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Building A Dungeon

Building a Dungeon

A Dungeon is an expensive place to build up. But with a little help from us, and a lot of resources, you can be the master of the underworld in no time.
When most people start their town, they either go for the creatures or the money. However, in a Dungeon, you need to start with Battle Scholar Academy. Itís one of the Dungeonís special buildings, itís fairly cheap and with it you can go out into the world as a level 2 hero.
Now to the main buildings. Of course, you always need to go for the money, because of the massive amount of cash required for everything. My suggestion is to keep building all the necessities for a Capitol, and nothing else until you get it. As soon as you get a Capitol, you have two paths to choose from. First, if youíre a magic hero, you should focus on your Mage Guild. However, if youíre a might hero, focus on the creatures.
If youíre a might hero, this is the best way to go about building your town. When building up you creatures, start with building and upgrading your Harpy Loft. Then move on to the Beholders, but donít upgrade them yet. You need to get upgraded Medusa Queens first. Now you have the choice of upgrading, getting Minotaurs, or getting Manticores. I recommend getting the Minotaurs, then the Manticores, then last but not least, upgrading.
You may be asking when the Mage Guild comes into play, or when to get the Dragon Cave. The thing to remember is that Dragons require level 3 Mage Guilds, so all throughout this process, I say slowly upgrade your Mage Guild so that when you finally get enough resources to have a Dragon Cave you can build it.
Now, if youíre a magic hero this is the best order to follow. First build a Mana Vortex, because itís always best to have double your spell points. Next build a level 2 Mage Guild. The thing to remember is that no matter how powerful your magic is you always need at least some army to back you up. The thing to do is build up your Mage Guild, and work some on creatures.

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