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Here are some of my progs. Most of them were written entirely in PowerBasic; several were begun in GW-Basic and converted into PowerBasic so they could be compiled. These are all DOS-executable (.EXE) files (unless otherwise stated). I zipped most of them so they don't take up as much space. The rest I zipped because Angelfire has become more stringent with allowed file types...

If you don't feel comfortable running EXEs you got off the Net, that's okay. And if you have PowerBASIC, you can run them from the source code! I have provided the source code for most of these so hit the "Source" link (if it is there). To see the code, click the link. To save the code on your computer, right-click it and say Save Link As...
If there is no source link then that means I didn't want to show people my code. So you will have to either live with it, or and try to convince me to give it to you. ;-) Note that at least one program has ONLY source code, but it is an exception, because it has to have the formula typed in and would be useless if it were compiled.

Please Note that if you are on a Macintosh then you won't be able to run any of these programs. That is just too bad. But everyone knows that Macs are not as good as PCs. So go find a real computer and download them from there. You can still see my source code if you want to, though.

Clicking the source code links will display the code in the browser window. To save it directly to your PC, right-click the source link and there will be an option to save the link. Just be sure to remember where you put it so you can find it back.

Go to: Home Programming
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