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The Battlemap Idea

The Battlemap Idea by Lord Killamon
The Heroes series has improved in many ways, but is currently lacking in the battlemap section. It has gotten bigger, but not much else has happened. Here are some ideas to improve it:
Bigger Battlemap: By this I mean a MUCH larger map. There would probably have to be a scrolling engine so that the units could be seen. Also armies shouldn't have to start at oppisite ends of the field, so you could withdraw if necessary.
More Objects/Interactivity: Buildings to destroy, or possibly hide in, hills to slow you down and give you better firing posistions, and rivers to slow you down or hurt you (river of lava) all would add a lot to combat. Garrisons should also be seen in combat, acting as walls destroyed with one hit.
Battlemap Editor: With these new additions you should be able to make your own battlemaps, (Towns, dense forests, Fortresses) and link them to events or creatures on the map.

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