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DUNGEON HEROES: The Dungeon has a varied mix of heroes. Both hero classes (Overlords and Warlocks) have a few stars and a few duds.

OVERLORDS: Overlords are strong in the attack category, and have a wide range of secondary skills. There is more fluctuation in the group of Overlord than in most hero classes, so a good choice is imperative.
The Best
****Dace: spec.- Minotaurs, skills-Tactics, Offense ...Dace’s specialty of Minotaurs makes a VERY strong unit even stronger. The downside to Dace is that he starts with Tactics. Tactics, usually a decent skill, isn’t very good for the Dungeon because most of the units are fast, and their two ranged units have no melee penalty.
***Ajit: spec.- Beholders, skills- Leadership, Resistance … Nothing spectacular here, just a good solid hero with some decent skills.
The Worst
**Arlach: spec.- Ballista, skills- Offense, Artillery … If only the Dungeon got Ballistas . . . He’s a decent hero, but if you lose your Ballista that nice spec. is worthless.
Warlocks- Warlocks are powerful in magic, yet very weak in strength. All of them start with Wisdom and usually another magic related skill. The Best
*****Malekith: spec- Sorcery, skills-Wisdom, Sorcery … Malekith is a great magic hero, mainly because he can advance in his magic power over all, instead of just one spell. Also he gets 2 of the best starting skills that you can have.
****Jeddite: spec-Resurrection, skills- Advanced Wisdom … Advanced Wisdom is sweet because you can learn 4th level spells immediately. Resurrection is a nice spell, and the specialty makes it even more effective.
****Deemer: spec- Meteor Shower, skills-Wisdom, Advanced Scouting … Deemer is the only hero in the game to start with one basic and one advanced skill. Although Scouting isn’t very good, the awesome specialty makes up for it.
The Worst
***Sephinroth: spec- +1 crystal/day Although her starting skills make her a alright hero, her specialty is less useful for a Dungeon. A great hero if you have a Rampart! v **Geon: spec- Eagle Eye, skills- Wisdom, Eagle Eye … There’s not much to say about Geon other than that his specialty is Eagle Eye.
The Dungeon has a good mix of strong might and powerful magic. How you play should determine what hero you pick, because neither is significantly stronger.
RATING SYSTEM: *****=excellent, ****=good, ***=usuable, **=look elsewhere, *=worthless

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