''Lifelines are for losers.  Ben Franklin, baby.''
Dat a picture of me, you nerd. Do you like my tie? 'Ey?
Ello. Dis is Debe. I am gonna tell you how to make stuff. But first you know you gotta be smart, gotta do school. Doing school is important, 'cause if you don't do school you know you gotta do work, like my dad, and work dux. School not too hard, grade 3 rules. I been there like 5 years. Eh? Yee. My dad. He like missing a arm, and people they tay dat he gotta hook, but it's a claw, those tarts. Yee. So, anyway, you like, you know, tumtimes you don't got time to have breakfast, 'cause you like gotta go and do stuff, like school. Gotta do school. And phonics. Phonics rules. They like tell you da important stuff. Yee. So you like say, "gee I gotta have breakfast but no time!" So you like get some Tang, and put it in a bowl, and violet! You got cereal, and you put in some water, and you got orange juice! Eh? Eh? I had dat just yeterdee! Yee, and one time, I like had to go to Detroit wit my dad, and when I came back, it was all hard and stuff, so I like picked it up, and whoa! Popsicle! I had ta break da bowl, but it was like worth it and stuff. Yee. Popsicles rule.
''Burrito Island is DEFINITELY mine.''

This mob informant was "silenced" and dumped in the East River on 1/12/00 by Roneldo, and I swear that Debe is real.