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A Bibliography of Archery
A Glossary of Archery
Sven's Flight of Arrows
Longbows (self), crossbows and other supplies (Turbows)
The Solenarion, the Byzantine Arrow Guide

Arms and Armour

Enarmes, the straps on a Kite Shield
The Chest Harness Known as the 'Varangian Bra'
How to make a Gambeson
The Gjermundbu Mail Shirt (The only extant Viking Mail Shirt)
The Spear Butt
The Spear Butt, An Addenda

Projectile Combat

How to make a helm for Projectile Combat
Projectile Combat, an explanation
Projectile Combat, A Battle Report from February 1998

Arms and Armour
Mail Shirt from Kungslena Preliminary Analysis of Mail Armour
12th Century Kipchak Helmet
Viking Shields from Archaeology
Seljuq Armour and Weapons
How Well Armoured Were The Emperorís Varangians?- Another View The Norman Bib Reconstructed Russian Arms and Armour

Archery Links

Archery Australia Inc. Articles from the Journal of the Society of Archer-Antiquaries Society of Archer-Antiquaries
Thumb Rings


Australian Blacksmiths Association (Victoria) Inc. 


Byzantine Infantry Formations
Byzantine Lamellar Armour


Birka Traders

(Jewellery, clothing, and accessories for Viking, Russian, Roman, Byzantine and other cultures)

 Manning Imperial Online

(Arms and Armour, Jewellery, Tents, Fantasy Gear)

Recurve Bows
(Hungarian, Mongolian, etc.)
 Sven's Flight of Arrows

Arrows made to order;
target, hunting, projectile combat, modern or period.
PC Helms and Visors.



Longbows (self), crossbows and other supplies


Yoretymes Emporium of History

(Arms, Armour, Costumes (Wedding Dressing especially), School History Displays, Tents, all your re-enactment supplies)


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