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Castle Magic

While the Castleís magic is less than spectacular, it is a decent supplement to their strong might units. The Clerics, while not incredible, have some nice skills and specialties.

Mage Guild
The Castle is the only town in the game that gets a level 4-mage guild. Water magic is predominant in the Castle. Spells such as Cure, Bless, and Prayer are often found here, and Resurrection is a common spell. Despite the fact itís not permanent, Resurrection can be an extremely good spell to salvage or turn the tide of a battle. Heavy damage spells are fairly rare in the Castle, and the absence of any 5th level spells hurts a lot.
The Castle has no other special buildings for magic (their bonuses are directed toward Morale), which can be a strategic downside.
To wrap it up, the Castle is not the place to be if you're looking for awesome magic, but the magic is sufficient to supplement the incredible Castle troops.

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