherhood is considering adding a new member! Further news given as events warrent.
2/22. Updated by WyvernRider
WebRing and Improvements
I am really very sorry for the lack of updates, but there really hasn't been that much HOMM3 news as of late. A few new tidbits of information on the new Expansion have been unearthed, but not even enough to start it's on page-yet. We'll keep you posted. On the home front, our home page was improved a bit today with the use of my newly-learned HTML. I also submitted our site to a HOMM3 WebRing today. Hopefully, we will be accepted. Also, now that my basketball season is over, look for a lot of new content to the site soon. I now have a lot more free time . . .

1/24. Updated by WyvernRider
New Heroes Expansion!!
New information straight from Maranthea brings great news! A second Heroes expansion in the works! It will be called "The Shadow of Death" Supposedly, it will revolve around Sandro the Necromancer and the heroes who try to thwart his evil plots and schemes. Some additional information we have. (1)There will be no new Towns, Heroes, or Units (2) There WILL be new terrains, artifacts, and presumably new map locations (3) It will NOT require the original HOMM3 to be played ***Special thanks to DragonKing and Lord Killamon for getting this info from the 3DO community
1/12/. Updated by WyvernRider
Apologies, Wishes, and Hopes
First of all, I need to apologize for the lack of updates. I just realized that the last update is December 13. Cripes! I know I need to pick up the slack with this. I also want to say that I hope anyone had a great holiday season! I regret I didn't say this earlier, but I hope anyone had a happy, safe, and relaxing time over the holidays. Finally, I am planning a Secondary Skills section soon, and we are constantly working on the town reports. With luck, we will continue to post new information. Please stay patient with the slow rate, we have lives too!
12/13. Updated by WyvernRider
2 New Members!
The Brotherhood is once again expanding its ranks. Yesterday, 2 new members, DragonKing and Lord Killamon were officially given full membership to the Brotherhood! I am both excited for our new members, and proud to see how much the little Heroes club that we started this summer has grown. With the inclusion of the new members, I realized it was neccessary to make official some bi-laws, most of which were already in place. These are posted on the message board.
12/6. Updated by WyvernRider
Tower Articles
Our massive vision of what we want the Towns section to have is starting to take shape. Our eventual goal is, for every town, to have 5 articles, Units, Heroes, Magic, Buildings, and Strategy. Quick math shows that this equals 45 articles, so don't expect it to be finished anytime soon. But to get a taste of what it will be like, you can check out the new Tower Units and Tower Heroes pages.
Web Page Success!
Today, our web site had its 100th hit. While not very impressive, it shows that we are growing, and I think it is a sign that we can and will be successful. Thanks to everyone who has been regularly visiting to make this page a success.
11/28. Updated by WyvernRider
Improved Communications
First of all, let me say that I hope everybody had a happy and relaxing Thanksgiving. Over Thanksgiving break I have very substantially improved communications on our site. By communications, I mean the inclusion of 2 new aspects for our site: a chat room and a message board! I got the chat room from and I got the message board from SitePowerUp. Both were relatively east to navigate, and completely free, so I suggest these sites if you are interested in something like this for your own site.
11/18. Updated by WyvernRider
R.I.P. Nether Gods
I'm sorry for the recent lack of updates. I've been really busy and can never seem to find time to work on the site. I am planning to do a lot in the future, though. I have some good ideas about what we can do with the site. The Mapmaking section has had a lot added to it since the last update. There is still a lot more to be done, but, it's a start! On a sadder note, the finest HOMM3 web site on the net shut is shutting down. The Nether Gods were a legend in their own time, and will be sorely missed. I visited the NGods at least 4 or 5 times a week. If this site can ever achieve half of what the Nether Gods did, we will have done great!! We'll miss you, Nether Gods.
11/1. Updated by WyvernRider
New Brotherhood Member!!
Today the Brotherhood of the Foot is both pleased and proud to announce the initiation of a NEW Brotherhood Member, Phoenix King! A vote was taken, and he was overwhemingly voted in. Welcome Phoenix King!
Maps Page Started
I have done some work on our Mapmaking Page. A link is now established, entitled Starting Your Map, which gives some guidelines for anyone wishing to make their own map. More pages will follow!!
10/28. Updated by WyvernRider
All Town Homepages Finished!
Today I finished all the town homepages. This is like when you click on a link from the Town section. You get a brief description of the town, and 5 links to the articles. Unfortunatly, we don't have the articles yet. Oh, well. Also, please note how well the backgrounds go with the town...I spent a lot of time on this. :^)

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