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Castle Heroes

The Castle has average heroes. The Knight class of heroes are excellent Might heroes. The clerics are below average Magic heroes.

KNIGHTS: Knights are good Might heroes, with a good balance of Might & Magic (for a Might hero). All Knights start out with Leadership.
The Best:
****Christian: spec-Ballista, skills-Leadership, Artillery... Specialty of the ballista is good because the castle war machine is the ballista. An excellent Knight.
****Tyris: spec-Cavaliers, skills-Leadership, Tactics... An above average Knight, the downside is her bonus doesnít kick in until she reaches level 6. Tactics is a skill some like and some hate, but it can be very useful with a Castle army.
***Sir Mullich: spec-Speed, skills-Advanced Leadership... A good Knight who is only available in Armageddon's Blade. Speed bonus is great and a unique attribute.
The Worst:
*Sylvia: spec-Navigation, skills-Leadership,Navigation... Yuck! Navigation? What if thereís no water on the map?
*Lord Haart: spec-Estates, skills-Leadership, Estates... Estates was more useful in HOMM2, but now itís terrible.
CLERICS: Clerics are low level Magic heroes. They have poor magic skills, and are forced to work with the Castleís level 4-mage guild. Most start with Wisdom and something else.
The Best:
****Ingham: spec-Monks, skills-Wisdom, Mysticism... A Magic hero with a Might specialty is always nice, the Monk bonus helps a lot.
***Caitlin: spec-+350 gold, skills-Wisdom, Intelligence... 350 gold a day can help a lot early in the game, and Intelligence is great.
The Worst:
*Rion: spec-First Aid, skills-Wisdom, First Aid... First Aid is stupid, and if he loses the tent, he canít get another one (at least not at a Castle).
*Sanya: spec-Eagle Eye, skills-Wisdom, Eagle Eye... Avoid Eagle Eye at all costs. Itís terrible.
The Castle doesnít have a lot to offer in Magic. Go with Might at this town.
RATING SYSTEM: *****=excellent, ****=good, ***=usuable, **=look elsewhere, *=worthless

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