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Starting Your Map

1) STORY :When you start a map, the first thing you need to think about is a story. You don't have to write a novel or anything, just a brief premise of what's going on. In one of my latest maps, the idea was that eight explorers had founded a nation, and now they were fighting over who should rule it. Your story will provide the base for any timed events you wish to add.

2) PLAYERS : Who's who in your map. Is it going to be every town against all others, Good vs. Evil, or something else? Will there be teams? Which towns will be on your map? On most of mine, I like to have at least one of each, but you certainly don't have to. Also, think about your heroes. Will you use the Veteren heroes? Will you assign heroes on the map, or let players choose their own? Do you want to change the heroes' names, or leave them? Think about it.
3) GEOGRAPHY : Now you need to think about the actual land. What does it look like? Is the land divided into nations, or just one country? For best results, use at least a few terrain types. Also, add realistic-looking mountain ranges, forests, and rivers. Keep in mind that rivers and mountains don't go in a straight line. Make it look REAL! Also, you need to decide if you want an underground in your map. If you do, will it be large caverns, a maze of tunnels, or a combination of both. Remember, again, the word is REALISTIC!!

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