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Age of Empires 2: The Conquerors

Review of Age of Empires 2: The Conquerors by WyvernRider
Age of Empires 2: The Conquerors is the expansion pack to Age of Empires 2. Casual fans of the series may not find much enjoyment for their money, but serious gamers will find that Conquerors offers much more than the typical expansion.
The Conquerors adds five new civilizations to the game, bringing the total to 18. The first three newcomers are the defensive Koreans, the aggressive Huns, and the well rounded Spaniards. Also included are two new Meso-American civilizations, the Mayans and the Aztecs, for which Ensemble Studios created a new set of architecture.
Four new campaigns are included, which let you play as Attila the Hun, Montezuma, and El Cid. The fourth campaign is called simply "Battles of the Conquerors". It lets you play famous battles from history, in no particular order. These include such battles as Tours, Agincourt, Lepoto, and the great Battle of Hastings. These single-scenario campaigns are great for a couple hours of fun historical gaming.
However, experianced players may find the greatest pleasure in some of the simple changes that Ensemble Studios made for better gameplay. These include smarter villagers, more units, ability to build farms in advance, and the ability to garrison units in rams.
This game recieves five out of five stars *****

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