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DIAGNOSIS: Crime with a Briefcase

DIAGNOSIS: Crime with a Briefcase

I have had the misfortune to learn that

and that FRAUD festers where
there is either fear, ignorance or greed.

and that,
as said by J. Edgar Hoover,
Justice is incidental to law and order.

They defrauded me of My Everything
They defrauded me of My Everyone
I want back my trust, my faith, my belief
in People
and in Government.

*Unimaginable and irrevokable IRS obligations caused by the activities of
Alan Blackman and Mark Schermer render my circumstances
literally H*O*P*E*L*E*S*S.

...I may still be breathing, but they took my life.


It's been like witnessing my own disappearing act ... Watching while my life is inexplicably destroyed and being powerless to stop it. The feeling of impotence paralyzes me. Most of the time, I no longer want to be an American. My inability to get proper Government investigations in a case of this magnitude and importance seems to suggest someone's hand in the Criminal Cookie Jar .......

Here is a minimized summary of my debacle. All suggestions are welcome.


  • The Statute of Limitations for every crime, except murder which has no such statute, has expired;
  • Recently, important evidence of Vinnie's homicide has unexplainably vanished from the police files.

  • After an intense, fruitless pursuit of exposure and justice that exceeds five years, my future is without hope. Be assured that I do not believe that there are aliens in my refrigerator; I am neither histrionic nor hallucinatory. My allegations are readily supported by compelling evidence. Having exhausted all available remedies, I beg direction.

    I need a champion to expose this case of massive national importance. I am a victim of heinous crimes and subsequent federal government apathy and apparent corruption. This case has many "arms and legs," and drama, glamour, danger, and incompetence prevail, in a true story sounding more like John Sayles' genre. Documented details are available.

    The following is a simplified summary:

    I am a licensed health care professional who has been a self-sufficient entrepreneur, self-supporting and successful all my adult life. I enjoyed an excellent credit rating, fat bank accounts, an impeccable reputation and an appreciation of my realization of the American dream. I moved far in my career, and was highly respected by the medical and business communities.

    In 1991, I envisioned saving lives through a pioneering venture that proved to dramatically improve patient satisfaction, reduce unnecessary hospital admissions and emergency room visits and vastly reduce expenditures for Medicare and private insurance companies, while expanding physicians' practices and the delivery of quality health care.

    I started a small business with my own money in late 1991 while working out of my kitchen in northern New Jersey. It was an immediate success.

    Within nine months, I brought in as a partner, a financial expert, Alan Blackman, to provide the financial management expertise needed for my rapidly growing venture. Two years later, MediBar Medical Industries, Inc., by then a Boca Raton, Florida-based company, was trading on Wall Street's pink sheets under the symbol ZBAR (my last name), was a popular success story and I was the recipient of prestigious awards for my Contributions to the Improvement of Health Care.

    In late September 1994, I discovered that, through bogus expense reports, my partner, Alan Blackman (at that time of Coral Springs, Florida), had embezzled approximately $2 million. I confronted him, retained prominent counsel and a former federal prosecutor to conduct an internal investigation and, in December 1994, made criminal referrals to every relevant Government agency as my partner fled to the safety of New Zealand.

    After MediBar Medical Industries, Inc.'s demise in January 1995, I began the research that, to my horror, led to the collection of evidence that my partner and several insiders had been using my naivete and trust in order to use my successful national publicly traded corporation as a front for:

    Additionally, there are three significant deep pockets about which I personally hold strong evidence suggestive of participation in these criminal activities.

    As I was not only the founder but also the President and Chief Executive Officer of the publicly held corporation, I held the fiduciary responsibility for their wrong doings as they fled, having brilliantly set me up from the very beginning to take their fall. Shockingly, this includes the participation of my very own attorney and former dear friend of twenty years. My partner hired this nationally renowned attorney relocating him 1200 miles to hold the position of in-house corporate counsel, the purpose of which was defined to me repeatedly by both of them as being to insure that my interests were protected and that MediBar Medical Industries, Inc. functioned with the high standards of excellence and ethics for which I had been known throughout my life.

    My only personal funds that remained after I was defrauded were those in my Pension Plan (nearly $250,000). I spent those funds on prominent Miami attorneys from well-regarded firms, on polygraphs administered by the tough and highly regarded George Slattery, on efforts to expose the bankruptcy trustee's blatant malfeasance and on relentless investigations through which I gathered massive evidence. My persistent work is intended solely to achieve my constitutional rights as a crime victim to have my government follow up on my criminal referrals. A large portion of my Pension Plan went to efforts to get the trustee to do his job in marshaling the assets of the bankrupt. I hold mountains of credible evidence that there are many millions of dollars in uncollected assets that the inept and, I believe, seemingly corrupt trustee has made no attempts to recover. Ultimately, the trustee was granted permission from the Court to destroy all records recovered from the estate, absent approximately 1950 cartons that "grew feet and walked." The Court decision was, I believe, improper, unethical and perhaps illegal but the clever crime insured that proper criminal investigations would be further bungled.

    For the past few years, at the direction of former counsel, I devoted thousands of hours preparing asset retrieval plans for the bankruptcy trustee. These provide a detailed road map that identified the location of significant corporate assets and the simple, precise method for their collection. When the trustee made no effort to collect assets, I made formal offers to, upon his authorization, guarantee the collection of less than $2 million of these assets and at no charge. My offers were ignored. After spending nearly than $200,000 in legal fees for the entirely fruitless pursuit of the trustee, I contacted each of his superiors including the United States Trustee in Atlanta. No action resulted. The trustee filed suit against me for frivolous allegations for which he produced no evidence and knew to be untrue. Acting pro se, I prevailed through the legal process but shortly before trial, was forced to settle. I could not fund the travel and court reporters required to take depositions of witnesses in order to prevail in a case where the estate had no money, the result of the trustee's malfeasance. It would have been a pyrrhic victory for me at best and I could not finance such. The assets collected were a paultry near $200,000 raised in the estate's auction of the pitifully skeletal remains of my looted corporate headquarters. Because the trustee had not collected the remaining readily collectable millions of dollars of assets (not including those embezzled by Blackman), that approximate $200,000 was distributed primarily to the trustee and his counsel.

    I am frequently contacted by former employees and by physicians who hold uncollected assets. They offer to sell me those assets that MediBar provided to them on loan, the same assets that the the trustee did not collect. As my personal funds were used by my partner for the manufacture and/ or purchase of these assets, these phone calls are painfully demoralizing.

    There are principals of the corporation who, I believe, not only participated in its demise but are still benefitting from its unretrieved assets.

    My pursuit of exposure and justice has been fruitless. I developed an illness and am unable to work. I have had no income throughout this entire ordeal and am surviving on my 1993 tax refund, my award of SSDI benefits and a nearly unbearable frugal sustenance. The Internal Revenue Service holds me accountable for my corporation's massive debt that, based upon my own extensive investigation, I allege to be the result of tax fraud and evasion committed by my corporation's Chief Financial Officer, Mark Schermer. I have substantive evidence of Schermer's guilt and several dozen sworn affidavits of witnesses, none of whom I know to have been interviewed by any governmental agency, despite the compelling hard evidence delivered by the proper channels directly to the FBI. I suffer further accruing debts as a result of forgeries as recently as late 1998. Formal criminal referrals have not led to the thorough investigations that I, along with prominent counsel, forensic accountants, esteemed reporters and world renowned investigators are convinced are in order.

    I discovered a crime in progress being committed by our Chairman of the Board - my former partner - Alan Blackman. Following research and exhaustive collection of facts and evidence, I reported many heinous crimes including Medicare fraud, theft, grand larceny, insurance fraud, tax fraud, forgery of the felonious, I believe, Chief Financial Officer Mark Schermer and of other accomplices.

    I hold not less than 33 cartons (1500 pounds) of organized and compelling evidence that, I and Counsel believe, would be sufficient for the indictment and successful prosecution of not less than six people, including Alan Blackman, Mark Schermer, Jim Sweat, Debora Marsden, and the attorney (the former partner of a current Congressman). I am frightened of the attorney and hesitate to publish his identity because I believe him to be dangerous. A proper government investigation would, I believe, lead to the evidence necessary to indict and successfully convict an additional seventeen or more prominent, well-respected and influential business people. The FBI has told me that their interest is limited to the securities fraud and the lead investigator for the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission has told me that the case was closed long ago. As of this writing, the Statute of Limitations has expired. In essence, the Government has granted free license for the ongoing wrongful activities of Mark Schermer including, I believe, his forgeries of my name. The IRS informed me that my former Chief Financial Officer even submitted a bogus W2 in my name, alleging a large income, for a recent year when I had no income. These forgeries result in the attachment of tax debts that render my survival beyond another three or four years hopeless.

    I have done nothing wrong and have offered myself to the Government for brutal scrutiny. They declined. At each of the debriefings that I initiated, Prosecutors and the FBI have not granted an audience for my presentation of evidence supporting the murder of my best friend, Vinnie Costa, by a former MediBar employee. I have left no stone unturned in my efforts to initiate proper federal and state criminal investigations but have met unexplainable apathy that, at this juncture, causes experts to deduct that Blackman may be an agent or surely, a friend, of our government, perhaps laundering funds or acting in some other illegal capacity.

    Although the corporation has been in Chapter 7 for more than four years, the stock still trades upon occasion.

    I have done all that I know in order to in any way resolve or rectify the issues and improprieties and despite having been the largest creditor with a Proof of Claim for nearly $1.7 million (and the major shareholder whose portfolio shares in September of 1994 had a value of $50 million), I will soon be totally penniless. I have suffered unthinkable loss, betrayal, abandonment, disappointment, humiliation and an assault to my spirit, passion, hopes, faith and aliveness. I have demonstrated enormous survival skills as a loving, giving, talented and previously vivacious woman who has lived my life very much dedicated to service. I have always offered my outreached hand to anyone who might benefit from my help ... So much for my idea that so successfully healed the sick. This has been my lesson that No Good Deed Goes Unpunished, as I have learned that The Truth Does NOT Prevail and What Goes Around Does NOT Come Around and The Police Do NOT Protect and Serve and Blood Is NOT Thicker Than Water. This is my penalty for having worked long days throughout my life, sacrificing vacations, leisure, fun and childbearing, always contributing toward the improvement of health care, and insuring that I would not be dependent in my old age. The IRS has attached to a lien to my property for the CFO's theft of payroll taxes. I have been told that he has not been the target of criminal investigation, despite the mountains of evidence suggestive of criminal activities. The IRS has demonstrated compassion and sensitivity but cannot assist as the federal prosecutors have unexplainably refused to review, no less investigate, the evidence of forgeries and stolen payroll taxes. I beg a thorough investigation by the government.

    I have been informed that Alan Blackman, with the assistance of some of the same criminals who worked closely with him in defrauding MediBar, has achieved additional significant financial scams in New Zealand, Malaysia and New York about which our government has no interest. My frequent questioning of United States Federal Authorities as to why they are allowing these U.S. citizens to repeat these criminal activities again and again goes ignored. I MAY BE BREATHING BUT THEY TOOK MY LIFE!

    Sherry Zbar, as of late 1999

    Throughout our lives we believe that our police exist for our protection. From the very first kindergarten class visit of "Officer Friendly" up until the very last time we saw a police car bearing the logo "To Protect and Serve", we to give ourselves over to police protection. Betrayal by con artists kills our trust; by family, kills our spirit; by law enforcement, kills our hope.

    Fear not your enemies, for they can only kill you; Fear not your friends, for they can only betray you; Fear the indifferent, who permit the killers and betrayers to walk safely on the earth - Edward Yashinsky


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