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Artifacts and Monsters in Your Map

Now that you have all your geography, towns, and buildings, you need to think about putting in artifacts and monsters. If this is your first map, you may want to just put in a few, or none at all, of these. However, if you want a really great map, some artifacts and monsters are a neccessity.

1) ARTIFACTS : Artifacts are, well, fun! Putting in artifacts doesn't require too much talent. Usually, it's a good idea to use random artifacts, because then your map has greater replayibility. Remember that the numbers on the random artifacts denote what class they are. Use this effectively, for example, some Treasure (1) artifacts might just be lying about, but you should definitely have to fight for a Relic (4). A trick that works well IF your map is divided into seperate states, is to place a relic artifact guarded by powerful creatures near each player. This adds some excitement to the game, as you have a very powerful artifact right off the bat.
2) MONSTERS : It is a personal decision whether or not to include wandering monsters on your map. On your first few maps, you can get away with not putting any in, but for a top-notch map, monsters are a neccessity. Again, Random Monster dots are great, since then the map isn't the same all the time. Pretty much the only thing to remeber with monsters is to watch that the more powerful monsters are the ones guarding/defending important things.

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