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Star Wars: Force Commander

Review of Star Wars: Force Commander by Titanlord

The newest Star Wars game, Force Commander is totally different and new compared to some of the other Star Wars games. Awesome graphics, cool music, and a unique point of view make this real-time combat game fresh and new, yet it still has that classic Star Wars feel to it.
Force Commander is a simple game. You destroy your enemy with an assortment of ground assault weapons and units. But Force Commander is no ordinary war game. It is a struggle of galactic proportions between the Rebel Alliance and the Galactic Empire. You can choose either side to play as, but you must beat the Imperial campaign before you can play the Rebel campaign. You can choose from an assortment of units like AT-AT's, Attack Tanks, AT-ST's, Snowspeeders (Airspeeders), and many more. You order more units with command points, sort of like brownie points you use to get more units from your superiors. Controling supply bunkers, killing enemies, even losing your units gives you command points. Buildings and turrets increase your military power. Destroy your enemy, and victory is yours. Which side you choose is up to you.
This game receives five out of five stars *****

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