My Programs
IconEditor - current version is 1.27 - This is a very useful application that I developed in PowerBasic. The zip is 64.6 Kb, so it’s a quick download. This includes the application itself, IconEditor.exe, as well as an icon for it, IconEditor.ico, and the source code, IconEditor.bas. ALSO the program can be used to create and edit custom cursors for your computer. Save them as .cur instead of .ico. To set the “point” of the cursor (where it points), right-double-click the pixel that is the “tip” of the pointer. Unfortunately, it only can be used to create 16-colour icons, but the 16-colour palette IS fully customizable.

I have several of my PowerBASIC programs here. They are all zipped. Check them out. Several graphics/screensaver progs besides some other stuff I made. Feel free to with questions, comments, etc. A couple of them will work in GW-Basic, I think.

My GW-Basic programs - I decided to make a seperate section of assorted programs that I have written in GW-Basic. If you don’t have GW-Basic, you will need it to view the programs, since GW-Basic doesn’t save its programs in ASCII text by default; most if not all of these will be compressed. Download MS GW-Basic 3.23. (60,418 byte zip - contains GWBASIC.EXE, 80,608 bytes)

Also you can take a look at my JavaScript page. There are a few simple JS pages; one is a JS text encoder sample thingy that you can play around with and the other lets you see the different colors and test a scheme (like to check and make sure everything is readable!). Also there is a tic-tac-toe game and a web-based Rubiks cube. Go check them out.
Another nice thing about JavaScript is that it will run on any Web browser (meaning that my pages will run on almost any computer).

Finally, I recently added a few simple mathematic tools which I wrote to make my life a little easier. No frills, but they do what they’re supposed to. Check them out.

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