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The Defences of the Sea Walls

by Stephen Francis Wyley

We followed the walls of the Topkapi Palace down the hill to the Sea of Mamara. The railway line cuts through the old walls and I do not remember any tower of note at this junction. Once we reached the road which runs between the Sea walls and the sea we turned right and walked back to the main train station of Istanbul. A number of small work teams were working on various section of the walls. I could not convince them to let me take a look around so I just went further down the wall.

Flank of a wall tower of the Sea wall A wall tower of the Sea walls of Constantinople. The face of the same wall tower

One of the gates of the Sea Walls
One of the main gates of this section.

Unknown, could be a blocked up gate (left of tree)
An oddity, could be a blocked up gate (left of tree)

A large gate complex, note the level of the road
Second of the main gates along the section of the Sea walls.
An interior arch connection the middle portal with the side portalThe rear of the main portal has been filled in and only a small access is available
Some detail of the interior of the gate.

Another of the wall towers of the Sea wall but note the reduced height of the structureA house uses part of the Sea walls in its construction
As the wall extends towards the Bosphorus the walls and towers get lower and finally disappear.
However, I did note some original walls near the Egyptian Bizarre.

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