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Castle Strategy

The Castle is a fairly easy town to play, and is great for beginners. The main theme of the Castle is Morale, as most heroes will have Leadership and there are other bonuses the Castle gets for Morale.
1) Town Hall. Build up to at least a Town Hall and fairly quickly to a City Hall. It is always good to earn money fast. See Building A Castle for more on this.
2)Resources.While the Castle doesnít take as much resources as some towns, it does take a LOT of wood, especially the jousting arena. And if you have The Shadow Of Death expansion pack, it also costs Gems for Angels/Archangels.
3)Marksmen. Upgrade to Marksmen quickly. Not only are they the strongest level 2 unit in the game, but they can give your army a major edge early in the game.
4) Morale. Because the Castle has so many Morale boosters, if your Hero doesnít already have Leadership, DONíT get it.
5)Resource Silo. It is a good idea to have a resource silo at least around the time you build a Griffin Nest. The later structures cost more and more resources.
6)Skills. Again, if you donít have it, donít get Leadership. Most skills are fine for the Castle, and Ballistics is okay here also, but stay away from most magic skills, unless you plan on taking over a lot of other towns with better magic.
7) Strategic Order. A good order for your army is as follows. (From extreme left)- Royal Griffins, Crusaders, Champions, Marksmen, Zealots, Halberdiers, Archangels. That way you have your flyers on the outside, shooters on the inside, and strong units in position to defend weaker ones.
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