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If you would like to spread awareness about Brittany's rare birth defect, in hopes we can find more survivors, copy this code to paste under this graphic. You will then have a link back to Brittany's Page if anyone who visits yours is interested in learning more! Thanks! This is the code you will need to link Brittany's picture back to my site:

<p align="center"><a href="">
<img src="helpbrittany.jpg" border=0 alt="Can You Help Brittany?"></a></p>

If YOU would like ME to link your page from mine as well, let me know (at my regular addy for all you TP'ers). I have set up a page for my favourite links to other FAMILY or DISABILITY homepages. (Plus my favourite businesses run by my friends..LOL) TTFN!

Click below to return to Brittany's homepage to read
why she is so special to me!