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The Brotherhood of the Foot Maps Contest 2000

On behalf of the Brotherhood of the Foot, it pleases me greatly to announce: ======================================================= The Brotherhood of the Foot Maps Contest 2000 ! ======================================================= I know other web sites have had massive maps contests, and I'm not trying to rival anyone here, but I thought it'd be a fun thing for the patrons of this mssg board to participate in, and make some great maps at the same time. ______________________________________________________________ Specifications : ______________________________________________________________ (1) The Contest will begin on June 1, 2000. All maps must be emailed to me by July 1, 2000 to be accepted. Please email your maps not to the site address, but to my home address ( Please do NOT put your maps in ZIP format. ______________________________________________________________ (2) The Contest is open to ALL heroes fans who wish to participate. It is NOT restricted to members of the Brotherhood. ______________________________________________________________ (3) Due to the relatively small following of this site as of right now, there will not be seperate catgories for maps. All maps will be lumped into a common pool. ______________________________________________________________ (4) I, WyvernRider, will act as judge for the maps contest. Sadly, this means I won't be able to participate. If anyone doesn't want to participate but is interested in judging, talk to me. ______________________________________________________________ (5) Maps will be graded on overall quality, including playability, aesthetics, realism, creativeness, and just how much fun it is to play. Size will influence score, for the simple reason that it is much harder to make a really good XL map than a really good small map. All sizes of maps will be accepted however, and a spectacular small map will beat a mediocre XL one. ______________________________________________________________ (6) As a final note, please do not send me maps you have already spent a year on. The idea is to create new maps ! I realize this is impossible to enforce, but I'm just going to go on the honor system here, and hope everyone realizes they have nothing to gain by cheating. ______________________________________________________________ (7) As a REALLY final note (cripes, this is getting long !) there will not any sort of prize system for this contest--just the pride that comes with a really good map. If we ever get a lot of people, maybe I'll look into something . . . ______________________________________________________________ So, who's all interested ? I hope that you all make some cool maps for the sake of the contest . . . If you're interested, just drop me a line here on the mssg board. Thanks and good luck to all !

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