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Dungeon Units

The Dungeon is a very strong town overall. They can rank up there with the big guys when it comes to brute force, while they still have strong magic. Dungeons are expensive to build and have a high resource requirement. Most of their creatures are also fairly fast.
Level 1:
TROGLODYTES- Thereís not much to say about Troglodytes. Theyíre not fast expensive, or strong. They have medium everything, and they canít be blinded. Why? They donít have any eyes! Special- Immune to Blind----mvmt- GROUND
INFERNAL TROGLODYTES-these guys are a little better in every way. They get faster, which is the major thing for these guys. Special- Immune to Blind----mvmt- GROUND
Level 2:
HARPIES- Harpies are a fairly strong level 2, but they are very expensive. They do though have great movement and a good ability. They are a great item for siege defense. Special- Attack and return---- mvmt- FLY
HARPY HAGS- Harpy Hags are one of the most deadly level two units. They are the most expensive, but they are worth it! Hags excel in defending sieges, because they can fly out, attack, and then return to the safety of the walls. Special- Attack and return/no enemy retaliation---- mvmt-FLY
Level 3: BEHOLDERS- the Beholder is the first of two ranged attack units in the Dungeon. They are around a 4 out of 9. Theyíre not very fast, but that doesnít really matter, seeing how theyíre ranged. Special- No Melee Penalty (NMP)----mvmt-GROUND
EVIL EYES- these upgraded Beholders arenít much stronger, but do get more shots, and better speed. They still donít have a melee penalty, and they can be lethal when amassed in huge numbers. Special- NMP----mvmt-GROUND
Level 4:
MEDUSAS- Medusas arenít very strong, but they are the second of the two ranged units. They attack with bows, and can also petrify victims when attacked hand-to-hand. A Medusa only has 4 shots so you need to upgrade them immediately. Special- NMP/ 20% chance of petrifying victims----mvmt- GROUND
MEDUSA QUEENS- Queens are as always just slightly stronger than their counterparts. They also get better speed which is very good, because it allows them to shoot earlier in the combat. They also get 4 more shots which adds up to 8. Special- NMP/20% chance of petrifying victims----mvmt- GROUND
Level 5:
MINOTAURS- Minotaurs are the major turning point for the Dungeon. Minotaurs are by far the most powerful of any level 5. They may have the lowest hp, but their attack and defense out distance all competitors. Special- always have positive moral----mvmt- GROUND
MINOTAUR KINGS- these guys get even better attack and defense. Minotaur Kings are almost as good as some un-upgraded 6th level units. Even a small contingency of Kings, when used effectively, can be devastating. Special- always have positive moral----mvmt- GROUND
Level 6:
MANTICORES- Manticores are a very weak unit (around 8 out of 9) probably partially because of the Minotaurs being so strong. They do though, have excellent speed. They have a 20% chance of paralyzing creatures they attack. Special - 20% of paralyzing victims----mvmt- FLY
SCORPICORES- Scorpicores are still a very weak level 6 unit, they do however have great speed. Their attack and defense get slightly better, but not much. Special- 20% of paralyzing victims----mvmt- FLY
Level 7:
RED DRAGONS- Red Dragons are a very powerful un-upgraded level 7 They have very good speed, and fairly good attack and defense. They attack with their fire breath, which means that they can hit 2 consecutive hexes at once. Special- immune to level 4 spells and lower/attack 2 hexes at once----mvmt- FLY
BLACK DRAGONS- Black Dragons are a truly fearsome beast. These have the best health that any lvl 7 has (300 hp). They have great attack and defense and are very fast. (15) Again they attack with their fire breath which means that they can hit 2 hexes at once. Spec.- immune to all spells /attack 2 hexes at once----mvmt-FLY

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