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Give your personalized screen saver to your web site visitors as a free gift.

With A Custom Build Personalized Screen Saver

CUSTOM BUILD Screen Saver Information

Give your web site visitors and potential customers a FREE gift from your company, something FREE straight from your web site! Something that they will remember your web site by AND keep them coming back!

If you own a business,  have a personal web site or just want to share your images with your friends.  What better way then with your very own unique personalized screen saver!
We offer several different  personalized screen saver setups for as little as $14.99 (US Dollars)

To give you further detail of our screen saver functions try our DEMO version.

View snap shots of screen saver image special effects Click Here

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We Accept VISA, Mastercard and Money Orders.
We accept Visa and Master Card as well as Money Orders

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Here's What You Get:

1) Your choice of personalized name of your screen saver.
"The 'Your business name here' screen saver".
2) Your personalized screen save installation program file will be made available to you within 24 hours by email.
3) Screen savers can feature between 1 - 6 photos of your product or personal images.

4) Instructions on how to install your screen saver to your web site.
5) Short paragraph located on the options screen displaying any text you prefer. [see photo below]
6) Instruction on how to send your screen saver through email or upload the program to your web site for distribution.
7) FREE license and warranty disclosure information text that is easily uploaded and ready to publish on your web site.
8) Choice of additional options available to enhance your screen saver features even more!
*You must furnish us with either an email attachment of your photo's or simply send us your web site address and image names so we can retrieve them from your web site.


All screen savers will include the following features which can be controlled by the user.

1) Enlarge images to fit screen or tile image.
2) Random image order.
3) Screen saver start time
4) Image display time
5) Display picture in Black and White
6) Image Effect Duration: Long - Medium - Short
7) Screen pass word Protection - When your away from your desk, no one can access your computer!
8) SIMPLE one click Uninstall process
9) Choice of the following image effects. Use one or use them all.
10) Time limitation and key registration request for users.
11) Screen saver disable after a certain amount of time once installed by users.

Screen Saver Image Effects

  • Angle Sweeps

  • Dripping Paint

  • Drop Blocks

  • Hot Blocks

  • Jumbled Blocks

  • Picture Slide

  • Plus Sweeps

  • Rain Drops

  • Scanner Sweep

  • Scramble Blocks

  • Scroll Blocks

  • Spiral Blocks

  • Venetian Blinds

  • Weave Lines

Screen Shot Of Effects Window

1) An
"About" text page built within your screen saver that is easily accessible at all times to your potential clients. This feature allows YOU to display whatever information that you prefer such as company information, product information, price list, catalog, etc,
2) A
HOT LINK pointing to your web site! This is a great feature.. Rest assured that they will never lose your web site address again!
Sound/Music! Provide us with a wav. sound file of your choice and you can have a screen saver start up sound (chime, horn, etc,.) or have a melody looped into your screen saver for continuous play [user has a control option to turn sound off or on when they prefer].
Activation Key - Know who is using your screen saver by requesting registration information prior to activation.

Screen Shots:

Screen shot of screen saver settings Password Screen Protect

Screen savers come with a simple one click uninstall feature.

You may also control the selection of image effects you would like the screen saver to feature. Select your favorite effect of use them all!

Use the password protect option to lock your screen saver to keep others from viewing your work!

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