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Why We Hate Jun

Jun. We all know we hate her. If you don't, you have problems. Serious problems. Now, just in case some of you might have, somehow, heaven forbid, FORGOTTEN why you hate Jun, we will let you know. (So don't forget again.)

Now, don't hate her because she has a little bro. Hate her, HATE her, because she has a little bro, and hasn't killed him yet..

Also, don't hate her fashion sense. She doesn't have any. Hate her because of that shirt she hasn't washed in two years. (We think 10!!) Boy....That must stink...ugh...

THAT HAAAIIIIRRRR!!!! She's obviously trying to copy Taichi...To get to Yama...But somewhere, Somehow, It went horribly, terribly, grossly wrong....WRONG!

She is manipulative!! She tricked...No...BLACKMAILED Yama into going on a date with her, and THEN chose the MOST EXPENSIVE restaurant in TOWN!!! And it _didn't_ EVEN haaavvvvveee Yama's favorite food....They should be sued....Besides, if you're going to even ATTEMPT to stalk Yama, you must at LEAST know his favorite food...Not to mention everything else that one could possibly know about Yama. (Like his sleeping positions)

She. Is. Dense. Particularly when it comes to Yama. She just CAN'T grasp he doesn't like her. But...She is resourceful....Damn... How.... just... scary..... She can't even figure out what camp ground they went to...

Well, she's just plain ugly. Can't she make up her mind..? Does she want to be a guy or a girl?!!? For gods sake, she wears a tie and a skirt. That's just wrong. WRONG! Again. WRONG!!! And not merely fashionably wrong, but horribly, terribly, grossly wrong! And insulting to both human genders!! Not to mention school uniforms!!!! Most girls who have to wear that at least look good in it, or alter it so that they do.

Her blatant stalking of Yama. Now, if you MUST (and we all do, admit it) stalk Yama, at least be subtle. Or unnoticed. Or mysterious. Not upfront, loud, and deathly annoying.

What I don't like about Jun...That she exists. That she MIGHT, ONE HORRIBLE DAY...Be paired with Yama. ;.; As incredibly gut-wrenching as the thought seems, it might happen. Also, that, no matter WHO in Digimon she might be paired with...she might have offspring. And THAT is WRONG. Not just wrong, but W-R-O-N-G. WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!

So, in conclusion, we all do hate Jun. So Unite, my accomplices in future-murder! We. All. Hate. Jun. If you don't, again, I insist you be submitted to Charter, or, no, if you've already been kicked out, call this number as soon as possible. 1-800-MIRACLES. They CAN make it happen...!

Note: We may write more to this at a later date. Because she really IS that bad.

For those of you who like Jun, you're entitled to your opinion, and we will pretend to respect it, and we're sorry if we've offended you, but we're entitled to our opinions, too ^_^!

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