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On Teusday November 16,1999 I received an interesting phone call from a friend I had never least in person. A wonderful woman named Hannah, from TP Online sent me a voice mail message, and she was very excited! Someone had posted a message on the TP Forum that there was an article in the Winnipeg Free Press that there had been a little girl operated on in the States, who had been born with THREE legs!! I couldn't believe it!

I went right to the forum to check it out...Sinnyloo had posted the message, AND had sent me a scan of the article from her are so cool, girl! I was also sent the URL for the story from another site, and went there to check it out. There was a wonderful picture of this beautiful little girl...and a diagram of how she appeared before surgery.

For those of you who missed this story, I am posting it here...along with the picture. We are planning on telling Brittany soon, every detail, as she begins to ask more and more questions...and I feel a sense of relief now that I know she is not alone in the world. Now all that is left is to attempt contact with the doctors and caregivers for this darling little girl. She is up for adoption...the only thing that breaks my heart is that I cannot take her in. We just cannot afford it...but I am sure she will find someone who will love her very much for the special little girl she is!

Here are the pictures from the article that was sent to me...I will have to transcribe the article to be legible.

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