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Working On Your Map (part 2)

In my last section, I talked about all the different kinds of special buildings, now it's time to talk about how to best utilize them.

1) CREATURE DWELLINGS : Creature dwellings are not really a neccessity to a good map, but some are always nice. When placing creature dwellings, you need to consider how it looks. Some dwellings, like Archer's Towers, Homesteads, and Pyres, to name a few, look great anywhere, while some, (like Dwarven Cottages and Manticore Lairs) look weird and require perfect placement to look passable.
2) HERO UPGRADERS : It's always good to have lots of things like Learning Stones and Marletto Towers, because thay stay important throughout the game. Most of these look good just about anywhere. Keep in mind to think realistic- A School of War would probably be near civilization, while an ancient Learning Stone could be in the middle of nowhere.
3) MOVEMENT AFFECTORS : Generally, it's good to have a good amount of these, they can be helpful when you need just a few more movement spaces, and a few well-placed Garrisons or Border Guards add a whole new element of strategy. For Garrisons, generally speaking, once again, think realistic. Where would a Garrison be most effective? Building them into mountain ranges looks great if you do it right.
4) VISION AFFECTERS : Some of these are good to have, which kind depends on your map. Redwood Observatories and/or Pillars of Fire are great at the beginning of a game. Huts of the Magi can be used very effectively to reveal strategic points on a map. Covers of Darkness are great-and incredibly annoying when your opponent hits one. Great for where you want confusing, mazelike, underworlds.
5) CACHE BUILDINGS : There are exactly 7 Cache buildings in Heroes 3. When you go to one, you have the option of fighting creatures for a reward. There's not a whole lot of skill involved in placing these, and most look good anywhere. For best results, however, place them on the native terrain of the creature they are associated with. Example: Dragon Fly Hive-swamp.
6) MISCELLANEOUS : Some of the miscellaneous buildings in Heroes 3 are very important ones. To start, Magic Wells. Put LOTS of wells on your map, unless your story has to do with loss of magic or something. Magic Wells look great anywhere, and don't have any requirements. Another misc. building, War Machine Factories, are a godsend to mapmakers. W.M. Factories look fine wherever you put them, and will go with nearly any surroundings. Idols of Fortune are awesome for filling up little spaces, as are Windmills. Water Wheels are trickier, because they require a perfect-looking river running through them. Generally though, most misc. buildings are easy to use, and you should take advantage of them.
Now that I've explaned the buildings, you may be wondering, "Do I just start sticking stuff in wherever?" The answer, of course, is no. You don't need to ponder positioning for 15 minutes or anything, but give some thought to the placement of your buildings. You don't want things too crowded, nor do you want them empty. As a VERY general rule of thumb, try to make it so that between any 2 geographical features or buildings, you have somewhere around enough room that you could fit 1 or 2 other buildings between them. This is very general, however.

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