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The Dungeon is a strong, yet expensive town to play. Although it is less complicated to play then some towns, some insight will help you to play them better and more efficiently.

1) Battle Scholars Academy: No matter what, always build a Battle Scholars Academy. It may not seem like one of the best choices at the time, but having a level 2 hero is a huge advantage over any level 1.
2) Magic: When playing a Dungeon, don’t forget the magic. They have some of the most powerful magic in the game. Use it to your advantage.
3) Resources: the Dungeon is an very expensive town to build up. One of its obvious necessities is the need for sulfur. Make sure you have a Resource Silo to help with this.
4) Minotaurs: These are by far the best level 5 unit in the game. If you have a lot of Minotaurs, consider giving someone your Troglodytes, and making 2 stacks of Minotaurs. Also, if you’re low on cash, and have to make the decision between Scorpicores and Minotaur Kings, go for the Minotaur Kings . . . they’re the better in that situation
5) Skills: Some of the best skills for a Dungeon are as follows: Offence, Sorcery, any of the magics . . . preferably Earth Magic, Armorer, Wisdom. Avoid: Intelligence (the Mana Vortex voids this) Mysticism, Tactics (almost all of the Dungeon units are fast), then any iffy skills.
6) Harpy Hags. Harpy Hags are great units for defending sieges. Their no retaliation skill combined with their “boomerang” attack, means they can inflict massive damage without ever getting hit. Just keep the Hags behind your walls.
7) Strategic Order. Dungeons can’t benefit as much from a strategic order as some other towns, but it can still help. Here’s a good one to use. (from extreme left)-Black Dragons, Infernal Troglodytes, Medusa Queens, Harpy Hags, Beholders, Minotaur Kings, Scorpicores. Pretty much the traditional Flyers outside/Shooters inside, when you consider the Hags as a shooter with limited range.

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