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Castle Units


The Castle has a well-rounded group of units that include two flying units, two ranged attackers, and all but the level one units have a special ability.
PIKEMEN-These slow, cheap units are the basic unit of the Castle. Although they are decent compared to other level 1 units, they are weak, and you should try to upgrade them early. Special-None----mvmt: GROUND
HALBERDIERS-These aptly named axe-wielding Pikemen (Halberd means large ax) offer more speed and strength. They are upgraded from Pikemen, and are the 2nd best upgraded level 1. Special-None----mvmt: GROUND
ARCHERS-These are the basic ranged attack units for the Castle. They are average in shooting but extremely slow and weak. Upgrading them early can boost your advantage in the early game. Special-None----mvmt:RANGE/GROUND
MARKSMEN-These upgraded archers offer more speed and endurance. Their greatest advantage is that they can shoot twice. But like their counterpart archers, they suffer the normal Melee Penalty. A great unit in large numbers, Marksmen are one of the strongest level 2 units. Special-Shoots Twice----mvmt:RANGE/GROUND
GRIFFIN-Griffins, half-lion half-eagle, are relatively fast and strong. There numbers can be increased quicker with the Griffin Bastion. They also retaliate twice. Special-Retaliates Twice----mvmt: FLYING
ROYAL GRIFFINS-This Griffin upgrade adds unlimited retaliations, more speed and better strength. Special-Unlimited Retaliations----mvmt: FLYING
SWORDSMEN-Swordsmen are just like Pikemen only a bit faster and much stronger. Immediate upgrade recommended. Special-None----mvmt: GROUND
CRUSADERS-Crusaders are one of the best Level Four units in the game. They offer more speed and strength than Swordsmen do. They can also strike twice, like Wolf Raiders. (see Stronghold) Special-Strikes (attacks) Twice----mvmt: GROUND
MONKS-Monks are the best missile troops the Castle has to offer. They suffer no melee penalty and are fairly strong. Like many ranged units, they are slow. Special-No Melee Penalty----mvmt: RANGE/GROUND
ZEALOTS-Zealots are upgraded monks. Like Monks, they suffer no penalty for hand to hand combat. Special-No Melee Penalty----mvmt: RANGE/GROUND
CAVALIERS-These mounted warriors receive a 5% bonus to damage for every hex they traverse before attacking enemy units. Farther is better. Special-Jousting Bonus----mvmt: GROUND
CHAMPIONS-These upgraded Cavaliers are faster and stronger. They also receive the Joust Bonus. Champions are definitely in the top 3 of level 6 units, only below Magic Elementals and Dread Knights. Special-Jousting Bonus----mvmt: GROUND
ANGELS-Perhaps the best un-upgraded level seven units, these heavenly flyers provide extra morale to your troops, and hate Devils. Special-Does Extra 50% Damage to Devils and Provides +1 Morale----mvmt: FLYING
ARCHANGELS-The best level 7 unit in the game, these amazing creatures can move anywhere on the battlefield in one move, and have the same skills as angels. They also have the spectacular ability to cast Resurrection on allied troops. Special-Does Extra 50% Damage to Devils, Provides +1 Morale, and Casts Resurrection----mvmt: FLYING

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