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The BEST Links

The Nether Gods-The Nether Gods were once the true standard of greatness in Heroes sites. Sadly, this site is no longer updated, but it can be used as a great archive.

Dungeons Keeper-Dungeons Keeper, run by Overlord, is a great Heroes site. It is updated often, has a nice message board, and has information on just about everything from Heroes or the expansion packs.
The Strategist's Corner-Webmaster Kristo has put together really nice site that has a lot of good strategy, as well as having a section for new players and a place to download maps.
Celestial Heavens Unleashed-The merging of 2 sites, Celestial Heavens and Heroes 3 Unleashed resulted in a truly huge site. Also the place to be for information on the new player-created expansion Daemon's Cry
Ivocom's Might and Magic-A newer site, where Ivocom has stuck to the Brotherhood's beliefs of "real" strategy, not just rewriting the manual. Check it out!
The Astral Wizard-One of the oldest Heroes sites on the net, the AW still manages to remain among the elite. Great strategy tips, a page to download maps, and a Wish List where you can post your ideas.
Gamespot's Heroes 3 Gameguide-Gamespot is a really comprehensive site for all kinds of obscure Heroes info. The site is never updated, but is a great read for Heroes fans. Gamespot also has these great charts comparing creature strength.
Official Heroes 3 Site-Not too much info at the official site that you can't find in the instruction book, but you can visit the Community, the biggest HOMM message board on the net.
Gereth's Maps-Gereth Graystone has created a site solely for the purpose of downloading maps. Come check it out and get some new maps !
Heroes Central-This is a nice Heroes site, which has a lot of potential. If it keeps growing it will soon become a fantastic site.
Planet Might and Magic-This is a good-looking site, that covers Heroes 3 & 4, Might and Magic IX, and Arcomage. Planet looks to have lots of potential- check them out!
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