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Finishing Your Map

FINISHING YOUR MAP Alright, let's see. I've made my geography, placed my towns, pretty much done everything you've told me. I'm done, right? Wrong. Once you reach this point, you have entered the most maddening stage of the entire mapmaking process. This is really what defines a map. If you don't want to invest a lot of time in finishing your map, forget it.

1) CHECKING : Okay, for those of you who are still interested in achieving the perfection of mapmaking, the first step is to check your map visually. In Map Editor, scroll around until you think you have to whole map memorized. Make sure all of your timed events have correct spelling, and all of your geography looks realistic. Show it to friends to get their opinion. When you think it's ready,it's time to play!
2) TRIAL RUN #1 : Well, here you go. You're playing your map. However, let me tell you from experiance, you are nowhere near done. Play for about 10-15 minutes,and write down all the mistakes you find. (Trust me, there will be mistakes) Use cheat codes to get to places you wouldn't be able to normally access in early stages. Now, go back to Map Editor and fix all the mistakes. Now, go back and play again, but play a different color this time (unless you have a one-player map). Write down all the mistakes here, and then, again, go back and fix them. When you have played each color at least twice, and played a full game, you can call your 1st map finished!
IN CONCLUSION : Well, you've done it. You've completed you're first map! Alright, now step down from cloud nine and take a look. Chances are, your first map is fun to play, but not as complete as some great maps. That's okay! Use this as the beginning, and create better maps! If you have Armageddon's Blade, you can string maps together to make campaigns! I hope you get a lot of enjoyment out of your maps, and I hope this tutorial has helped you. If you make a map, please email it to me. I will play it, and get back to you with suggestions and ideas.

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